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  1. Gotyoursix

    2000rds 9mm 115gr FMJ ($185 per 1000rds)18.5c/rd

    Title says it all. 2000rds 9mm 115gr FMJ ($185 per 1000rds). Bought too much a while back, my loss your gain. Buy all 2000rds for $350(17.5c/rd). 1000rds Winchester white box -$185(18.5c/rd) 1000 Remington green and white box-$185(18.5c/rd) Portland area only, local face to face. Cash...
  2. O

    Primary Arms scratch and blem sale

    I just picked up two 1-6 ACSS SFP scopes for 231.99 each. They have a lot of other good optics on sale too! https://www.primaryarms.com/AdName+Clearance/SaleName+Primary-Arms-Optics-Blems
  3. T

    WTS OR  2 Ohaus scales for sale

    Up for sale are 2 fine looking Ohaus scales. The 10-0-5 does not even look to be used. There are 2 small dents on the top back barley noticeable unless you look really close. Paint looks new items look new, the only other thing is there is writing on the inside of the box cover and the box...
  4. beangrinder

    Custom Knives For Sale, Open to Offers - shipping and PayPal fees included

    A good friend and neighbor who is a retired knife salesman gave me several very nice custom knives to sell all of which appear unused, having been stored in his collection for many years. The Mike McClure does have very small some dark spots on the blade. As always, you are welcome to inspect...
  5. trekkerpaul

    Woodworking and construction tools

    I am selling some of my wood working and construction tools. I have downsized and or upgraded my tool set up so no longer need these. Everything works very well. Dewalt and Rousseau tools have manuals that came with them. All tools have been well maintained. I will have some more tools I...
  6. Nicholi2789

    WTS/WTT OR  For sale: 140/147 gr ELDM!

    Good afternoon, I have some Hornady reloading bullets for sale. I have 573 147 gr eldm bullets. All five boxes still sealed except the sixth partial box. I've ran 2000 of these through my match rifle at 2755 fps and taken lots of top ten finishes with them. I've decided it's time to go to...
  7. JohnH

    Pistol Brass For Sale

    Pistol Brass For Sale Indoor range pick up brass, tumbled clean, inspected ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 380ACP - 925 Brass, 36 Nickel, 961 Pieces Total $40- ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 9MM-1K-Mixed...
  8. Floyd91

    Magpul CTR, MOE and MFT Stock lot for sale.

    Looking to sell everything together as a lot. Everything is in great condition and works flawlessly. Nothing has been modified. 5 Black Mil-Spec Magpul CTR Stocks. They all have the rubber buttpads, one has a Magpul Riser one has the extra Magpul buttpad. 1 Pink Mil-Spec Magpul CTR Stock with...
  9. C

    AR15 for Sale

    I've put about 200 rounds through it. Its very nice, simple. Zeroed to 100 yards. Iron sights no optics offered. 3 point quick release sling. Aerotec Precision upper and FMJ poly lower. Nice weight for a 17.5 in barrel. This is a sweet deal and I'm motivated. $1200 OBO Contact me ASAP. Thanks POYB
  10. Lazyfaire

    Bushnell Elite Tactical for sale

    I have a Bushnell Elite Tactical 1-6.5x24 Model # is ET1624SF. This is a SFP scope that has great glass. MSRP on this was $1,099. I’m only selling it because I bought a long range scope. FYI - original pricing Bushnell1-6.5x24 Elite Tactical CQB IR BTR-1 SFP Riflescope The mount is an Aero...
  11. L

    300BLK ammo on sale at PSA

    Just found 300 AAC Freedom Buckets (160 rounds of 120 grain) at Palmetto State Armory for 79.99 and free shipping. These usually sell out fast if you're interested.