A sheriff is a government official, with varying duties, existing in some countries with historical ties to England, where the office originated. There is an analogous although independently developed office in Iceland that is commonly translated to English as sheriff, and this is discussed below.

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  1. ATCclears

    Woodinville, WA - 2 King County Sheriff deputies shot, suspect dead

  2. CountryGent

    CHL Holders Deputized After SHTF?

    A few years back our Sheriff floated that idea that in the wake of a major, declared disaster, that CHL holders be automatically deputized. His reasoning was they are already known not to have a criminal record, had to pass a gun safety class, and they're armed. I remember the sniveling crowd...
  3. CountryGent

    Milepost 97 Fire by Canyonville

    Saw this, and by this I mean the actual fire, on the way in today. Looks like an evac notice for some folks. Article posted about an hour ago from the News-Review. Anyone in the area, stay safe. Canyonville fire spreads, sheriff issues evacuation notice for some residents
  4. awshoot

    Other State  Woman shoots husband while trying to shoot someone else in road rage incident, sheriff says

    Woman shoots husband while trying to shoot someone else in road rage incident, sheriff says She needed two things: 1) more range time, 2) anger management. Either of those would have been good for her husband, although #2 alone would have been enough so that she'd be enjoying a Sunday evening...
  5. bentoncity

    National  Say what?

    Just when you think you've seen/read it all, along comes a letter like this one below. This letter showed up today in the Letters to the Editor. Not surprising since the paper is anti-2A. I'll leave the writers name out. I submitted a rebuttal but IF it gets printed, I'd be amazed. On a side...
  6. bentoncity

    Washington  Benton County, Wa.

    (Opposition to Washington State Initiative 1639 – Commissioner Small On March 12, 2019, a group of constituents came before the Commissioners to discuss their opposition to and urge the Commissioners to consider passing a resolution showing their support in opposing Initiative 1639. In response...
  7. B

    Washington  Law Enforcement Pushing Back on New Gun Laws

    Some good news...let's hope there's a good bit more to follow... https://www.yahoo.com/news/sheriffs-resisting-washington-apos-gun-110004370.html Hearings today (1/29/19), super easy option to take action: NRA-ILA | Washington: House Committee to Hear Ammunition Ban & Other Anti-Gun Bills...
  8. RicInOR

    Other State  New Mexico - Seeing a Pattern - Sheriff not enforcing Gun Laws either

    A pattern is emerging. Legislatures pass stupid laws. Sheriffs choosing not to enforce said stupid laws. Popular Defiance Will Kneecap Gun Laws in New Mexico, As It Has in Other States "The state's governor is publicly feuding with county-level officials who, responding to grassroots anger...
  9. D

    Your CPL Renewal And Your Sheriff

    My Washington CPL recently expired and I do not plan to renew it. Asking for permission to exercise my rights from an anti constitution sheriff seems to me to be inviting future tyranny and weakening of our rights. I am a proponent of nonviolent solutions and carry a gun only for self defense as...
  10. IOM

    Washington  AG goes after Klickitat Co. sheriff over I-1639, but not Durkan, Constantin

    Dori: AG goes after Klickitat Co. sheriff over I-1639, but not Durkan, Constantine Dori: AG goes after Klickitat Co. sheriff over I-1639, but not Durkan, Constantine
  11. rdb241

    Washington  The train is gaining momentum, add Spokane County to not enforce I-1639

    Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich: "1639 is unconstitutional at the State and Federal level"
  12. Joe Link

    Washington  Klickitat County Sheriff: Ignoring 1639 doesn’t set bad precedent

    Klickitat County Sheriff: Ignoring 1639 doesn't set bad precedent
  13. rdb241

    Klickitat County Sheriff will not enforce I-1639

    Straight from KIRO channel 7. Klickitat County sheriff won't enforce new gun laws
  14. bentoncity

    Washington  Sheriff & county refuse to uphold 1639

    Franklin County Sheriff Jim Raymond sent a notice to all deputies telling them to take no law enforcement action on violations pertaining to I-1639. The county commissioners voted to support him. His position is, “There’s a better avenue which is to document it and forward it (to the...
  15. Cerberus Group

    Washington  This is my Sheriff

    Anyone coming to my training facility, need not worry! This is the Sheriff of my county.
  16. Chee-to

    Other State  Stanislaus sheriff slams California sanctuary policies !

    Stanislaus sheriff slams California sanctuary policies after arrest in officer’s slaying A day laborer with gang affiliations and past arrests for drunken driving, who was in the country illegally, was captured outside Bakersfield in the high-profile killing of a Stanislaus County police...
  17. No_Regerts

    Lewis County Sheriff Joins Republic Chief

    Another head of an LE agency is saying they won’t actively enforce I-1639. Bravo Sheriff Snaza! Hope your brother follows suit! Lewis County Sheriff's Office won't actively enforce I-1639 — for now
  18. sigmadog

    Sheriff Judd: Don't do this - you might get shot

    Good advice! We need more armed citizens, and more Sheriff Judd's
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