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  1. B

    Trouble Creating a Very Small Gun Spring

    Ok I am stuck. I need some help from someone who has experience making gun springs. But not just gun springs, very SMALL / THIN springs. To get it out of the way up front. I have successfully made obsolete gun springs before. This is a very old gun (Hood International No. 3, .32rf). No...
  2. PiratePast40

    Remove spring and buffer from AR-22?

    Is there a way to eliminate the spring and buffer from an AR platform 22? It's unnecessary weigh and really serves no purpose except to keep the CMMG style BCG assembly in place. I was thinking that you could remove the buffer tube detent and spring and then back the buffer tube off a few...
  3. R

    1911 9mm recoil spring weight

    just purchased a 1911 9mm this week I was expecting a mild shooting pistol since it's a Govenment model with 147 gn Lawman ammo, it kicked worse than my .45 check the OEM website and they recommend 115 gn for the 12 lbs factory recoil spring tried this and found a very comfortable, low recoil...
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