1. Mustang186

    Dueling trees

    I have two for paddle and one six paddle made and ready to go. The four paddles are 175 each and the six paddle is 225
  2. slimmer13

    Shooting at New Orleans gun shop

    Multiple fatalities
  3. 8

    22LR education options on safety, maintenance, and shooting

    Hey all, Looking for some firearms training for my wife and myself. We're both fairly inexperienced in the ways of firearms but trying to step up our knowledge and skills to the point where we can be responsible first time gun owners. Topics would include - safe travel, safe shooting, taking a...
  4. Savage hunter

    Shooting chrony beta

    70.00 or trade for 6.5 bullets .40 bullets .22 ammo powder 4831sc,rl17,h4350 or us869
  5. UnionMillsNW

    No Luck Shooting Today....

    Today work got cancelled due to the ice. I spent the morning with a chainsaw clearing roads for the neighborhood. By 2PM the weather had warmed up, the neighborhood roads were clear and my house still didn't have power. So I decided to take my brand new Uberti 1873 rifle out for the first time...
  6. N

    People are still shooting through ammo shortage

    Some people aren't catching the clue that there isn't any ammo. My last 3-4 trips in the last month, including snow, it's been hard to find a spot. Even during week days. So what gives? I've actually shot more times recently but used less ammo. Is that the deal? People just shooting less? One...
  7. AK0perator47

    Minnesota Shooting So you think this is going to spark more legislation?
  8. ilikegunspdx

    How do trap/skeet shooting places work?

    Have never shot on a trap/skeet range before, only shot clays with friends out in the woods or wherever. Have hunted birds forever but not at all in last 15 years or so. Do trap/skeet shooting places have range safety officers, etc. and is it really formal like if u were going golfing or...
  9. RevBadger

    Shooting .38 spl out of .357 magnum

    So I am getting a 357 next weekend, unless something drastic happens. But part of the reason for my arsenal is to step up between calibers to ease new shooters into it. I was reading online and it said that because .38 spl and .357 are the same diameter, you could shoot .38 out of a .357 but...
  10. TexasWolf77

    Shooting Pits

    Howdy all! Lookin for some spots in Washington to shoot outdoors.
  11. A


    Hi new to the forum here. My son and I are heading out to Lincoln City this weekend. We are looking to head into the forest south of town to do some target shooting. Does anyone have a good spot, Rock pit, valley off NF 17 ?
  12. Alexx1401

    Citizen tries to help stop shoplifter by shooting employee As sad as this was I did have to laugh.
  13. Cerberus Group

    Shooting from Within - J. Michael Plaxco

    Book in excellent condition - 20.00 shipped
  14. G

    Shooting chrony F1 lowed price

    For sale F1 chrony. Like new condition. Used a few times and just sitting around on the shelf , time to sell it.. Comes with chrony , rods, sun shades and home made remote cord. $100.00 $ 75.00 ftf or ship on your dime.
  15. S

    Night shooting

    Hey yall just finishing up a my "night fighting gun" and looking to try it out (Probably only a couple hundred round because of the ammo crunch). Short of heading deep into the Mt Hood forest any suggestions on places to go? I have a decent amount of experience with NV, just not my own personal...
  16. 41mag

    Shooting the Pedersoli Whitworth rifle

    although I don't get much range time these days with the Holy Black, here's a nice video of a recent version of a historic muzzle loader: -
  17. james alderson

    Shooting areas south of Roseburg

    Hey everyone, I’m thinking of relocating south of Roseburg. Where are some good areas to shoot down that way? Thanks! James Alderson
  18. Knebel

    Shooting spots near La Center

    Does anyone know any good spots not far from la center Washington. Maybe 20 zo 30mins from there?
  19. kbf64

    2021 - Who is hoarding and who is shooting?

    Seems like this year people will fall into one side or the other, what's your plan? Stacking in your closet, or getting out the the range regularly in 2021?
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