A judge presides over court proceedings, either alone or as a part of a panel of judges. The powers, functions, method of appointment, discipline, and training of judges vary widely across different jurisdictions. The judge is supposed to conduct the trial impartially and in an open court. The judge hears all the witnesses and any other evidence presented by the parties of the case, assesses the credibility and arguments of the parties, and then issues a ruling on the matter at hand based on his or her interpretation of the law and his or her own personal judgment. In some jurisdictions, the judge's powers may be shared with a jury. In inquisitorial systems of criminal investigation, a judge might also be an examining magistrate.

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  1. Paolung

    Federal Judge in Texas blocks ATF brace rule... for now.

    https://www.foxnews.com/politics/federal-judge-texas-blocks-biden-atf-pistol-brace-rule-day-deadline-register-weapons "Tipton's injunction applies to individuals employed directly by the State of Texas or its agencies and all members of Gun Owners of America." (emphasis mine)
  2. E

    National  US Prohibition Against 18-to-20-Year-Olds Buying Handguns Tossed

    https://news.bloomberglaw.com/us-law-week/us-prohibition-against-18-to-20-year-olds-buying-handguns-tossed https://storage.courtlistener.com/recap/gov.uscourts.vaed.524643/gov.uscourts.vaed.524643.47.0.pdf...
  3. Hawaiian

    Other State  Federal judge applies Bruen and strikes down age restriction on concealed carry.

  4. Cavedweller

    Oregon  Rosenblum attacks 2A sanctuaries

    State Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum has filed suit against 3 counties declaring themselves 2A sanctuaries. She scored a victory today when a state appeals court struck down Columbia County's 2A sanctuary measure. "Local governments in Oregon can't declare themselves Second Amendment...
  5. B

    Other State  Illinois Federal Judge

    Federal judge in Illinois’ gun ban case orders state to show 'each and every item banned. Said the Assault Weapon ban is to vague. This should take the State awhile.
  6. Jay Walk

    Illinois Judge BLOCKS Assault Weapon Ban

    SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) — A judge issued a temporary restraining order Friday blocking the new Illinois law banning assault-style weapons and high-capacity magazines. Republican candidate for attorney general Tom DeVore sued to block the law. DeVore said he's representing hundreds of people from...
  7. solv3nt

    Oregon  Oregon AG Petitions Oregon Supreme Court to Overturn Judge Raschio

    Honestly, that took longer than I would have expected. https://www.oregonlive.com/crime/2023/01/state-petitions-or-supreme-court-to-overturn-harney-county-judges-orders-blocking-gun-control-measure-114.html
  8. peteNW503

    Oregon  Measure 114 January 3rd 2023

    I know people are tired of measure 114 post as am I but until this thing is completely over with I would like to stay up to date. As of right now December 28th what is the purpose of the next hearing? To my understanding it will be about the 10 round magazines and the “ loophole”. Does OSP have...
  9. ocarolan

    Oregon  Judge mostly extends block on M114, still deciding on magazines

    Good news, state court has extended its restraining order on Oregon Measure 114, including the 3-day rule. Judge is still hearing arguments for the magazine rule (§11-13), otherwise that part of the injunction expires this Friday, 12/16 at 5pm. Transfers (§1-10): Renewed for another 10 days...
  10. Ranger515

    Oregon  TRO granted on 114!

    Boom https://t.co/ifcx7i48Sj
  11. Z

    Oregon  Judge Denys motion on 114

    https://www.opb.org/article/2022/12/06/oregon-gun-safety-law-moves-forward-measure-114-magazine-ban-firearm-permit/ She gave the state a 30 day extension instead of the 60 they requested. I suspect all of these cases will need to go in on appeal up the ninth and beyond as she clearly...
  12. S

    Good news for now, let’s see how the judge rules.

    Can’t believe no one else has this up. https://www.oregonlive.com/crime/2022/12/oregons-attorney-general-concedes-state-unable-to-put-permit-to-purchase-gun-program-in-place-by-date-measure-114-becomes-law.html?outputType=amp
  13. Richo877

    Oregon  Judge says she’ll decide next week whether to delay new Oregon gun law

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