The can-can (or cancan as in the original French; French pronunciation: [kɑ̃kɑ̃]) is a high-energy, physically demanding dance which became a popular music hall dance in the 1840s, continuing in popularity in French cabaret to this day. Originally danced by both sexes, it is now traditionally associated with a chorus line of female dancers. The main features of the dance are the high kicks, splits and cartwheels. The Infernal Galop from Jacques Offenbach's Orpheus in the Underworld is the tune most associated with the can-can.

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  1. Tomahawk67

    Form 1 Titanium can

    Just got my Form 1 can approved. Efile took 30 days , now it's time to make some chips.. .
  2. R

    New to the site today

    I just found this site and need to know how to post a new listing. Can someone help? I don't see a "new Post" button in classifieds.
  3. SIG34

    Can Washington state residents buy Rifles in Oregon?

    Can a Washington state resident buy a Rifles in Oregon? From a Oregon resident at FFL? Wondering if anyone knows if I can buy a Rifle out of state?
  4. HotRodGuy

    Mossberg MC1 & CZ Evo 3

    Father and I went to the range today (one of the few things I can do still with my knee injury) after he went and purchased a new Mossberg MC1 pistol. I must say, that thing is nice. Dead on right out of the box, and feels good in the hand. Only bad thing is the trigger. Pull is smooth and...
  5. D

    Any Aces on Mini Lathes? I need help understanding mine...

    I just bought a Grizzly 8688 mini lathe but would love some hands on help. I live in SE Salem.
  6. DB is Here

    Other State  Mandating Gun Locks Can Have Unintended Consequences

    Mandating Gun Locks Can Have Unintended Consequences
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