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A safe (also called a strongbox or coffer) is a secure lockable box used for securing valuable objects against theft and/or damage from fire. A safe is usually a hollow cuboid or cylinder, with one face being removable or hinged to form a door. The body and door may be cast from metal (such as steel) or formed out of plastic through blow molding. Bank teller safes typically are secured to the counter, have a slit opening for dropping valuables into the safe without opening it, and a time-delay combination lock to foil robbers. One significant distinction between types of safes is whether the safe is secured to a wall or structure or if it can be moved around. A less secure version (only suitable for petty cash) is usually called a cash-box.

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  1. AOTAC

    Anyone lose a safe?

    This is liable to make at least one guy here sick but here it is. Anyone missing a safe? "Someone dumped a 5ft tall gun safe in our parking lot. It’s pretty heavy. There’s some drywall-like material inside the metal so I don’t know how that would affect the scrapping value. But there’s still a...
  2. CLT65

    Best gun safe for $1k

    A friend of mine has decided to get a safe. He says his budget is $1k. Anyone know what the best value out there is in that price range? Before I get the "It's not a real safe unless it costs $5,000", this is what he can afford, so it's either a under $1k "security container" or nothing. He...
  3. RobMa

    This place safe to shop??

    www.bauer-precision.com Found something I want just never bought anything from them before.
  4. TXManny

    Best local gun safe dealer in Portland metro area?

    I ended up just selling my second safe to a friend so it was one less giant thing to transfer here. So probably gonna be in the market for new one sooner than later. Thanks for help.
  5. monks

    Rhino Safe Swing Out Gun Rack

    Does anyone have a Rhino or Kodiak safe with this swing out rack? I'm curious how you like it and if you think it would be worth the money? Also, how much room does it take to swing out in inches from the side of the safe?
  6. Flymph

    Not even the deer are safe now!

    https://www.nationalgeographic.com/animals/article/wild-us-deer-found-with-coronavirus-antibodies Make sure to socially distance from the deer you have in your yard or hunt in the wild. Also, remember to wear your PPE, aka MASKS, while hunting this year. You never know if that deer sneeze will...
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