1. nwo

    Street Vibrations Spring vs. Fall rally.

    Does anyone attend the Street Vibrations rallies? I've been to the Fall one numerous times, but never the Spring one. Is the Spring rally worth going to? I know the Reno part sucks anymore, but does Virginia City and Carson City rock like at the Fall rally?
  2. sagia308

    Ar-10 Bear Creek Upper file down the old firing pin stop trick to get it to fire steel case with JP Enterprise reduced trigger spring

    Found I installed the JP Enterprise spring upside down that's why I was having white strikes wonderful LOL now I did file down to firing pin stop to get it to protrude farther in the face of the bolt and appears that striking pretty hard now more testing to do
  3. sagia308

    AR T-91 with savage lower at 498 yards hit plate 68gr/75 gr match short stroking still

    well i didnt know i need to cut another coil or 2 thats a rifle spring on a savage lower that was built on 8k
  4. sagia308

    Ar-10 psa lower Rifle spring cut to 28 coils test for carbine buffer tube 20 inch barrel extraction

    seems ok now was about the same as the carbine srimg that i streech out this one hss a thicker coils on the rifle spring verses carbine spring psa that was thinner
  5. sagia308

    PSA ar-10 carbine lower spring *stre~tch out Test* to work with rifle lengh gas port

    you can see the diffrences in the psa upper verses Areo ar-10 also this lower going on a bear creek 20 inch barrel upper btw
  6. Brian R

    Replacement Part: Spring for Hornady Handprimer

    Does anyone know where to buy an original. I have contacted hornady but will also just try to see if I can get a replacement spring at ace tommorrow
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