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  1. Reno

    Cleaning barrels under handguard/rail?

    How often do you all disassemble a railed rifle or pistol to clean the barrel surfaces under it? If you don’t, what if anything do you do to try and clean it?
  2. ddjchemist

    Browning X-Bolt Stainless Steel in .308 Win (bolt cleaning question)

    For the last months or so I was in search of a range/hunting rifle in 308 Win, and after few failed near-purchases, I got a Browning X-Bolt Stalker (stainless steel 22in barrel) with Vortex Viper HS-T scope. Rifle is less than a year old and has never been fired. I did some extensive research...
  3. Koda

    Case cleaning...

    Total beginner here but I seem to be missing this from my reading, do you clean the case before or after you deprime/resize? Is cleaning necessary if your reusing your brass you fired or it it meant more for the cases people pick up off the ground at ranges that probably have mud or dirt inside...
  4. TTSX

    Directional cleaning

    I've always heard that when cleaning a rifle bore, one is supposed to go in the direction of bullet travel only, yet in several of my owners manuals, one being Barrett, the instructions essentially call for "scrubbing" the bore. I suppose my question is: why would this matter at all? The brushes...
  5. arrowshooter

    Carpet Cleaning and Gun Safes

    We're going to clean the carpet in the room with the safe, without moving the safe, and I am wondering if I should take any safe guards against moisture while the carpet is drying? My first thought is to tape the door gap, but not sure. Thanks
  6. Labradorian

    Spring cleaning

    I was sweeping up my shop this afternoon and spotted these, I haven't opened them in about 15 years. I wish now I'd put a note inside and made it time capsule-ish.
  7. D

    "Best" wet cleaning machine?

    So with time on my hands, low inventory on some critical components, but piles of brass, I decided to start slogging through getting a bunch of it prepped. Since my little Lee APP was already set up for 9mm, that's what I started with. All was good until I got to the cleaning primer pockets...
  8. M

    New Gun Cleaning Service in Oregon

    My name is Myles and I started Functional Firearms. We offer a mobile gun cleaning service to Sherwood and the surrounding communities. I’m looking to gather feedback on the website so that we can better serve our customers. I completely understand that NWFA is predominantly gun enthusiasts who...
  9. X

    Coated cleaning rods

    I was pricing coated one piece cleaning rods the other day and about crapped my pants at the cost. So I got some high quality shrink tubing and a heat gun from my tool box and coated them myself. I have a bunch of steel kleen bore rod sections so I did them all. A little time and carefully...
  10. Ironbar

    Cleaning and restoring an old press

    I just picked up an old RCBS Junior press today for a good price, and would like some suggestions for cleaning and restoration, especially the cleaning part. I'd like to go over it well and get all the dirt and grease off it and prep it for repainting. What say you??
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