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  1. The Heretic

    Shooting a rifle while wearing a respirator
  2. CHLChris

    Parenting children about guns before Shooting Age

    I am a parent of a couple of kids (2 and 4) and the older one is a boy who is fascinated but very young. I'm having some problems and wondering if I could solicit some free advice on parenting preschoolers. 1) "Shooting bad guys." I am an active carrier and my boy sees my carry gun often...
  3. Vierings

    Shooting two eyes open

    How many of you hear shoot two eyes open on you magnified rifles? I've recently started doing so and thus far my results have been consistent with one eye.
  4. awshoot

    Good Guy W/ Gun
  5. Lesliet

    Tell us your stories of learning to shoot/ first times shooting!

    I'd love to hear people's tales of first times, and how you learned to shoot! I think my first and best teacher was the grizzled old marine Sargeant that ran the range when I went to Boy Scout camp at lake Arrowhead. The only merit badges I ever got were safety ( required before you could...
  6. D

    Sig Kilo 2200mr

    Excellent condition Sig Kilo 2200mr. Upgrade to Sig Kilo 3000 so no long need these. Fast accurate rangefinder for long range guys/gals as well as short range archery shooters. Meet near me or I can ship tyd. $350.00
  7. K

    Yakima Shooting Range

    Hello, I live in Yakima. Does anyone know if target shooting is still permitted at the site on Sheep Company Road outside of Selah? If so, is it still only before 10:00 am or is that only during the dry summer months? Any recent information would be greatly appreciated! Thank you. KJ
  8. R

    Outdoor shooting areas around Portland, OR

    So in light of everything going on and with the social distancing, I was wondering if anyone knows of outdoor shooting areas around Portland, that are within reasonable driving distance where one can go and just get out of the house and de-stress some. I looked at the list mentioned in the...
  9. L

    Shooting on the cheap, brass vs aluminum ammo

    I have been watching ammo prices so I can stock up in preparation for my son and I to start practicing to do some competitive shooting in steel matches. I have been seeing the Federal Champion 9mm 115gr FMJ (which I like to shoot) available cheaper in aluminum cases. Anyone have any experience...
  10. DB is Here

    National  Another mass shooting study (1982-2020) Facts don't care about your feelings...
  11. deckert

    Other State  UPS worker planning mass shooting had 20,000 rounds of ammo and weapons cache, police say Dan
  12. 2Wheels4Ever

    The OSU Shooting Range Needs Help

    The shooting range at OSU is a sanctuary for pro gun individuals and has trained uncountable amounts of new shooters since the 1940s. I had the pleasure of being a range officer and competing on the pistol team there for 4 years. Next year it's planned to close down. The clubs are asking that...
  13. S

    Outdoor Shooting Area in Longview WA

    Seeing if anyone knows of anything close shooting areas in the Longview area. TIA
  14. Jonathan

    Caldwell adjustable shooting rest

    Good overall condition. Left front has a crack running down the side, but doesn’t affect function. First $20 cash takes it. Located in Happy Valley
  15. DB is Here

    Washington  Are WA Armed Citizens Being Penalized for Seattle Shooting?
  16. barrintp

    Shooting buds

    Looking for someone to go to the range with.
  17. A

    Chrony shooting Chronograph

    I am selling my chrono, it works great and just don’t need it anymore. What you see is what you get.