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  1. E4mafia

    Pallets Wooden FREE YOU PICK UP

    At work we've got tons of wooden pallets many in good condition others in used and they need to go. I am putting the offer out that should you need some for projects/moving/targets etc if you want to get in touch with my over DM here I can reference you a pick up location since my work is...
  2. coltemp

    Upright Behr Bros.&Co. Piano in Woodinville (Free for Donation)

    This Piano is at the American Legion Hall off Hwy 9 in North Woodinville. Only deal is you need to haul it or hire someone to do so. I have moved one before and it isn't easy unless you have a low trailer AND know how to secure it well! Pianos can only be moved upright and don't handle tilting...
  3. DB Wesner

    SAF banning Gun Free Zones

    Let’s get on Offense...I like it.
  4. SHPD_Retired

    FREE OR  Pacific press rams

    I have 2 rams from a Pacific press. One is marked with the word Pacific and the number 1. The other has the number 6 on it. If you could use these items let me know. I have no use for them.
  5. B

    Ruger Precision in 6.5 Creedmoor

    Selling my Ruger Precision in 6.5 Creedmoor. Less that 100 rounds through it. $1,100.00 OBO. Hard case included. Over $1,700 new.
  6. andrewkoski

    Purchase Any Upper and Get a Free Spring Assisted Low Profile Flip Up Sight Set

    Veriforce Tactical is running a sale where if you purchase any upper.. then you will get a free Spring Assisted Low Profile Flip Up Sight Set All you have to do is enter FREESIGHT at checkout after an upper is in your cart.
  7. 4Given

    WTB OR  Leupold HEAVY DUPLEX rifle scope.

    Want to buy a Leupold HEAVY DUPLEX rifle scope. Prefer 1-4 or 1-5 power range. (541) 645-5 four 7 eight Hood River
  8. L

    30MI Carbine Rifle

    Looking for a 30M1 Carbine in good condition for a friend.
  9. K

    45acp ammo

    50 fmj federal 20 hard cast buffalo boar outdoorsman Pick up in issaquah
  10. 2

    Moving/storage supplies

    Moving a kid to college soon? Kicking out your free-loading brother-in-law? Needing to clear out a bedroom to convert it into a gun room? Last minute planning a July 4th bonfire and need firestarter? Then, please, read on. We just moved to Kent, WA. We are finishing the unpacking stage now...
  11. RVTECH

    Free Offers From Gun Broker

    IS anyone else getting emails for for free stuff from GunBroker? I continually get offers for free stuff (laser sight, range bag, flashlight etc.) So far I have NOT 'clicked here' to 'grab my free XXX' yet. Anyone else?
  12. Sporting Systems

    Free 1639 training for WA residents #F1639

    Hello Washington - Our FREE online 1639 compliance class is now LIVE. UPDATE: Yesterdays rollout, the email server was jammed with 3000 unique users in 2 hours. We're writing a program to email certificates to those that were in the jam, that's taking a bit longer than planned. You can...
  13. ScottRi

    WTS/WTT OR  Monstrum 10" free float quad rail

    This is a 10" Monstrum free float quad rail. I ran it on an AR pistol for the past year. It works fine. No issues. It installs with a standard armorers wrench. No special tools needed. $25
  14. Bill W

    WTS WA  2 large alice Rucks with a free millenial Med

    PRICE CHANGE 3 Just like it says 2 large alice Rucks with a free millenial Med. Large Alice rucks are gently used ( got them after I retired) Complete with Frames. Millennial Med is missing lower portion of shoulder straps. So it will be useless until you fixit! or just use 550 cord. $45 each or...
  15. M

    Diamondback AR10

    Diamondback DB10 308 never been fired. Crossfire 6-18x44 optic has been boresighted. Comes with 6 20 round p-mag magazines. $1000 for rifle, scope, magazines and rifle bag. 600 rounds of 7.62x51 additional $300