1. Andy54Hawken

    Cleaning the garage....

    So there I was... Mucking out the garage...going though we really need this...? Are we ever going to use this again....? That sorta thing. In the back of the garage , next to my work bench was an old chest of drawers... Its been empty for a long time now....and I thought as it is...
  2. Koda

    BBL cleaning frequency and fouling shots....

    How important is it to clean your barrel after sight in and if so how many fouling shots does it take to regain zero from a clean barrel?
  3. Firemansim

    Cleaning time

    What's your favorite cleaner and lube?
  4. G

    So some stupidity and gun cleaning all in one.

    So I was practicing loading, chambering, and clearing my AR with some snap cap rounds and one ended up getting jammed inside the chamber. I tried a number of ways to get it out but I ended up having to use a hoppes 2 piece cleaning rod with a plastic jag and cleaning swath to push it back out...
  5. kbf64

    Cleaning parts prior to build

    So I ordered a barrel and BCG from Ballistic Advantage they are soaking in what I don't know, some oily substance, how can I clean it up? Should I use something like simple green, or mineral oil or other to get it clean and dry before the build?
  6. E906

    Mustad Fish/Game cleaning set.

    Mustad fish and game cleaning knife set. Has a small cutting board and sharpener. Think it was like $55 new. Willing to barter for other knives or anything really. Cash also works too.
  7. outontherange

    Outers cleaning kits from 1950’s 60’s?

    $40 for both. They look complete and one unused.
  8. N

    Geissele rail, Anderson upper, DelTon 16" dissipator barrel, 224V XCaliber barrel, 6.8/224V BCG

    Cleaning out the safe so these must go! Used unless noted. Geissele Mk4 15" MLOK black rail with barrel nut- $270 Anderson upper receiver with FA and dust cover- $50 Del Ton 16" dissipator barrel with FSP not installed. Look up some pics of a dissipator if you don't know what this is...
  9. L84Cabo

    My New Favorite Pistol Cleaning Rod

    It was time for a new cleaning rod because my old one was just about finished. It was just a crappy rod I had picked up in a cheap universal kit quite awhile ago. I went with the below from Hoppes...Carbon fiber rod, ball bearings in the handle, ergonomic weighted grip and 8 inches long which...
  10. Lesliet

    gun cleaning discussion thread

    I just wanted to solicit some input and feedback from members about favorite cleaning products and methods. I'm an old dude, so I've been using the old standard Hoppes #9 since forever ago. I've been noticing that it doesn't really work all that well on propellant residue from the stuff I'm...
  11. BanjoGeek

    I need intel on cleaning and identifying bayonets.

    I just acquired a lot of bayonets that have been laying in a closet for decades thus the lint usual adhured to the grease, etc. What is the best method of cleaning them and identifying them. There are quite a few U. S. Military blades there plus the usual overseas rifle bayonets. Any help...
  12. LuckySG

    Shooting at Wolf Creek or Brown's Camp Saturday Morning?

    I am on the way to both locations!!! I need to make room for more consignments and demo firearms to test at a local private range that have longer than usual build times as well as another table so BYGO Free - All Targets, Stands & Cleaning supplies Saturday 8am to 2pm Only. TruGlow targets...
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