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  1. The Heretic

    Other State  California bill aims to jumpstart 'microstamps' on handguns

    https://www.yahoo.com/news/california-bill-aims-jumpstart-microstamps-131304319.html New legislation would expand the law to include weapons used by law enforcement, which are currently exempt. The thinking is that forcing police officers into the marketplace would prompt manufacturers to...
  2. The Heretic

    Lanyards for handguns?

    I am not one for fast draw - for one thing, I was born clumsy with slow reflexes (at least partially due to Aspergers). I tend more towards protecting my handguns from damage by brush or falling/etc. when out in the woods - so my holsters tend more towards retention/protection, with at least a...
  3. ATCclears

    HandgunHero - website to compare 2 handguns


    Odd, Failed Handguns

    Been hooked on 'Forgotten Weapons' lately and have been watching a couple episodes every evening. Last night I watched the ones on the Colt 'Double Eagle' pistol and the Alchemy Spectre. I remember the Double Eagle from the time but was unaware of the Alchemy 'Spectre' pistol. Man, after...
  5. nehalemguy

    Surplus Handguns - Luck of The Draw!

    There has been a great many surplus Beretta pistols hitting the U.S. market these past few months. Earlier in the year I purchased a Modrl 81 for $229 and was pleased with the gently used condition it arrived in. Fast forward to Black Friday. Classic Firearms was advertising surplus Beretta...
  6. pigiron

    What are some good handguns for folks with very short fingers?

    My wife has extremely small hands and a short trigger finger. The reach on her J-frame is still a bit of a stretch. Do any of you have any recommendations for a handgun with an even shorter trigger reach? The SIG P938 fits but it would be nicer to find a striker fired gun preferably in at...
  7. aksu747

    For fun: do you prefer to shoot handguns or rifles/shotguns more?

    I ask mostly out of curiosity. My father got me started shooting at the age of 13 after I had proven I could be safe with a bb gun for a year. We went out to my old family cabin in Lassen National Forrest and drove a few miles out to a good spot to shoot. He had my shoot his Ruger 10/22, his...
  8. T

    Armslist has "private" sales of "new" handguns well below "retail" sales....

    Seems too good to be true. Likely scams? Any experience dealing with Armslist private sales?
  9. B

    Handguns and price levels between November to February each year

    Just wondering if this observation is correct or not. The prices for handguns seems to drop off dramatically during the winter months. True or False?
  10. oldcorpgunny

    SCCY 9MM Handguns

    I was at BiMart here in Vancouver, a few days ago and noticed that all they had left to sell were SCCY 9MM's. They were $179.00. I own one of these and enjoy the heck out of it. It's not a Glock, or a Sig, or an HK or anything other than what it is. I use mine as my "truck" gun. They come with a...
  11. M

    Top selling handguns 2020

    NSSF just released top selling firearms list for 2020, it’s kinda interesting. Apparently everybody likes that colt python, I hear they have some issues though. Top 10 Revolvers (Under Age 50) Ruger Wrangler Colt Python Smith & Wesson 642 Heritage Arms Rough Rider Revolver Rifle Ruger GP-100...
  12. G

    Washington  Family or private party purchase/sale in Washington/Idaho/Montana question

    What are the rules for out-of-state purchases/transfers between private parties in Idaho and Montana? Example: seller is a Montana resident; purchaser is a Washington resident. Thank you.
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