Bad, stylized as bAd, is a 2007 drama film directed and written by Vincenzo Giammanco about a young boy who is dyslexic.
John Reed (Remy Thorne) is in the fifth grade and is failing in school as "his teacher thinks that he's just too lazy to study, and the local bully takes every opportunity to humiliate him." After the intervention of his mother, she and John work to overcome the difficulties he faces due to dyslexia.

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  1. joken

    Police kill the bad guy, with difficulty

    This will get your heart pumping!
  2. T

    Bad bubblegum GP100

    Ruger GP-100 "Match Champion"  10mm Double-Action Revolver I hope the link works ! i want something like this ! A GP 100 match target 10mm bored out to 10mm Magnum, its a very impressive round. 180 grain Bullets at 1500+ 200s at 1450, I think i will call bowen classic and ask about it...
  3. osprey

    How bad is the traffic around Portland at 5-6 AM during the week ?

    I planning on towing my big heavy saltwater boat from N of Seattle to Sportcraft Marine in Oak Grove for a repower. I would like to miss as much heavy traffic as possible. I will be leaving my house about midnight midweek, so that would put me through the Portland area about 5-6AM. If it is...
  4. PNWguy

    Bunch of bad car crashes here lately...

    A friend of mine from work's 75yr old father-in-law was involved in a bad crash last week. Was sitting at a red light in his modified wheelchair accessible mini-van when a young kid in a pickup rear-ended him at about 45mph. Impact was so severe that it buckled the roof of the mini-van, broke...
  5. arakboss

    Other State  Bad News for MA from another activist court.

    "Sledgehammer to crack open a peanut", what are these judges smoking?
  6. 1371JarHead

    Buying bad ammo

    Hey guys thought I would share some info, I bought a case of .243(400 round count) of Fiocchi PerFecta Rifle Ammunition PF243000, 243 Winchester, Soft Point (SP), 100 GR, 3400 fps, 20 Rd - Able Ammo .243, it was pretty cheap 8.50 per 20 round count box. I thought it would good for plinking...
  7. IOM

    When eyes go bad and shooting...

    I'm looking for tips and or ideas about how to stay focused on accuracy when suffering from Macular degeneration of the eyes. I'm mainly referring to handguns for self defense. Any and all info would be deemed very helpful. Thanks.
  8. coupeowner

    Was left bad feedback but didn't even have contact with him

    I was left bad feedback (my 1st) from a member that I didn't even have contact with. After bumping my ad for a bunch of cans I had several new offers within a couple of hours. I accepted an "I'll take 'em" from a guy that wanted the whole set and marked the ad as "sale pending". That evening I...
  9. RVNvet

    Think it would be cool to shoot a bad guy?

    As I have mentioned in previous posts, it bothers me when I see posts asking, "When can I legally shoot someone?" as though it's something to be desired. From my combat and LEO experiences, I assure you the reality doesn't live up to the fantasy for most people. In the below video, the police...
  10. DB is Here

    Tired of bad news?

    The Crime Prevention Research Center just published its new annual report: New Study: 17.25 million concealed handgun permits, biggest increases for women and minorities Surprised Main Street Media hasn't told you?
  11. 284guy

    Hi Point squib filled barrel...How does this even happen?

    These people vote and procreate. Lol Hi-Point warranty center finds carbine barrel stuffed with 35 bullets
  12. RicInOR

    Other State  TX - Houston - 5 Cops Wounded in Bad Drug Raid

    "Goines is being criminally prosecuted for the “untruths or lies” he peddled to obtain the warrant. But he is not facing murder charges. " Woodpile Report You have to scroll down to find the tale. "Something Art Acevedo did not say is that the officers who entered the home were in plain...
  13. joken

    Other State  Napa sheriff releases bodycam video from deadly shooting involving deputy

    This lady is lucky and has my respect. Bodycam video shows deadly confrontation between deputy, man
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