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  1. Tinaw

    Researching for a Book

    I'm researching a thriller. Quick look at the plot: The Ex-Pat will be running from a gov agent who has to get him back into the Hosp to keep him from remembering what happened to his team. As he remembers he become more of a problem for a General and a politician on the move toward the...
  2. WowReactsOnly

    Cancelled my USCCA membership and joined Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network

    ACLDN It was sad doing this but once my plan is expired it will no longer be legal here. So I joined armed citizens after reading some reviews of their work. Anyone else a member of them? They are NOT insurance so they don't get banned by Washington and are actually headquarted up here. The...
  3. ATCclears

    VISA payment network crashes in Europe

    Visa network crashes and sparks card payment chaos Another reminder to always have some cash...
  4. T

    Can the women shooters network across Oregon campain against the November Gun Ban: .

    Sure be helpful if the women shooters can launch a campaign against this awful bill.. Women will not benefit if this bill passes... There are lots of women who purchased high capacity handguns and AR 15's throughout the Obama years..... Thanking all of the women that can pitch in hand be...
  5. MasterChief

    Beartooth Network

    Anyone have any experience with these or similar devices....I have looked up a few companies that do they work as advertised? Or more like FRS/GMRS radios that promise 25 miles and can only get maybe 2.5 (yes i understand structures, electronic fields, etc). Beartooth I'm possibly...
  6. ZacharyKhan

    Thinking About Creating A Mobile Social Media Application For Firearm Enthusiasts?

    ** As of Feb 27, 2017 I'll be working on the user interface & experience design for the app. If you are interested in following the app design, all live updates will be pushed to RangeBuddy. ** As of March 4, 2017 I'll be starting to code a live prototype of the designs I have made. I'll likely...
  7. Joe Link

    Update  Network Maintenance Tomorrow Morning - February 3rd, 2017

    A portion of our network will be updated tomorrow morning at approximately 6AM. We shouldn't see any downtime during the period, but the changes may take up to 24 hours to fully propagate. After the update you may see SSL errors, which are safe to ignore. You may also need to log in again...
  8. etrain16

    IT Folks - A Question on NAS

    Okay you IT gurus on the site, I have some questions for you regarding NAS (Network Attached Storage). I would like to set up a NAS at my home for a few things - primarily to be a shared storage location for files for our laptops and other connected devices. Secondly, I'd like it to be...
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