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75B9C077-424B-483E-AAAE-3DC49BCA36D0.jpeg An event for all the ladies who love the outdoors. Ladies Night is full of fun, games, prizes, seminars, and a RAFFLE!

Stop by the many vendor booths and check out cool new products and enter to win special prizes.

Play fun (free) games to win tickets to spin our prize wheel!
It looks like it is in Hillsboro, Klamath Falls, Bend, Portland, Medford and Salem, but not Albany or Roseburg stores. Has anyone heard or seen different? I'm going off of the website.
I'd take my wife, but she's gotta work it. If I temporarily identified as a woman who felt like a man, do I get to spin the prize wheel? :D

Seriously tho, you ladies have fun. Wifey says they are going to have a bunch of folks in to showcase products geared toward ladies, and give some talks for the outdoor oriented gals - so should be good times.
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