1. abartpear

    Help identifying Unknown Pistol Magazines

    Was given these (4) unknown pistol magazines. Owner did not know where or when he got them. They don’t wo with anything I have. There is not a mark anywhere on them. If you know or think you know please comment. thanks, Allan
  2. Bradn

    Walther PPK .32 Help Needed :)

    Greetings all. I have had this 1971 Walther stainless .32 PPK, (I think), for a while, but have really struggled to determine its value. I am not sure I have actually found this exact same model in my many searches, but I could have just typed in the wrong search words. :) I have been told as...
  3. Spec.-K

    Help my buddy find his first CCW😊

    By buddy @Tweezy is new to guns is looking for his first CCW in 9mm. Let's give him a warm and well-informed welcome and help him find his best option. I've heard nothing but good things about the 43X, but I don't have one myself. Is the red dot worth the juice...?🤔 I have an old G33 I love...
  4. Joe13

    Changing careers - moving from field work to desk work - know someone? Help a fella out =)

    Well…. Never in my 28+ years as a field tech, repair/installation tech and mostly a troubleshooting tech did I think I would want to give up the tools and find myself a project (or whatnot) manager job and be the guy coordinating things. At least that is the thing that makes the most sense...
  5. Reno

    Help me find a 22lr side saddle!

    I’m looking to get a side saddle that can hold at least 10 rounds for my sons single shot. My Google-fu isn’t what it used to be or this sort of thing isn’t made. Only thing I’ve found was 3d printed stuff. Any other ideas on how to go about securing 10 rounds to the side of a stock are...
  6. BlindedByScience

    Help..!! Need two fingerprint cards / ink pad...

    Gentlemen, I'm in trouble and it's no bodies fault but mine. Got my two FP cards from CCSO. Got my two amnesty Form 1's done....ready to mail the FP cards...WHAT..??..!! I need TWO for EACH Form 1...??..!! Oh boy.....Like I said, this is nobodies fault but mine for not reading CAREFULLY...
  7. C

    Help identifying unknown item

    I'm helping the family of a friend that passed dispose of his gun stuff, and this was mounted to his gun bench. Anyone have an idea what it might be? Thanks.
  8. PhillipeC

    Help with AR BCG getting stuck

    So I just built a lower and when going to cycle and make sure everything works, it cycles fine, I can dry fire but then when I charge the bolt again with trigger pressed, when I release for bolt to go into battery and trigger reset, it returns “slowly” as it’s getting stuck somewhere and...
  9. Hardcore_rucke

    Need help with 9mm ar upper assembly

    Like the title says, I need some help assembling my 9mm carbine upper. I have all the parts, except a few small parts. I have some ammo and parts to trade, or I can bring you a six pack or something. I need FSB installed on barrel and the barrel installed to the upper. Thanks!
  10. DangerDog

    Help choosing new BCG: POLL

    I'm gonna regret posting this, but I want a new BCG for my M&P15. I don't care about other BCG options that are out there or opinions. I'm down to the four choices that are in the poll. Poll ends in 7 days, so please help me out in choosing. Thanks A LOT.
  11. DLS

    National  I'm from the government and I'm here to help ... ATF zero tolerance and FFLs

  12. aljames

    Grip identification help please!

    Going through some boxes of gun stuffs that I no longer need in prep of some ebay listings. I can't remember what gun I got these grips with or the brand of grip. Overall they seem like nice quality, 2 piece with nice figure. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
  13. aljames

    Wood Forend Identification help please!

    Going through some boxes of gun parts that I need to list on Ebay since I have no use for any of them. Came across this forend and I can't remember what it goes to. I went through a few pages of google image search results before giving up. Thanks in advance for any ideas!
  14. FATAL125

    Help with private sale price of recurve bow

    So I inherited this bow from my FIL. I shot it with him once in the backyard, but admittedly know nothing about it or bows in general. Unfortunately, I dont see myself ever doing anything with it. I try to keep a pretty minimal lifestyle... I use what I have and don't see a point in keeping...
  15. O

    I need help with my Mini 14

    I was swapping the stock on my pre 2007 mini 14 and at one point I dropped a screw. When searching for the screw, I came across this small piece of metal which couldn't have come from another source, at least not with carbon buildup. If someone could identify this piece and point me in the right...
  16. F

    Palmetto State AK47 104 help

    Does anyone have or know how to remove the Pictanny mount on a Palmetto State AK47 104 ? the Picitanny folding brace/stock part. I see a pin there to knock out and I did, but it doesn't pull out of the receiver. So what am I missing here ?
  17. S

    Please help identifying

    Could I get your assistance in identifying this shotgun. This is the only photos I have available at this time.
  18. Haymaker2021

    I want to reload, can you help?

    I like to reload What do I need and should consider. Today need vs tomorrows. I like to know i can get components readily. What is a proven system? I not going in to manufacturing so i dont need a high volume. But i also dont want to do one a a time and have to change things to often. What have...
  19. NobullSKS

    Help… what is going on? Not full battery…AR10

    At range….it was cold but not that cold…I’ve fired couple hundred rounds through this rifle and over 100 hand loaded. Had issues with these new loads (every other round) not going into full battery and if I had forward assist…. Not enough strength. Had to mortar un fired loads out. Within spec...
  20. abartpear

    HELP: Unknown Muzzle Break with threads at both ends

    Found this at an estate sale over the weekend. The seller did not know what it was. It looks to never have been used. It has both male and female threads and about 9mm is with. If you Dave any ideas what this could be for please share. ‘Thank you,
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