1. U

    Pre 64 model 70 optic help

    I have a standard profile barreled pre 64 model 70 that I am struggling a bit with. I acquired this rifle in the hopes of making it my second hunting rifle. I put some skinner sights on it, and have just been using it as an ironed sight rig. Before I get frustrated and sell it, I wanted to check...
  2. rdb241

    Bellevue Police asking for some help
  3. tlfreek

    Stolen Vehicles - CCSO is asking for help

    I sliced this off of Next-door as my wife and I were talking about it this morning. I am a bit taken back by the highlighted section below. Keep in mind I completely understand about leaving a car running unattended (I actually think it might be illegal) , but if I read this right I could...
  4. Cogs

    Small cleanup 1-22-22, Help needed, Yacolt Burn State Forest in SW WA.

    I could use a hand or four. I want to remove this dumped canopy, clean up some shooting trash at the end of that road, and clean up some trash at a gravel pit on the main 1600 road. I'll need a flatbed trailer for hauling the canopy, as it won't fit in the back of my pickup, but I do have a...
  5. G

    Need help loading a Nosler projectile

    Can someone with a Nosler book pass .308 and 3006 load data onto me from there Nosler manual for there 30 cal. 168g boat tail match #28473? I have the one book one caliber for both calibers but the Nosler section is scarce on info. Really like how Hornady and others specify model number in...
  6. T

    This is a total throwaway account, can someone help me please?

    I'm trying like hell to recover my account data. I cant get logged in, and nobody from the site is responding. My username is Ironbar. Been a member here for years. Thanks!
  7. BlackdogGS

    Help me list my rifle

    I don’t sell many guns so I’m kind of lost. Rifle list for $785 but I seen it on gun broker for $600. Comes with 2 extra mags ($45), cleaning kit and 700 rounds of ammo. Has a US made Redfield scope on it that I might remove. Rifle is in new condition. Do you just add up the new cost and...
  8. T

    Pls help me find some peaceful spots to go shooting outdoors around Portland-metro?

    I know this isn't an easy ask. Not only are spots probably very limited, but I would be hesitant to give out the secrets as well. My wife and I are the type where we pick up every shell. We wont be shooting TV's or toilets. Please pm me. Thank you in advance for any info.
  9. L


    So my 104 is firing a round, ejecting said round, bring next round into chamber but when I go to fire new round the trigger is dead. Without mag I rack the action squeeze trigger then rack again and trigger resets. My thought is maybe the rifle is under gassed and the bolt carrier isn’t going...
  10. 7

    Help a suppressor newb!

    Ok guys and gals, I'm looking to purchase a suppressor or two. These will be my first experience with suppressors. I'm leaning towards the SilencerCo sparrow 22 for my ruger with the pac-lite barrel as well as my 17HMR bolt gun. The other I'm about to pull the trigger on is the Sandman S for...
  11. T

    Please help me not get scammed

    Hello, I am new here and looking to sell a pistol. However, I am scared I will get scammed if I ship it out. Does anyone have any recommendations on avoiding scammers? Thanks, Eric
  12. Illuminaughty

    Need help with gas tube install

    I have a 99% complete AR build, but can’t seem to move past a single item roadblock… installing the gas tube into the gas block. The issue is getting a roll pin to drive through the small hole at the top of the block. I’ve tried crimping or sanding the end of the roll pin to help get it started...
  13. Diamondback

    Gun shop theft; owners need help

    This has been a December from Hell for Dave & Michele Nielsen at South Ridge Arms in Edgewood. First they lose their home to a fire, though thankfully everyone, the animals and even the Christmas presents got out okay, and then if that wasn't enough some @$$holes in stolen truck smash their...
  14. Hueco

    AR15 Cycling Issues

    I was finally able to get my second AR build out to the range and...2 things kind of wonky. I had to mix and match some parts, so, here were the starting builds (only pertinent parts listed) Build 1: DMR 20" barrel with rifle length gas JP Captured buffer spring JP BCG Build 2: Mid Length...
  15. dmacman

    AR upper indentification help

    I was hoping someone could help me identify this upper I have before I spend any time or money into a build. It is obviously used but does not look abused. Any help would be appreciated.
  16. _Mule

    Help understanding this Serial on Rem 700?

    I've researched the data, but confused on the date. Can anyone tell me anything about it? E6229078
  17. I

    Kydex Holster Making Help

  18. Operator12

    Help identifying a hand primer

    Got a bunch of old school reloading tools passed down to me and was wondering if anyone knew who made this hand primer. Thanks in advance!
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