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  1. PNWguy

    Other State  Baltimore church shooting; multiple victims.

    Just got an alert about this at work... Multiple casualties reported in Maryland church shooting: int'l media BALTIMORE: Multiple casualties were reported at yet another mass shooting in a Maryland church late Sunday night, according to various international media outlets. At least half a...
  2. Joe Link

    National  Parkland Kids Partner With Multiple Organizations For The 'National March On The NRA' Event

    Gun Control Kids Unite For Another 'We Hate The NRA' Type of March
  3. R

    FFL Fees for multiple guns

    Hello, My 2 regular places for FFL transfers, seem to have raised their fees?? Is anyone else seeing this trend? Does anyone know a FFL on the SW Side of Portland (SW Portland, Tigard, Tualatin, Sherwood, Beaverton, Wilsonville, etc..) that has good rates on FFL transfers..especially for...
  4. H

    Multiple Tasers For Interior Home Defense? ...

    I am now wondering if technology has reached the point where it is plausible to employee multiple Tasers for interior home defense? Does anybody manufacture a multiple shot taser? With perhaps a laser pointer or a very bright mini flood light replacing a lethal firearm? My local gun shop...

    Dan Wesson Multiple barrel .357

    Had a neighbor tell me to stop by yesterday and he had to show me he bought back a Dan Wesson multiple barrel setup he sold to a friend like 20 years ago! He has the original box and the 2", 4" , 6" and 8" barrels. Hadn't seen one of these in a LONG time. Needs a little TLC but in pretty good...
  6. J

    Pyrex powder holder replacement. Multiple models..

    Saw this posted on a Facebook group. Guy makes glass powder charge hopper with lids for multiple brands.. Interested if 4 or more people could bundle to save shipping costs?? Security Check

    Savage AXIS XP Bolt-Action Multiple Calibers w/Bushnell 3-9x40 - $149 after $50 MIR

    Savage AXIS XP Bolt-Action Multiple Calibers w/Bushnell 3-9x40 Scope - $199.88 (free store pickup) ($149 after $50 MIR)
  8. etrain16

    National  News and information on the Vegas Shooting

    I realize the other thread got shut down, so I hope folks keep it on target here since there is still plenty of news to discuss and we still need a place to talk about this. So please, keep it on topic so the mods don't shut this thread down too. I just heard on the news that they...
  9. Ericb454

    Buying multiple handguns in one month

    In Washington is there some special paperwork or any restrictions to purchasing two handguns within a two week period in the same month? I have one handgun at my FFL now and one coming in next week. Not sure if it would be better just to pick them up at the same time. Thanks in advance.

    Ruger No. 1 Satin Blued Walnut, Multiple Calibers Available - $899.99

    Ruger No. 1 Satin Blued Walnut, Multiple Calibers Available - $899.99 (Free Store Pickup)
  11. trikerdon


    Don't really want to know if you would install one or not, but if you have installed one in an MP Shield 9mm I would really be interested in hearing if you had difficulty inserting it into the slide. I tried to install the "strong" spring and I couldn't get the spring to stay where it belonged...
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