short-barreled rifle

Short-barreled rifle (SBR) is a legal designation in the United States, referring to a shoulder-fired, rifled firearm with a barrel length of less than 16 in (41 cm) or overall length of less than 26 in (66 cm). In the United States, an SBR is an item regulated by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE) as a Title II weapon. In the absence of local laws prohibiting ownership, American civilians may own an SBR provided it is registered with the BATFE, and a $200 tax is paid prior to taking possession of or creating the firearm.

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  1. PopRocks

    Washington  NFA / Tax Stamp General Question - Are you permitting the person or the firearm? Both?

    New the forum. First post! Question 1: Still trying to get up to speed on the legal ins/outs of NFA / Tax Stamps for SBR purchases. My question is... do you apply for an NFA / SBR "special permit" of some kind (one that is based on you as a person), and then (once you are approved) you submit...
  2. Tyler45

    FN Scar 17 FDE

    I have a FN scar 17 fde, maybe 300 rounds through it? Love it but decided to go with the 5.56 platform. I am looking to trade for a scar 16 in fde, plus cash or optics etc... If you have a 10.5" barrel for it then thats a plus. Thanks!
  3. Roymil666

    Build Thread  300 BLK Pistol

    So I'm trying to start a 300 Blk pistol build (suppressed mainly but also supersonics). I'm kind of on the fence on barrel length and brand though; I'm thinking in between 8-10.5 and either a BA or BCM CHF barrel (CHF worth the price bump). Not sure what will give me good ballistic performance...
  4. AshWilliams

    Build Thread  Ash Williams's Excellent SBR Draco Adventure

    Perusing the inventory at a local gun store a Century Arms Draco caught my eye. "That would make an excellent SBR," I thought to myself. A few YouTube videos later when I got home and the seed was planted. Over the holidays I purchased a Draco HG1916-N from Atlantic Firearms. Before I...
  5. L

    Custom Burnt Bronze Pistol AR15, trade for MP5 Clone (zenith, POF, etc)

    Sight and barrel attachment (it's for my suppressor) not included. I have an extra I can throw in. I have 2 ARS and this is my custom pistol I am letting go. Only has a couple magazines through it, almost perfect condition, aside from a few small blemishes in the cerakote (normal wear). Only...
  6. Squash_edc

    Concealed SBR

    Hey guys so I registered my AR pistol as an sbr and added a law tactical folder. I’m wondering if I’m legally aloud to have it concealed in a backpack in my car or on my person? I have a Oregon CHL but my understanding is that it is only for “handguns” and since this particular firearm is now a...
  7. CountryGent

    Big-bore AR Upper?

    From time to time I get the idea to add a big-bore AR upper to the mix. Something, say, .458 SOCOM or .50 Beowulf. As it will be mated to registered SBR lower, length can be anything. Recommendations on this one? Other calibers to consider other than the aforementioned? Any to avoid? Thanks.
  8. GWS

    SBR How Do I get Started?

    Is there a link or site that tells exactly what steps I would need to take to get a stamp. I have a lower receiver that says multi-caliber. How would I get started?
  9. CountryGent

    Anyone use eForms Recently?

    So, I have another Form 1 project (SBR) under works. I'm planning on having the threading and action work done first while it is still Title I. Then I will file for the stamp. I plan on using eForms since it is back now, albeit requiring mailing in fingerprint cards. (There are only two...
  10. F

    SBR confusion...

    I was looking at Washington State firearms laws set to go into effect in July. I own an SBR and came across a couple of things that do not make sense. Can anyone direct me to legal counsel to explain to me what the law requires? I have over $3000 invested in my SBR, and do not want to turn it...
  11. O

    Lower for my SBR

    I am hoping someone on here has some experience with this question because I cannot find a good answer. I have a 300BLK pistol I recently built and have never fired. I am rethinking the pistol portion and want to do an SBR. Can I use the same lower from my pistol build and use that for my form...
  12. DB is Here

    If you have an SBR, was it worth the hassle?

    I've been considering getting my NFA form 1 for a SBR build but I've been on the fence if it would be worth the hassle as I already have a 300 BO pistol I build last year. So for those that have jumped through all the hoops, was it worth it?
  13. P

    Proper term for what I bought? SMG? PCC? SBR?

    Ordered one of the Extar EP-9s this afternoon and am confused as to what the proper term for it is. Never had anything like it in 40 years of firearms ownership and am not part of the tacticool ninja crowd so no idea what it is. Maybe just a pistol? It is AR-patterned, sort of. Has an "arm...
  14. S

    Pros and Cons of SBR

    Given our current political climate, would you convert a pistol to an SBR? I guess my thoughts are convert it now before a possible "assault weapons" ban when you might not be able to to grandfather it in. On the flip side you could keep it as a pistol and might not be able to convert it later...
  15. dirtyd

    SBR Optic: ACOG/Eotech/Browe/Elcan?

    Have been bouncing around a few optics in my mind for a new SBR build. Being: 1. ACOG TA02 w/rmr 2. Eotech EXPS3-2 w/magnifier 3. Browe Combat Optic 4. Elcan 1/4x Any options from those here that have tried some of these? I'm mostly looking for personal experience with the Elcans, I've owned an...
  16. dirtyd

    SBR Build, school me

    Planning to build an SBR. I know for the Form 1 app you need barrel length, over all length and a few other key details. I had planned to purchase a lower/upper set and sit on them while the paper work goes through. After reading the rest of the requirements do I have to have all the parts on...
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