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  1. CountryGent

    Revolvers you wish they made, but they don't ...

    Sort of says it all. What wheelguns would you like that simply are not made? I'll get the party started: A double-action, top-break in a relatively common centerfire caliber. (There is a crazy expensive modern Webley and there was a Russian prototype that never made it in. Ditto a...
  2. CountryGent

    Alfa Proj Revolvers?

    So, I've been grinding through a lengthy list of vendor contacts for gun dealing purposes. One I was given dealer access to is the firm CzechPoint USA that, as one would imagine, imports Czech guns. I've used them for parts for my on more than one occasion and found them a great outfit to do...
  3. CountryGent

    Revolver Recommendation for a Business Contact

    So, I ran into the gentlemen I've done business with for years now on land and leases. We bought our present property and acreage from him and I continue to lease a commercial facility for my office/workshop. He is not a "gun guy", though owns a couple full-size revolvers and a number of...
  4. CountryGent

    S&W Revolver Reference Book(s)

    So I have been on something of a revolver kick this year. And I recently acquired a S&W Model 29, which is the first Smith I've ever owned. I am curious to read about revolvers produced by S&W over the decades. I'm mainly interested in those post-1900 production and just wheelguns. Can...
  5. CountryGent

    Post pics of your revolvers!

    What about a picture thread devoted to the traditional "equalizers"? You know, wheelguns. I'll get us started: Cimarron Lightning in .38 Special Rossi 972 and Taurus 605, both in .357 Magnum. Enfield No. 2 in .38/200. Any pics you care to share? :)
  6. CountryGent

    Ruger Redhawk in .45 ACP / .45LC and other questions ...

    So, from time to time I get interested in a revolver chambered in .45 ACP. I'm back on the topic and am looking at options. One that is standing out is the stainless Ruger Redhawk in .45 ACP and .45 LC. We stockpile the former, but don't presently the latter. That said, the ability to run...
  7. CountryGent

    Trying to remember a revolver in .32 H&R Magnum ....

    As many know, the .32 H&R Magnum was introduced in 1984 as a joint venture from Harrington & Richardson and Federal. Going from memory, there was a revolver introduced in that time period (1984 or thereabouts) that was: Made by H&R, I think. In .32 H&R Magnum. Double-action. A top-break...
  8. CountryGent

    Your choice of speedloaders (and similar)?

    So, I've played a few over the years. The ones I've stuck with are the Speed Beez (for larger, holstered revolvers) and the Speed Strips (for a snubbie carried with CHL). Any that have worked for you? Any that didn't? Thanks.
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