Shooting is the act or process of discharging a projectile from a ranged weapon (such as a gun, bow, crossbow, slingshot, or blowpipe). Even the acts of launching flame, artillery, darts, harpoons, grenades, rockets, and guided missiles can be considered acts of shooting. When using a firearm, the act of shooting is often called firing as it involves initiating a combustion (deflagration) of chemical propellants.
Shooting can take place in a shooting range or in the field, in shooting sports, hunting or in combat. The person involved in the shooting activity is called a shooter. A skilled, accurate shooter is a marksman or sharpshooter, and a person's level of shooting proficiency is referred to as their marksmanship.

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  1. cosmos mariner

    New Shooting Range Near Scappoose?

    Howdy Folks, I’m curious if anyone has heard of any talk of a new shooting range opening on the Scappoose/Warren/St. Helens area of Columbia County. I know we’ve got Rainier and Clatskanie to choose from, but I’m wondering if there’s any plans for one to open closer to my part of the county...
  2. ATCclears

    Auburn, WA - robbery victim is armed, fires back, shoots and kills suspect

    AUBURN, Wash. — A suspect who tried robbing a victim outside an Auburn business Tuesday night was shot and killed after exchanging gunfire. Authorities were called to a fatal shooting in the 200 block of Auburn Way South just after 9 p.m. Police said a man was leaving a business when the...
  3. T

    Pls help me find some peaceful spots to go shooting outdoors around Portland-metro?

    I know this isn't an easy ask. Not only are spots probably very limited, but I would be hesitant to give out the secrets as well. My wife and I are the type where we pick up every shell. We wont be shooting TV's or toilets. Please pm me. Thank you in advance for any info.
  4. deadlyhazo

    Good shooting spots

    Anybody know a good shooting spot near Eugene? Like whatever Eugene's version of Brown's Camp is where I can OnX and pick up my trash when I'm done. Thanks -R
  5. sagia308

    Mauser cougar 30-06 at 420 yards shooting Low :( i need a spotter folks to much recoil

    ok that wasnt good but the groups were ok :) just low over all off camera most of them
  6. B

    I5 shooting Portland

    Seriously they post the name of the officer in the incident? What about the criminal and race? Then people complain about the homeless then complain when private security removes...
  7. RicInOR

    Las Vegas Shooting - Follow-up

    Old thread is closed. Nevada Supreme Court Finds Gun Makers Not Liable for Las Vegas Massacre. Now about those details....
  8. sagia308

    Shooting a 30-06/22lr at a (Stuff Rhino) at 364 YARDS on top of a old tire

    hat was funny :) watching the rhino fall off the tire just under him or here LOL
  9. BulletsNButts

    Ridiculous shoot out between cop and perp

    Perp had a gun and fired it seems and cop just let Loose right at her own partner and perp! Title of video isn’t correct. News stories say he was armed and pulled on the cops and cops fired back but they seem to be avoiding confirming if cop hit cop.
  10. tac

    Maestro capandball into to 900m m/l rifle shooting....

    a must for anybody taking their percussion target rifle shooting seriously, and please note, and I mean nothing derogatory here, but patched round ball shooters might just have to stand [or sit] and watch -
  11. nobamaplease

    Mass shooting in USA compared to rest of the world

    I have not seen this before and found it interesting, it’s about mass shooter media meth in the USA compared to the rest of the world, reported from John Stossel from Dec 2018 based on one report from Adam Lankford that was broadcast by our bias Lamestream media. Which is nothing new, but some...
  12. dmacman

    Pregnant woman in Florida killed in road rage shooting that she allegedly started

    Really sad story here. Should have never happened.
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