Defense or defence may refer to:

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  1. B

    Defense Dept. Stepping Up

    This may be a cause for rejoicing amongst the faithful:
  2. B

    What is this? Self defense

  3. Nick Burkhardt

    5th Wheel Defense Firearm

    My son and his girlfriend bought as 33' Fifth Wheel trailer as an alternative to $2000 a month apartment living in Eugene. The space rent is $500 a month, but they can take it with them when they move and save up the $1500 a month to purchase a site built house eventually. What are your...
  4. CGm1903

    Revolver for personal/home defense? Are you crazy!?

    Who else here keeps/carries a SA/DA or just DA for personal/domestic safety, and what is your rationale? For me, it's simple with a SA/DA. if the next index on the cylinder has a round in it, no safety, no checking the chamber to prevent a double feed (if you always have one in the chamber)...
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