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  1. ATCclears

    WSJ - Women are nearly half of new gun owners

    Let's all be supportive. snippet: Close to half of all new U.S. gun buyers since the beginning of 2019 have been women, a shift for a market long dominated by men, according to a new study. The preliminary results from the 2021 National Firearms Survey, designed by Deborah Azrael of the...
  2. Kyrsen

    Seeing what the spread is

    I already have an idea but I think it would be interesting to find out the M/F ratio on the forum. So choose below and leave hilarious comments, please.
  3. SouthernGirl

    The Well Armed Woman

    There is a new The Well Armed Woman chapter at ARPC, (Albany Rifle and Pistol Range). Tonight is a meet and greet beginning at 6:30. Each meeting will be the first Wednesday of each month. Salem's chapter is the first Thursday of each month at Four Corners Rod and Gun club. To be a member...
  4. O

    National  HB1585; Violence against women act turned into gut and stuff expansion of prohibited persons

    Democrats Expand the Number & Types of Prohibited Possessors, to Limit 2nd Amendment Things are looking rough.
  5. WasrNwarpaint

    National  Pelosi doubles down on gun control in revamped Violence Against Women Act

    Pelosi doubles down on gun control in revamped Violence Against Women Act On this site, Im not allowed to say who is coming after your guns and how....you will have to read this yourself,:(
  6. DB is Here

    Tired of bad news?

    The Crime Prevention Research Center just published its new annual report: New Study: 17.25 million concealed handgun permits, biggest increases for women and minorities Surprised Main Street Media hasn't told you?
  7. Joe Link

    National  Guns and corsets: Firearms industry strikes gold marketing to women

    Guns and corsets: Firearms industry strikes gold marketing to women | Reuters
  8. ron

    Women are Key to Beating the Upcoming 2A Assault

    The more women shooters we can promote the safer we will all be. The fear and mystery of firearms is very real to many people of both genders. I have met several Women shooters telling me of there prior fear of all guns in general. DRRC has an excellent Ladies Only Beginner Pistol Class. I...
  9. SouthernGirl

    The Well Armed Women

    I posted a thread on the womens forum about the new Salem chapter of The Well Armed Woman. We have a meeting on the 31st. Take a look at the thread for details. Help me get the word out there.
  10. SouthernGirl

    Salem area The Well Armed Woman Meeting

    Ladies in the Salem, Oregon area.. Our next TWAW (The Well Armed Woman) is Wednesday October 31st at 7:00. We will be discussing Situational Awareness. The meeting is at Tritac Shooting Solutions, it is there Ladies Night beginning at 5:00. Wear a costume and get a free target. Prizes will...
  11. Joe Link

    Other State  Gun Rights Group to Hold Free Firearm Lessons for 800 Women

    <broken link removed>
  12. RicInOR

    Women Self Defense Moves - via Marie Claire

    "Because I know the Internet will never lie to us."
  13. arakboss

    Any chance of 2nd Amendment Women's Rally in Salem?

    I would love to see at least one women from each House District in Oregon participate in a rally like this!
  14. arakboss

    Why do there appear to be so few women shooters here?

    This particular section of the NWFA forum site appears to have a very low participation rate. Why is that?
  15. quinnTJ

    Ladies Night at Sportsman’s Warehouse - 4/5/18

    Free gun raffle! Cake walk! Games! Food! Prizes! Demos! Deals! FUN! Event benefits PDX Diaper Bank! Bring a package of diapers for an extra ticket!
  16. T

    Can the women shooters network across Oregon campain against the November Gun Ban: .

    Sure be helpful if the women shooters can launch a campaign against this awful bill.. Women will not benefit if this bill passes... There are lots of women who purchased high capacity handguns and AR 15's throughout the Obama years..... Thanking all of the women that can pitch in hand be...
  17. quinnTJ

    Ladies Night @ Sportsman’s Warehouse

    An event for all the ladies who love the outdoors. Ladies Night is full of fun, games, prizes, seminars, and a RAFFLE! Stop by the many vendor booths and check out cool new products and enter to win special prizes. Play fun (free) games to win tickets to spin our prize wheel!
  18. ATCclears

    Tulsa, OK - liquor-store robber gets shot by two women

    This clown gets shot and comes back for more. The link has the video. <broken link removed> TULSA, Okla. (KTUL) -- The owner of <broken link removed> has released graphic surveillance video showing a violent run-in with an armed robber. Tulsa police responded to the store near 12th and...
  19. RicInOR

    1 Year of Dry Goods : Was Needed by 2 Women Who Were Just Rescued

    SEA STORY: Two women and their dogs rescued after 5 months adrift in the Pacific. Sounds like they were prepared for the worst. Stephen Green
  20. Kruel J

    3 Women murdered in NY with a hammer

    <broken link removed> Terrible story. what an awful way to go. If someone really wants to hurt or kill, they find a way.
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