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  1. AMT

    Any Carl Gustafs Stad knowledgable people that can help?

    A friend of mine received this from his father-in-law and knows nothing about it. He asked for my help and I know absolutely nothing about it. His FIL claims he got it "in the war". (this being said, my friend and his wife think that he is exhibiting signs of dementia). I have been searching...
  2. J

    Help me pick a new gun.

    So I got some extra cash just burning a hole in my pocket. I just can’t decide what gun to spend it on. So I’m hoping maybe some of you guys can help me find something on atleast narrow my search down. I’ll list a criteria below. -semi auto -has a hammer - da/sa -45acp or 9mm. Would really...
  3. Normanator

    Bernardelli P-One holster help needed

    The other day I managed to find a P-One Bernardelli with factory case and 3 mags for a good price, and since I've been wanting one for quite a while, I picked it up. Now I need to find a holster for the thing. Trigger guard shape prevents a 1911 holster from working, and the slide height is too...
  4. E

    Form 1 submitting step by step help.

    My google foo is weak on this. I know I have seen one some where. I am looking for a updated version as I am going to submit a few of them. I have form 4 suppressors but new to form 1. would I use the trust that the other suppressors are registered in? many direction helps. Thanks Jake.
  5. Caveman Jim

    Need help finding the value of German C96

    This is out of my league but I am wanting to find the value of a German C96 chambered in 7.63x25. It appears to be in rough condition and only one pic, so there’s that.;) Any help is extremely appreciated.
  6. Cogs

    Help with cover graffiti at Arrowhead pit, Yacolt Burn in WA

    12 Noon on Sunday, April 11th, a few of us are meeting at the Arrowhead pit, in the Yacolt Burn State Forest just East of Brush Prairie, to spray paint cover all that ugly graffiti on the rocks that line the road in front of the shooting pit. It should take a couple of hours and we can get on...
  7. T

    Please help me ship some primers...

    Soooo seeing how crazy the price of primers are and having a bit of a personal surplus, I threw a brick on gunbroker at no reserve and let the free market do its thing. I now realize that shipping these things is damn near impossible. My question is, does anybody know of business or hazmat...
  8. MrCaprioni

    Hellcat OSP help. Hoping I can find answers.

    I am wondering if anyone knows where to get a replacement top plate for an OSP hellcat. I am in need of one and hoping someone can help me
  9. Gambeeno

    Need Help with Ak build build kit.

    So I am adventuring out on my first AK build. I could use some help, not quite sure what all I need for tools. I am a heavy equipment mechanic so I have a good variety to choose from. If someone is willing to help me headspace it and kinda walk me through it. I will make a donation to Northwest...
  10. Mad Pick

    Washington  EAOTD #19: Open carry ban back in the Senate, help needed!

    Please post in this thread after you call and/or email! Let's get some momentum! From the Washington Civil Rights Association: ALL HANDS-CALL/EMAIL ANDY BILLIG TODAY DEMAND HOLD, NO CONCURRENCE VOTE ESSB 5038 BANNING OPEN CARRY DURING PROTESTS AND ON THE CAPITOL GROUNDS IS BACK IN THE...
  11. J

    Need help! .308 "Raufus" ? I call BS..

    Hey guys, I picked up a small lot of these pre bagged and labeled ".308 Raufus H.E. Incendiary" cartridges, and immediately bought the entire small lot but also call total bullbubblegum. I dont have a functioning .308 at the moment or I would have tried one- but can someone give me some background...
  12. C

    Answered  Direct Message help please~~~

    Previously, when forums and boards were in the NEWS and getting SHUT DOWN... I shut down-closed my message thing of a mig. I was concerned that this forum would get shut down by WHOEVER out there and I might not be able to go in and clean out my few messages. So I closed it. Now, I want to be...
  13. M

    Help identifying .308 ammo

    A family member gave me a box of .308 ammo about 1/4 full. I’m guessing about 400 rounds. I’d like to use it, but I’m wondering if there is any way to tell if it’s corrosive or not? It’s just loose packed in the box. Thanks for any help identifying this ammo.
  14. BigDog67

    Other State  Some Legislators are trying to help

    Just saw this on Yahoo a moment ago. S. Carolina senator suggests everyone be made militia member (
  15. Triton900

    Help with pricing (AR 15)

    Hopefully ok to post here...if not, please remove. I'm looking at selling one of my ARs but no idea on how to price it these days. 16" Aero Precision barrel VG6 Epsilon compensator Aero Lower and upper Older style Aero handguard Odin works BCG MFT stock The trigger I'm unsure on but it's...
  16. Mad Pick

    Cascade member? WE NEED YOUR HELP!

    Are you a Cascade Shooting Facilities member? Or do you know someone who is? We need your help, so please send the link to this thread to members that you know! Short and sweet version: Please return your Cascade board ballots IMMEDIATELY when you receive them, and we ask for your support for...
  17. R

    Help Indentify Ammo

    Can anyone me help further identify this ammo?
  18. former173rd

    Help with ID this Shotgun please..

    Greetings....I picked this up this weekend and have no idea what it is (other than a shotgun). Never heard of the brand, but sure is reminiscent of a Browning. Looks to be pretty old, and I did cycle a few shells through it without any issues. Any help with this is appreciated.
  19. G

    Help Understanding smokeless powder for us newbies

    I finally got the chance to dive into my 2021 annual Hodgden manual. Inside I found a breif description of each powder available from Hodgden. As someone who is new to reloading this is important info as we maneuver the world of Smokeless powder and what works for what (the more I explore the...
  20. Gunbuggy

    Suppressor alignment rod readings. Need a little help??

    Using a surefire / geissele rod I checked the alignment on a couple of rifles with cans. Pictured are the results I got. first pic is a Daniel Defense mk18 sbr. Didn’t expect much issues there, and alignment rod shows totally centered. however the following two are a 10.3” SBR, DSA MK18 mod 0...
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