An article (abbreviated to ART) is a word (prefix or suffix) that is used alongside a noun to indicate the type of reference being made by the noun. Articles specify grammatical definiteness of the noun, in some languages extending to volume or numerical scope. The articles in the English language are the and a/an, and (in certain contexts) some. "An" and "a" are modern forms of the Old English "an", which in Anglian dialects was the number "one" (compare "on", in Saxon dialects) and survived into Modern Scots as the number "owan". Both "on" (respelled "one" by the Normans) and "an" survived into Modern English, with "one" used as the number and "an" ("a", before nouns that begin with a consonant sound) as an indefinite article.
In many languages, articles are a special part of speech, which cannot easily be combined with other parts of speech. In English, articles are frequently considered a part of a broader speech category called determiners, which combines articles and demonstratives (such as "this" and "that").
In languages that employ articles, every common noun, with some exceptions, is expressed with a certain definiteness (e.g., definite or indefinite), just as many languages express every noun with a certain grammatical number (e.g., singular or plural). Every noun must be accompanied by the article, if any, corresponding to its definiteness, and the lack of an article (considered a zero article) itself specifies a certain definiteness. This is in contrast to other adjectives and determiners, which are typically optional. This obligatory nature of articles makes them among the most common words in many languages—in English, for example, the most frequent word is the.
Articles are usually characterized as either definite or indefinite. A few languages with well-developed systems of articles may distinguish additional subtypes. Within each type, languages may have various forms of each article, according to grammatical attributes such as gender, number, or case, or according to adjacent sounds.

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  1. AshWilliams

    Interesting article on climate change from PNAS

    Trajectories of the Earth System in the Anthropocene
  2. cigars

    Overrated Handguns article

    I believe they got the authors name incorrect. It should be Goober, not Hoober. Just saying. 6 Horribly Overrated Handguns - USA Carry
  3. L84Cabo

    Article: Should You Modify A Defensive Gun?

    Armed Citizens Defense Network put out a really good article on this topic with a heavy focus on reduced trigger weights. They are obviously going to take a very conservative stance here but it's well reasoned and they included a fair amount of input from industry experts. It's worth a read...
  4. Siglvr

    Interesting article on "patriot" radio gear and channel frequencies

    Militia and patriots, who knew. Anyway, thought it was an interesting article although it appears to be dated and uses a lot of triggering words. Remember that if you use Ham to transmit, you need a easily procured license. Finding a transmitter is easy and a fun game for ham operators, google...
  5. Joe Link

    Oregon  Gun parts bought online at center of Oregon romance novelist’s suspected spouse slaying

    Gun parts bought online at center of Oregon romance novelist’s suspected spouse slaying
  6. arakboss

    Oregon  Newport Times has published misinformation article on SB 978-5 by Central Coast Ceasefire.

    No reasonable person should oppose SB 978 I must be unreasonable? Edit: Fellow unreasonables, we are not getting a fair shake with most of the media, that is clearly the case here with Newport Times. The author maligned our March 23rd rally insinuating it was all paid for by Radian. The fact...
  7. PNWguy

    Self-defense fact vs fiction article

    Been in a few debates on various gun forums over the years with well-meaning fellow gun-owners regarding things such as adequate CCW capacity, caliber choice, defensive distances, etc. Came across an old article by Masaad Ayoob that addresses just about all of those subjects. It was a breath...
  8. 66PonyCar

    Oregon  Vancouver Gun Show kicks off at Clark County Event Center

    Couldn't believe the Oregonian is running an article (more like an advertisement) for the Vancouver Gun Show. Vancouver Gun Show kicks off at Clark County Event Center (photos)
  9. cowboykid8

    Time Article on High School shooting teams

    Nice of a larger publication to attempt an unbiased article on trap shooting. Hopefully if you have a High School aged kid you are aware of a clay target team in the area. High School Shooting Teams Are Getting Wildly Popular — And the NRA Is Helping
  10. L84Cabo

    Article: Anatomy of a Self Defense Shooting

    The following is a three part article, done in an interview format, from the Armed Citizen's Legal Defense Network. It details a self defense shooting whereby the defendant shot an unarmed man, and the subsequent trial that followed where he was tried for murder. He was ultimately acquitted...
  11. arakboss

    National  Billionaire Support For The 2A. This Article Addresses Why They Should.
  12. 66PonyCar

    Kiplinger Article on Gun Trusts

    I was mildly surprised to find an article in Kiplinger magazine regarding gun trusts. The article gives an overview on why a gun trust may be useful even if you don't own any NFA items. Own a Gun? Careful: You Might Need a Gun Trust
  13. L84Cabo

    Article: What You May Not Know About Your NRA

    This article was just published in "Firearms News.Com." It was written by Jeff Knox, who is the son of Neal Knox who was the Executive Director of the NRA ILA from 78-82. Neal Knox was subsequently ousted in a staff mutiny. So you'll have to decide for yourself if he (Jeff Knox) knows what he's...
  14. L84Cabo

    Article: Islamic Terrorist Hostage Sieges

    I recently stumbled across "Greg Ellifritz." He's a tactical trainer that runs a company called Active Response Training and he is also a prolific writer on a wide variety of self defense topics and tactics. There's a link to his website below and you can certainly read up on his bio with...
  15. Provincial

    National  Pro AR-15 Article in the Federalist

    A very straightforward article on the Federalist website. Mike Bloomberg will have a meltdown reading it. The Top 10 Reasons You Should Own An AR-15 Rifle My, but isn't the First Amendment grand! :D
  16. sigboi

    Nice article on how writing to your senator works Good read, especially if you are considering writing to your senator on issues we care about!
  17. S

    Article i found on national reciprocity.. remember that?

    National Concealed Handgun Carry Reciprocity - Last Chance to Act
  18. Angie

    Interesting article on gun confiscation

    I thought this was an interesting read this morning. "The Democrats will never confiscate your guns. Instead, you'll hand them over." I felt the author gave a very plausible scenario. Thoughts? Comments? The Democrats Will Never Confiscate Your Guns. Instead, You'll Hand them Over. -...
  19. L84Cabo

    NPR Article: The School Shootings That Weren't

    Gonna be pretty hard for liberals to argue with this source. The School Shootings That Weren't *bolding added by me*
  20. Levetti

    Other State  Illinois gun sanctuary counties

    Not sure if this was posted somewhere already? This gave me a little hope in the fight for 2a. If liberals can do it.... Gun ‘sanctuary’ counties in Illinois put Democrats on notice I applaud this type of forward thinking.
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