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Smith & Wesson (S&W) is an American manufacturer of firearms, ammunition and restraints. The corporate headquarters is in Springfield, Massachusetts.
Smith & Wesson was founded by Horace Smith and Daniel B. Wesson as the "Smith & Wesson Revolver Company" in 1856 after their previous company, also called the "Smith & Wesson Company" and later renamed as "Volcanic Repeating Arms", was sold to Oliver Winchester and became the Winchester Repeating Arms Company. The modern Smith & Wesson had been previously owned by Bangor Punta and Tomkins plc before being acquired by Saf-T-Hammer Corporation in 2001. Smith & Wesson has been a unit of American Outdoor Brands Corporation since 2016, after corporate restructuring in the 21st century.

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  1. stick655

    Dan Wesson fake website

    Was looking to buy a DW, and started the purchase process through a fraudulent website that looked pretty legit. Called CZ/Dan Wesson and they informed me that they're aware and their legal team is trying to get it squashed, and also they (DW) don't sell directly to the individual consumer...
  2. Lennie

    Honorably Discharged Qualify For Smith & Wesson Discount Program

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