Night or nighttime (sp. night-time or night time) is the period of time between the sunset and the sunrise when the Sun is below the horizon.
This occurs after dusk. The opposite of night is day (or "daytime" to distinguish it from "day" as used for a 24-hour period). The start and end points of time of a night vary based on factors such as season, latitude, longitude and timezone.
At any given time, one side of the planet Earth is bathed in light from the Sun (the daytime) and the other side of the Earth is in the shadow caused by the Earth blocking the light of the sun. This shadow is called the umbra. Natural illumination is still provided by a combination of moonlight, planetary light, starlight, diffuse zodiacal light, gegenschein, and airglow. In some circumstances, bioluminescence, aurorae, and lightning can provide some illumination. The glow provided by artificial illumination is sometimes referred to as light pollution because it can interfere with observational astronomy and ecosystems.

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  1. B

    Where can I buy the new Holosun thermal night vision optic?

    Tacrig is out of stock. Optics planet only has the night vision version. Gf gave me money for my b day to buy this optic. But can’t find it anywhere to order. I know it won’t be available until later this year but want to order before price goes up.
  2. 21tango

    Your go to (bump in the night) gun

    I don’t leave the house much anymore as I’m retired and live up in the cascade foothills on 5 acres. When I do go out I’m usually strapping a Dan Wesson valor. At home I keep a couple shotguns ( Mossberg thunder ranch 590 and Stoeger coach gun) the older I get the more I appreciate the scatter...
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