1. G0nefishin

    Looking for a black powder pistol/revolver

    Hello like the title says I'm looking for a black powder pistol or revolver. I have 9mm 100rd & 22lr 500rd to trade I Also have a vortex crossfire 2 3x9x40 nib has been mounted with Warne mounts included. I Also have cash, Steel frame preferred Let me know what you have thank's
  2. D

    22lr ammo trade for black powder revolver

    I am looking to trade some 525 rd boxes of federal blue box 36 gr. Hollow point ammo for a black powder percussion revolver, Remington or Colt clones ok, no brass frames,only steel. Tell me what you've got and let's work out a trade.
  3. S

    Federal 215M Large Rifle Magnum Match Primers for Small Rifle Primers or Powder or stuff.......

    As the title says. I have a few bricks of FGMM 215M primers. 8 bricks of 1000 primers that I am willing to part with. I am looking to trade for either CCI or FGMM small rifle primers. Also looking for RL26, H1000, Retumbo, .224 69 grains and up. .264 143 grain and up projectiles. .223, 6.5...
  4. Busyhawk

    4#s of Winchester 244 powder, $25 per pound. FTF only

    Winchester 244 Ball powder good for 9mm, 38 Special and 45 ACP. These are new with sealed bottles, I have switched to Silhouette powder so have no use for these. $25 per pound for a total of 4 pounds, both Powder Valley and Midway are out. Cash only...unless you have Silhouette powder or...
  5. A

    223 or 5.56 Brass, 55gr .224 Projectiles, SRM Primers and H335 Powder

    Please PM with any questions or to arrange a time to purchase. I am selling a batch of reloading components for loading 223 or 5.56 rounds. The lot consist of 500 Extreme brand 55gr FMJ projectiles, 500 Tula SRM primers, one pound of Hodgdons H335 powder and 60 pieces of new Winchester 223...
  6. B

    Smokeless Powder

    I have extra of several powders if anyone is in dire need. These include the following: 2 - 1 lb H1000 SPF 2 - 1 lb Retumbo SPF 5 - 1 lb Ramshot Magnum Asking $50 a lb and able to meet in the Sandy/Boring area. All powder listed above is fresh and was purchased within the last year. I...
  7. D

    Diablo 12 gauge black powder pistol

    I received this as a gift and have no interest in black powder. Brand new in box. Unfired. Will consider trade for Sig 365 xl Review Here $400
  8. matts

    powder stash: (5)800x (2)700x (2)greendot (1) PB

    So, what's left for now is 5 lbs of hi-skor 800x 25$/ lb Let me know if these interest you. Trades for rifle powder and small primers Prefer magnum small rifle. (Trade pending for the green dot,pb, and 700x) Thanks for looking! Matt
  9. marcusp323

    Primers & Powder Updated

    Got some more powder & more primers for sale. Figure I may as well ask stupid prices like most folks. Reckon if you really want to pay that much instead of waiting, well, why not. It's not like I can buy any cheaper right now either. 1000 Rem 1 1/2 SP $100 have 3 990 Federal SP Mag $99 1000...
  10. R

    Hodgdon HI-SKOR 700X Powder - Approx 13 lbs.

    Hodgdon HI-SKOR 700X Powder: - 1 New 8# factory sealed - 1 Opened approx. 5# left - in perfect condition Pick up Kent, WA
  11. jimmeh

    Bullseye Powder Sealed 8#

    I have a sealed 8 pound jug of Bullseye powder. Brand new and ready to use. Not going to be able to use it, and wanted to just get my money back from which I paid on GunBroker w/shipping. $350
  12. dave peoples

    Lee Powder Scale

    Lee Safety Powder Scale lightly and rarely used. $20
  13. Red98422

    Black powder combination guns.

    So I was gandering at an auction and I can across a black powder combination gun (cape setup 45/20). Quite frankly I’m lusting over it a bit. Made by L. Jordans, who upon initial research may have the first name Levi. And there is some sort of partnership with “Adams” this has lead me to the...
  14. q2xltrgt

    IMR Enduron Powder 4451, 4166

    4 Lb 4451 IMR Enduron powder. 1 lb 4166 IMR Enduron powder. 100 takes it all
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