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  1. SUPER X

    Earthquake strikes California nearly missing America July 4th

    Link to come soon
  2. L

    Washington Strikes Back - Clark County

    Do you believe in the Constitutional right to keep and bear arms? Do you stand with the constitutional sheriffs who oppose I-1639? Do you believe that WA Attorney General Bob Ferguson's endorsement and support of I-1639 was wrong, a violation of his oath, a violation of the US and WA...
  3. T

    Other State  California's Mag Ban Ruled Unconstitutional

    NRA-ILA | Breaking! Federal Court Finds California Magazine Ban Violates the Second Amendment
  4. Joe Link

    National  Guns and corsets: Firearms industry strikes gold marketing to women

    Guns and corsets: Firearms industry strikes gold marketing to women | Reuters
  5. tac

    capandball strikes again with a another winner....

    I seem to recall that Jukar actually made a replica wheellock many years ago - the British 'Sealed Knot Society' - English Civil War re-enactors - seem to have a whole raft of such handguns in regular use. And here in yUK that is not so easy, as a sub-24" bbl smoothbore is classed as a Section...
  6. IRY

    check out these primer strikes

    What is going on here? I'm using CCI 400&450. The 400 we're piercing. I am within max levels. Using RL16 41.7-42.5gr. I didn't shoot all of these at one session because I initially thought it was my seating depth. I was close to the lands and working deeper.. am I going to hot! The strikes...
  7. Joe Link

    National  US judge strikes down California ban on handgun ads

    US judge strikes down California ban on handgun ads
  8. IOM

    National  Author Mark Smith: Guns Keep Us Safe When Evil Strikes

    Mark Smith uses his new <broken link removed>, #Duped: How the Anti-gun Lobby Exploits the Parkland School Shooting—and How Gun Owners Can Fight Back, to highlight the left’s overarching goal of creating a gun-free world. He also uses the book to explain how gun owners can fight back and...
  9. kott0n

    Thousands of rounds AR15 now giving light primer strikes

    This AR in question I've never touched besides cleaning. Its always just shot with no issues. I figured it's over 5k rounds. Its a Eagle Arms circa 1993 with a random upper, I think cmmg. Last time I went out I ran some steel ammo through it and it had a fit with it. FTE, FTF, light primer...
  10. RicInOR

    National  DE - Good News State Supreme Court Strikes Broad Restrictions

    Opinion | Delaware Supreme Court strikes down broad restrictions on gun possession in state parks and forests
  11. C

    Marlin 917VS Light Strikes

    A while back I bought a used Marlin 917VS. The first time I took it to the range, it seemed to have a light-strike issue about every 7th or 8th round or so. I even tried four different types of ammo with the same results. Any ideas? I plan to break it down and do a thorough cleaning and bolt...
  12. RicInOR

    7th Circuit - Strikes Ban on Target Practice by Minors

    People younger than 18 have a Second Amendment right to target practice, with adult supervision. Broad bans on the location of firing ranges are unconstitutional. On these points, all three judges of a 7th Circuit panel agree, in the newly decided Ezell II. Released Wednesday, Ezell II held...
  13. filsonhand

    Smith and Wesson light primer strikes

    Hello all Today I took out the 329pd and experienced some light primer strikes. I was shooting some Winchester white box 240 grain soft point factory ammo, which would not ignite and had a very faint indentation. The hornady 240 factory worked fine and had a nice indentation. The firing pin...
  14. FordPrefect

    S&W 500 Magnum PC Light primer strikes

    Just last month I finally saved enough to get my 10" 500 Magnum. It shoots great with factory loads in SA. I run into a problem when I go DA with it. About 1 in 5 shots show a light primer strike. I've so far done the normal checks, screw is tight under the grip, cylinder has almost no...
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