A protest (also called a remonstrance, remonstration or demonstration) is an expression of bearing witness on behalf of an express cause by words or actions with regard to particular events, policies or situations. Protests can take many different forms, from individual statements to mass demonstrations. Protesters may organize a protest as a way of publicly making their opinions heard in an attempt to influence public opinion or government policy, or they may undertake direct action in an attempt to directly enact desired changes themselves. Where protests are part of a systematic and peaceful campaign to achieve a particular objective, and involve the use of pressure as well as persuasion, they go beyond mere protest and may be better described as cases of civil resistance or nonviolent resistance.
Various forms of self-expression and protest are sometimes restricted by governmental policy (such as the requirement of protest permits), economic circumstances, religious orthodoxy, social structures, or media monopoly. One state reaction to protests is the use of riot police. Observers have noted an increased militarization of protest policing, with police deploying armored vehicles and snipers against the protesters. When such restrictions occur, protests may assume the form of open civil disobedience, more subtle forms of resistance against the restrictions, or may spill over into other areas such as culture and emigration.
A protest can itself sometimes be the subject of a counter-protest. In such a case, counter-protesters demonstrate their support for the person, policy, action, etc. that is the subject of the original protest. In some cases, these protesters can violently clash.

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  1. Maximum Magnum

    Oregon  Rally in Beaverton tomorrow (Friday) @1:30pm?

    Anyone want to be a part of a non violent counter protest near Beaverton City Hall?
  2. v0lcom13sn0w

    The Mulford Act-When The Government fears The People.

    i thought this was a very interesting and informative video from Colion Noir interesting history of the NRA in this video also.
  3. RedCardinalSeven

    Confederate Memorials

    I don't have a personal stake in whether Confederate memorials stay or go. My southern ancestors lived in a pro-abolitionist, pro-union part of eastern Tennessee and, according to census records, never owned slaves. Except for my great-grandmother's great-uncle-—who was conscripted into the...
  4. arakboss

    Clever Protest Sign Ideas For Pro-Rights Rallies/Protest

    Anybody have some clever sign ideas that are different then the normal signs you see at gun rallies. @AndyinEverson had this idea he posted in another thread this morning: How 'bout a sign that says : " Safe Gun owner_____( insert however long you have been a gun owner ) days / years without...
  5. joken

    Anti-gun protest organized by Portland schools

    Liberal madness. This took place back in March, but it's the first I've heard of it. Docs Reveal Portland School Administrators Planned & Paid for 'Student' Anti-Gun Protest - Victoria Taft
  6. SA Shooter

    National  Armed Activists Protest In Pittsburgh

    Looks like Hizzonor the Mayor of Pittsburgh ticked off some 2A Patriots:
  7. thereddog

    Salem Oregon Protest Info??

    With the recent barrage of legislation to transform citizens into serfs by incremental disarmament, I thought I read something about a planned event in Salem on Tuesday but I'll be shucked if I can find it on the site now. What is the story? Sorry if this is the wrong spot on the forum to...
  8. Nick Burkhardt

    Not a school shooting

    I am sure that the nutters will count this as a "school shooting". Mark Bird, College of Southern Nevada professor, shot himself as Donald Trump protest
  9. Nick Burkhardt

    Oregon  Salem 9/25/18 Counter AWB Protest

    The anti-gun nutters are having a Ban Assault Weapons Rally at the Capitol in Salem from 11am to 1pm Tuesday 9/25/2018. Ban Assault Weapons Rally How may of us can show up for a Counter Protest at 1pm? Can someone closer to Salem than me (300 miles away) coordinate the permits and parking?
  10. WasrNwarpaint

    National  shooting death protest in Chicago

    NOPE...Its not the antis protesting the Chicago/Chiraq weekly black on black carnage.... no a black man was pulling a holstered gun on police while evading arrest and was shot by police, residents are condemning police and protest violently again despite there is a clear body cam video of the...
  11. ATCclears

    Brazilian president sends in army as truck protest paralyzes country

    Brazilian president sends in army as truck protest paralyzes country Another example of how quickly the supply chain can break down. Food and gas shortages in some areas, and large numbers of livestock (chicken and pigs) may be at risk due to a lack of feed.
  12. Koda

    Stand for the Second, school walk out protest

    this needs to go viral so every school has the chance. The media isn't going to share this... so share this everywhere especially Facebook. Stand for the Second
  13. mobil890

    Washington  Upcoming School walkout protest

    Please contact you local School Superintendent via email or phone call, tell them how you feel about the wasted tax dollars spent on teacher salaries involved in the anti firearm protest. The officials are elected by the people. We are voters and the School board depends on your taxes. I have...
  14. 3MTA3

    Anyone Else Buying or Doing Gun Activities During "March For Our Lives" Anti Gun Protest

    I myself am looking at a new gun safe and buying some ammo. How about you?
  15. Chee-to

    National  Chicago Students Trash Walmart During Walkout firearms Protest

    Chicago Students Trash Walmart During Walkout Protest, Throw Items At Shoppers – Walmart Employees Report Hearing Gun Shots In Parking Lot During Rampage Walmart Trashed During Political Walkout Protest In Chicago CHICAGO: Chicago police are trying to identify around 60 students from Simeon...
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