A muzzle may be:
The snout, the projecting parts of the face (including the nose and mouth) of an animal
Muzzle (firearms), the mouth of a firearm
Muzzle (device), a device that covers an animal's snout
"Muzzle #1", a single by The Whip
Muzzle (band), a musical group based in Seattle, Washington, United States
Muzzle (song), a song on The Smashing Pumpkins album Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness
Muzzle, a character in Road Rovers

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  1. D

    slanted crown on Winchester 94

    I am finally getting around to troubleshooting the poor accuracy of this rifle and I think I found the problem. It looks like the crown on my model 94 is not square with the barrel. Check out the attached pics. I made jig and inserted it into the bore of the rifle and measured the gap. It...
  2. L

    Introducing new people to muzzle loaders

    Everyone , I was at the range Saturday testing balls, patches, lubes for the Barlow trail rendezvous. When I pulled up there was a father with his three children just setting up. They had a 10/22 with a thumb hole- laminated stock & a red dot sight, some sort of S&W striker fired pistol...
  3. L84Cabo

    PSA: Darkstar Muzzle Pad For AIWB Holsters

    I'm not affiliated in any way, I just thought this might be useful to some who appendix carry...particularly if your holster didn't come with a wedge or you're looking to replace an exiting open cell foam wedge with a closed cell wedge (that doesn't absorb sweat/water). The benefits of a wedge...
  4. Baseacegoku

    Build Thread  Tikka T3lite muzzle brake Recommendations.

    So I have a Tikka chambered in 300winmag that I had @Velzey Cerakote and thread. He did a fantastic job the gun looks great and the threading is nice. However, being that I am an idiot I didnt bring along my SiCo ASR muzzlebrake that I was planning to put on the gun when I dropped it off and...
  5. The Heretic

    Muzzle break v. muzzle brake

    Muzzle break: Muzzle brake: Spelling counts. Just saying.
  6. B

    Rapid copper build up under muzzle brake on tip of muzzle

    Colt 20" AR15. Brand new had 1-2mm of sewer barrel copper on the tip of my muzzle under the brake, removed that, oiled it up real well and it still came back after the next outing. Ugh. After about 50 qtips I give up and remove the brake to chisel off the copper chunks, it was literally prongs...
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