Luger may mean:
Luger pistol, a semi-automatic handgun
Georg Luger (1849–1923), Austrian inventor of the pistol
Arnold Luger, Italian luger who competed during the 1980s
Dan Luger (born 1975), English rugby union player
Karolin Luger, Austrian-American biochemist and biophysicist
Lex Luger (born 1958), ring name of American professional wrestler and former football player Lawrence Pfohl
Lex Luger (record producer) (born 1991), professional name of American hip hop record producer Lexus Arnel Lewis
A participant in the sport of luge
Operation Luger, a joint military operation between the Canadian Forces and Afghan National Army in July 2007
Luger (film), a 1982 Dutch film written and directed by Theo van Gogh

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