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A barrel, cask, or tun is a hollow cylindrical container, traditionally made of wooden staves bound by wooden or metal hoops. Traditionally, the barrel was a standard size of measure referring to a set capacity or weight of a given commodity. For example, in the UK a barrel of beer refers to a quantity of 36 imperial gallons (160 L; 43 US gal). Wine was shipped in barrels of 119 litres (31 US gal; 26 imp gal).
Modern wooden barrels for wine-making are either made of French common oak (Quercus robur) and white oak (Quercus petraea) or from American white oak (Quercus alba) and have typically these standard sizes: "Bordeaux type" 225 litres (59 US gal; 49 imp gal), "Burgundy type" 228 litres (60 US gal; 50 imp gal) and "Cognac type" 300 litres (79 US gal; 66 imp gal). Modern barrels and casks can also be made of aluminum, stainless steel, and different types of plastic, such as HDPE.
Someone who makes barrels is called a "barrel maker" or cooper. Barrels are only one type of cooperage. Other types include, but are not limited to: buckets, tubs, butter churns, hogsheads, firkins, kegs, kilderkins, tierces, rundlets, puncheons, pipes, tuns, butts, pins, and breakers.
Barrels have a variety of uses, including storage of liquids such as water and oil, fermenting wine, arrack, and sake, and maturing beverages such as wine, cognac, armagnac, sherry, port, whiskey, and beer.

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  1. G21nonSF

    Savage barrel 375 Ruger 20" SS factory sights (like new)

    Savage barrel 375 Ruger 20" SS factory sights (like new). Alaskan Guide model, 20" Large shank (1.12 x 20 tpi) Stainless steel with factory matte finish Gold bead front sight, adjustable rear (nice sights) Bought as a new pull off and never installed Bright shiny bore with sharp rifling Trades...
  2. D

    Yugo SKS barrels, stocks, and complete rifle minus receiver.

    Collection of Yugo SKS parts including a numbers matching rifle with cut receiver. 2 new barrels. Trigger group. Stocks and 2 old barrels in in good shape. Would like to trade for deer rifle, interesting milsurp or maybe something else. On eBay I could get over $450 for this stuff so try to...

    Glock 19 gen 4 OEM barrel

    has roughly 150 rounds through it. Have since put on a threaded agency barrel. 80 shipped.
  4. BVB

    Sig P226 MK26 Threaded Barrel Price Drop

    New Sig Sauer P226 MK25 Chrome/Phosphate Threaded Barrel Comes in factory packaging from Sig Sauer Retails for $195+shipping Asking $180 Shipping available only to States that will allow these. Local pick up as well Can meet in the Portland metro or down to Roseburg Call or text 503-715-6048
  5. assault15

    Sold NIB Bartlein S.S. 6mm Barrel, 1-8.0 twist, #7 MTU, 5R

    The title hopefully says it all. Condition: New in factory packaging Caliber: 6mm (.237 x .243") Twist: 1-8.0 Material: Stainless Steel Contour: #7 MTU Rifling: 5R Too many projects going on. This one never came to fruition. Asking $250 firm. Willing to meet in the Portland Metro area...

    Oregon  Barrel serial number and selling

    This may not be the right section but here it goes... I have seen numerous threads of people selling off stock handgun barrels. What do y'all do about the serial thats engraved on the barrel? Sell it with the number still on it? File the number off? I don't think I would want people to have my...

    Rem700 .223 barrel/stock/trigger

    Up for sale is an unfired barrel and stock off a Remington 700 varmit rifle. Barrel: 26” 1:12 twist .223rem $75 stock: ADL with internal mag and receiver screw. $50 obo xmark trigger: $50 I’m open to offers OC/clackamas
  8. Roymil666

    DPMS Recon AR-15 Upper Receiver Parts

    So I have a most of DPMS recon 5.55 upper for sale. Upon trying and failing and failing and failing and then finally removing the Flash hider some stuff got dinged up. I'll take $200 obo for everything. Make an offer on individual parts. I have an almost perfect Upper receiver; it comes with...
  9. Tht_guy_josh

    NEW 223 wylde 16 in 1/8 barrel

    Classic firearms barrel brand new 223 wylde 1/8 16 in 75obo comes with magpul moe grip and birdcage flash hider Would part trade for a trigger or 9mm ar barrel not shorter then 10.5in
  10. Roymil666

    Build Thread  Stuck AAC Flash Hider

    So I'm working on a DPMS Recon 5.56 swapping the handguard. I CANNOT get the AAC 51 tooth to break loose. I've tried the boiling water soak, heat and PB blaster and the barrel wants to spin in the vise before the flash hider will budge. Help before I seriously break something. Apparently they...
  11. shoGUNSLINGR

    Low Priced Parts Dump

    Located in downtown Eugene. Can ship on buyers dime. $60 or six PMAGS takes it all. Trade interests: PMAGS .22lr 5.56mm 9mm .45 ACP Please PM offers. Much obliged. Trigger Group (Removed from a Spikes ST-15) - $20 Traded Wilson Combat 1911 Magazine Lo-Profile Steel Base Pad (47BOX ) - $5...
  12. C

    Looking for a 6" barrel for a Beretta 948

    I know this is a long shot, but looking to purchase a 6" barrel for a Beretta 948. Looking for any leads. Thanks!
  13. Roymil666

    Build Thread  300 BLK Pistol

    So I'm trying to start a 300 Blk pistol build (suppressed mainly but also supersonics). I'm kind of on the fence on barrel length and brand though; I'm thinking in between 8-10.5 and either a BA or BCM CHF barrel (CHF worth the price bump). Not sure what will give me good ballistic performance...
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