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  1. Soren

    The .380acp Pic Thread

    • Bersa Thunder .380 • Browning BDA • Beretta 85BB • Walther PPK/S
  2. Tarawa86

    In honor of Memorial day - Post some pics from when you served

    Because we were (Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, Coast Guardsmen) once, and young. I seem to act like a dumbazz in every picture I have. Here's me being a helpful part of the crew served weapon team by pointing out a water buffalo or something
  3. PNWguy

    Pics of a gun shop in the 90's...

    Taking a break from cleaning the gun room (got sidetracked loading up some more rounds, anyway) and thought I'd post some pics of my dad's gun shop he used to own. He owned Husky Sport Shop in Moscow, ID from the late `70's until it was sold and bulldozed to make way for an Auto Zone in 2012...
  4. akimbog18

    3.5 lb on the way home!!

    The water temp was 42 degrees, black n blue jig..
  5. GOG

    Need help uploading pics please

    My PC died a while back, so I'm using a Samsung TAB A tablet. I can't get pics to upload to NWFA. Would someone take pity on me please? Thanks.
  6. Norwestr55

    Tis' The Season (buncha pics)

    For smoking! Haven't been on here much lately, just smokin' and eatin'! :D Having lung issues I kind of got out of it the last few years as I didn't really want to be stuffing my face into a smokey box ( Smoker box BTW you animals! :D ) every hr or so. November I started thinking that maybe...
  7. Joe13

    Page resizing but not pics

    iPhone 5s Safari When I have always zoomed in on pics they would expand and all was good. Now when I zoom in, the page and words get bigger but the pics stay the same size (and look tiny against the large letters lol). If I tap on the pic it opens a page with just that pic still and I can...
  8. T

    How do I post pics,

    Trying to post from my phone and it keeps telling me pics are too big.
  9. GOG

    Any love for the .30 Carbine as a pistol round? Got pics to prove it?

    Somewhere back in primordial days I fell in love with a .30 Carbine Super Blackhawk I had for a while. It's a fun round, not outrageously expensive and it provides lots of flash and noise. It's also a soft shooter which is fun for new shooters. I've had three pistols in the caliber, (a couple...
  10. T

    How can I Get These sold Without Pics

    I’ve got too many and no heirs that have interest in guns. I haven’t posted pics as we all know they are needed in ads, lest someone posts; this ad is Worthless without pics. Most of these guns are as they came from the factory. There are tons of pics from the manufacturing Companies. What to...

    Lets see your 300 Blackout pistols. Pics please

    Love seeing peoples builds. I build all my own rifles down to the last spring and I think a rifle build is a direct reflection of someones personality. lets see yours! Bronze: Bushmaster lower Anderson upper with deleted dust cover hinge Ballistic 10.5 advantage barrel Phase 5 fatboy brake...
  12. DirectDrive

    Old Pics

    Here's a pic of my father (on right) and my Uncle. I've never seen it. Probably taken in 1944. The ol' man was a left waist gunner on a B17 and he was home on leave. He was stationed at an airbase in Panama guarding the canal when they got their orders to ship out to the European Theater. A few...
  13. The Heretic

    Post pics online? Something to be aware of...

    US spy lab hopes to geotag every outdoor photo on social media IARPA (Home) has an app that can locate where the pic was taken by terrain, sky and other features visible in the app. Yes, many devices include GPS data in a photo, but some people turn that off or remove the data (I almost always...
  14. Wayne

    Lacey Township High School Students Suspended for Off-Campus Gun Pics

    The pictures were of them at a private gun range. When will it end.:confused: NJ's Lacey Township High School Students Suspended for Off-Campus Gun Pics - The Truth About Guns
  15. Nosferatu

    Streamlight TLR-7 on Glock 30s pics

    For those interested in what the new TLR-7 looks like on a G30:
  16. 2DaMtns

    Just some pics from this past year fishing

    I'm new to the area but am lucky enough to live on a river with a few cutthroats in it, and happened upon on a real nice little creek that is beautiful and full of little, wild, beautiful trout. I was going through some of these pictures tonight and thought I would share. Hope you all enjoy...
  17. etrain16

    National  News and information on the Vegas Shooting

    I realize the other thread got shut down, so I hope folks keep it on target here since there is still plenty of news to discuss and we still need a place to talk about this. So please, keep it on topic so the mods don't shut this thread down too. I just heard on the news that they...
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