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  1. Lesliet

    gun cleaning discussion thread

    I just wanted to solicit some input and feedback from members about favorite cleaning products and methods. I'm an old dude, so I've been using the old standard Hoppes #9 since forever ago. I've been noticing that it doesn't really work all that well on propellant residue from the stuff I'm...
  2. BanjoGeek

    I need intel on cleaning and identifying bayonets.

    I just acquired a lot of bayonets that have been laying in a closet for decades thus the lint usual adhured to the grease, etc. What is the best method of cleaning them and identifying them. There are quite a few U. S. Military blades there plus the usual overseas rifle bayonets. Any help...
  3. LuckySG

    Shooting at Wolf Creek or Brown's Camp Saturday Morning?

    I am on the way to both locations!!! I need to make room for more consignments and demo firearms to test at a local private range that have longer than usual build times as well as another table so BYGO Free - All Targets, Stands & Cleaning supplies Saturday 8am to 2pm Only. TruGlow targets...
  4. L

    Cleaning your Flintlock in the field 1760's style & Longhunting in the Colonial era

    This is a video about cleaning your Flintlock in the field say, in 1760 with period tools & techniques: Here is a discussion about being on "Long Hunts" with Flintlocks in the Colonial Era: Have a nice Holiday Everyone, LongBeard
  5. gmerkt

    Cleaning AR's not my favorite thing

    My experience with AR's goes back a while, to 1970 when they had us turn in the M14 Rifle for the M16. Since even before my army service I was a gun guy, I was interested in keeping my rifle clean and functional. In Vietnam, I was a support troop in the rear. But I pulled guard duty on the...
  6. T

    Father-in-law’s cleaning out the safe REDUCED PRICES....

    Posting these for my father-in-law. Any questions please call him he can better answer them. Redmond Oregon. Call Mike 541-815-8361 1944-1947 Winchester 30/30 wsf. Asking 725.00 Remington 870 magnium 12 gauge. Asking 265.00 30-06 Mauser w/Tasco 3-9x40 scope. Asking 325.00 Older Daisy BB Gun Red...
  7. 2A2Dend

    Contigo (or any brand) Stainless Travel/Coffee Cups <> Cleaning

    I've used the stainless travel cups for hot beverages for years. The Contigo brand has worked great, in that respect. Mine is used for coffee. Considering I like the Coffeemate French Vanilla, the sugars tend to build over time, and grow into an almost caulk appearance and texture. Once a week I...
  8. 9mm guy

    Wet Tumble Brass Cleaning Material Recommendation- Guntap!!

    I've been reloading for about 4 years now, and I feel like I've learned some great lessons including awesome products that I want to share. All you reloading vets will know this already, but sometimes I forget how many newer people are on this forum. Everyone will have a different view on...
  9. Whisky Tahoe

    What tools do you use for cleaning primer pockets?

    I'm searching for a better method of cleaning primer pockets. I'm already uniforming most of the pockets* as part of virgin brass prep but for all my fired and prepped brass I use a pocket brush with less than ideal results. I know many don't worry about pockets and that's cool but for those...
  10. Aero Denezol

    Cleaning milsurp bolt-action rifles after shooting corrosive ammo?

    ...So, it's generally agreed upon the bore and chamber are cleaned with warm water, some folks add windex, and others use soap, but what about the bolt? How many of you disassemble the bolt and scrub it down? Seems to me you can get by with just cleaning the bolt face, but I don't want to risk...
  11. S

    Brass Cleaning (again!)

    Once upon a time I belonged to a car site. The dreaded thread there was brands of oil. A mere mention would be biblical....40 days and 40 nights of comments! Anyway, here's my brass cleaning hint and any comments would be helpful. I'm a real stickler for clean brass. My local range is insistent...
  12. titsonritz

    Sons of Liberty Gun Works Spring Cleaning Upper Sale

    Sale Items - Sons of Liberty Gun Works
  13. L84Cabo

    In Search Of A Decent Freaking Q Tip (Swab)!

    I currently use Q Tip brand swabs and they used to be great. Then about a couple of years ago they really seemed to go downhill. The stick portion isn't as strong as they used to be and the cotton tip shreds and unravels just by looking at it. :rolleyes: I've also tried Target's house brand...
  14. L

    Thoughts on cleaning a Flintlock without removing the barrel

    Greetings, Yesterday I picked up a Pedersoli flintlock in .32 caliber and the barrel seems "difficult" to remove for regular cleaning. It doesn't have wedges; it actually looks like the barrel was put in with finishing nails (I'll attach photos from the manufacture). With my old eyes...
  15. spoonhead

    Parts: Rem 870, Speedfeed, Limbsaver

    I have several firearms related items to sell. I'll get pics up shortly or you can email me directly and I'll get them to you pronto. All items are in excellent condition unless noted as otherwise. I'm willing to ship at your expense and will do so as inexpensively as possible using USPS...