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Trust (social sciences), reliance and entity
Misplaced loyalty

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  1. never_i_wolf

    Appreciation post

    Morning, fellas It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but I just wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation for this forum and the standup members that belong to it. Since joining this forum I’ve met some really cool men, and am forming the relationships that are worthwhile and mutually...
  2. ScottInPDX

    Northwest  Looking for the easiest way to handle SBR build for a friend

    I'm looking for suggestions for the easiest way to legally handle transfers and possession while I help a friend with his AR15 SBR build. Our situation: I'm an Oregon resident Friend is a Washington resident We have established a gun trust that is valid in both states to share NFA items. I am...
  3. Dyjital

    Personal Assets & Trusts (Non Firearm & NFA)

    Wife and I are discussing (well she finally brought it back around) and we are wanting to roll all of our non firearm & NFA items into a trust. This came about because she wanted to draw up a will, advanced directive etc. My thought is to bypass the will and go straight into a trust so we have...
  4. DB is Here

    National  Americans Don’t Trust Feds on Gun Control But Less Wary of Federal Gun Licenses

    Americans Don’t Trust Feds on Gun Control But Less Wary of Federal Gun Licenses - Rasmussen Reports®
  5. M

    Washington  WA Transfer to Trust

    Is there an official legal consensus on transferring/adding a firearm to a trust? Will gun shops do a 594 transfer to a trust? Is transfer documentation provided as a receipt? I’m planning to do a Form 1 on a pistol I already own, newly created a trust. Thanks
  6. fbcajas0416

    Originals of Trust paperwork

    So long story short i dont have my originals any longer. I do have a ton of copies of the entire packet. What steps do i take now? Do i need to get a new physical stamp? Am i going to have fees or fined for anything? Not sure what other questions to ask so feel free to let me know anything i may...
  7. CountryGent

    Land Trust?

    I am curious if anyone has setup a land trust for their real estate holdings. As I understand it, it has some very good benefits, not the least of which avoiding probate and limited legal opacity. From what I can tell, however, the tax benefits are often overstated. I'm not seeing any...
  8. Defense Minister

    How do your Spouse and Heirs Deal with NFA Items without a Trust

    I've considered getting a suppressor, but I don't plan on using a Trust since my family is not the least bit interested in my hobby. That said, what are their options for dealing with an NFA item should I meet an untimely demise? Thank you!
  9. S

    Measure 43 and Gun Trusts

    If Measure 43 passes, what would that mean for firearms that are in a Trust? You can't background check a Trust... Thanks, -N
  10. 11Charlie

    Gun and NFA Trust / Sporting Systems Vancouver

    I thought I would let everyone know how impressed I am with the gun trust that Sporting Systems in Vancouver has. If any of you don't have a trust set up I highly suggest that you take the time to check them out. The Trust is $200 dollars and you go home with everything that you need...
  11. etrain16

    Your Favorite Suppressors - by Type

    I know there are plenty of discussions on this, but I want to try and consolidate some information in one thread for my own purposes. I am planning to buy my first and possibly second, suppressor(s) in 2018 - starting likely in March. In the meantime, I'm working to decide which first and which...
  12. etrain16

    Yes, Another NFA Trust Thread

    First, let me state, I've been doing some research on this topic - here on NWFA and elsewhere online. And while there is an abundance of information out there, much of it is either incomplete, outdated or simply speculation by people that don't really know. So, I'd like to ask the question...
  13. JeremyK

    Moving out of state, what to do with my NFA trust

    Ok so I'm make my the big move out of the Portland area and into Vancouver (signed the papers just this morning) and I'd like a little guidance from anyone that can help. I've already sent of my Form 20 to the ATF a few weeks ago, but apparently I need to also update the address on the trust...
  14. bolus

    Would you trust this range?

    Swiss range with targets on the other side of the highway. Would you trust it?
  15. CountryGent

    Making a list and checking it twice ...

    So, I'm putting together my first post-41F Form 4 on a Trust paperwork. There are only two trustees (me and the Mrs). I figured I'd bounce it off the forum to confirm we're getting all the ducks in a row. To the ATF Form 4 (2 copies) Copy of Trust (1 copy) Responsible Persons form for me...
  16. jac1304

    Cleo sign off form 4 is it faster than Trust?

    Wondering if submitting one vs other can get your tax stamp returned any faster? Individual vs Trust.
  17. O

    New NFA Trust Rules go into affect June 28th 2016

    Article on decent site talking about the changes in NFA Trust rules going into effect on June 28th:
  18. Highsite

    NFA trust changes

    I just purchased a basic (gundocx) trust online (with the intent to upgrade later). I haven't got it notaried yet. When I was filling out the form I thought that there would be a bit more details after paying and putting in my basic info (date, address, name etc.). One thing they didn't ask was...
  19. Vaultman

    Attorney prepared trust...

    I have decided to go the route of an attorney prepared trust for my future NFA Weapons. I have been told that the reason for a firearms trust is to set it up to be revocable. Those of you that have used an attorney to set up a revocable firearms trust, is it something that you can amend...
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