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  1. Knobgoblin

    Should I be kicking myself for all the girls I've loved before, and then returned to the wild?

    Can't count how many mossbergs and mav88s have been through my paws for $150-200 over the years. 870s too , but more like $200-300 range. Mostly 12ga came and went. 20ga less frequently and I kept a few of them. No .410 pumps in my past. Now it seems like they just aren't around cheap and...
  2. tac

    Rob and the Boys [and girls] - the 2020 Alberta Shoot...

    from Just how much fun can anybody have?
  3. sagia308

    top of the morning to yah girls Another Remastered BLAST from the past july 2019 308 swiss

    well i just put on the simmons scope still not adjusted in yet shooting off that moving~ branch didnt help
  4. quinnTJ

    Ladies Night at Sportsman’s Warehouse - 4/5/18

    Free gun raffle! Cake walk! Games! Food! Prizes! Demos! Deals! FUN! Event benefits PDX Diaper Bank! Bring a package of diapers for an extra ticket!
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