The Dan Wesson M1911 pistol is a series of model 1911 semi-automatic pistols.Dan Wesson M1911 pistols are made at the Dan Wesson Firearms manufacturing facility in Norwich, New York. They are marketed and distributed by CZ-USA.

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  1. M

    Dan Wesson -- Sign The Petition -- A Message To CZ

    After all these years of being around firearms, for the first time I got to fire a Dan Wesson revolver. These revolvers are a Holy Grail for me I even have a magazine cover laminated and preserved when the original 445 Supermag was advertised and first hit the market. Dan Wesson has a long...
  2. Elv8DM

    Great experience with Ping Pong Tactical

    Now, I don't usually take the time to write out company/product reviews but I think more people need to know about the awesome work of Ping Pong Tactical. A couple of years ago I reached out to every holster manufacturer I could think of with an idea for a custom holster and not a single one...
  3. Hueco

    Dan Wesson DWX - Thoughts?

    Helping my dad do research for a gun and came across this new one on the DW website: Curious if anyone knows anything more about it... Is it a design rip off the STI 2011 or something pretty new? What separates it from the CZ75 or Shadow? Are there...
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