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A safe (also called a strongbox or coffer) is a secure lockable box used for securing valuable objects against theft and/or damage from fire. A safe is usually a hollow cuboid or cylinder, with one face being removable or hinged to form a door. The body and door may be cast from metal (such as steel) or formed out of plastic through blow molding. Bank teller safes typically are secured to the counter, have a slit opening for dropping valuables into the safe without opening it, and a time-delay combination lock to foil robbers. One significant distinction between types of safes is whether the safe is secured to a wall or structure or if it can be moved around. A less secure version (only suitable for petty cash) is usually called a cash-box.

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  1. 17LiveFree76

    Is it safe to shoot?

    I loaded some 223 this evening in a progressive. Loading max charge 25g benchmark I have had no issues or pressure signs. I added more powder to the powder reservoir and didn’t weigh the charge after that. After I loaded roughly 50 rounds I did a check and was at 25.8g. So I’m .8g past max...
  2. GI JEW 555

    Reloading ? ( primers being pulled and used from blanks)

    So the primer situation is what it is and don’t see it getting any better over night. Wanted to know if this would work or any issues to be aware of. Hypothetical Question 1- Wondering if a guy could pull Primers from blank 5.56 , 7.62 or any other caliber for that matter. Could those primers...
  3. rickysays

    Do you store your guns in their cases or a safe box or...?

    Is there any harm in storing guns in their individual cases? I keep my Glock in it's case, and also have individual cases for my shotgun and Sako rifle. When it's time to hit the range I just set the cases in my truck and off I go, but I'm curious if there are any down sides to storing them...
  4. A

    arakboss's random useless thoughts (of which there are many).

    I am going to use this thread to post some of my random thoughts, ideas, experiences, etc, that I am too lazy to start a new thread for.
  5. fromotoc

    Your Guns are Safe

    Your guns are safe. TL:DR Biden ain’t gonna take your guns. I have been buying and selling guns since 2007. First gun I bought was a Ruger P95dc in Santa Barbara, CA. It was way overpriced but I didn’t know any better. I have been obsessed with firearms ever since. Since then I have bought and...
  6. ron

    CZ Shadow safe? R.O. killed by AD at USPSA match

    I have been looking at the CZ Shadow for some time now. I saw this article about CZ Shadow dropped and discharged.:eek: I like the accuracy and weight of these high end pistols but no internal firing pin block?o_Oo_Oo_O What other pistols do not have a firing pin block? I know original design...
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