A general officer is an officer of high rank in the armies, and in some nations' air forces, space forces, or marines.In some usages the term "general officer" refers to a rank above colonel.The term general is used in two ways: as the generic title for all grades of general officer and as a specific rank.
It originates in the 16th century, as a shortening of captain general, which rank was taken from Middle French capitaine général.
The adjective general had been affixed to officer designations since the late medieval period to indicate relative superiority or an extended jurisdiction.
Today, the title of general is known in some countries as a four-star rank. However, different countries use different systems of stars or other insignia for senior ranks. It has a NATO rank scale code of OF-9 and is the highest rank currently in use in a number of armies, air forces, and marine organizations.

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  1. American123

    General service announcement PSA is great!

  2. Lazyfaire

    Just a general gripe - Why does it take 5 days to ship something via the USPS from Montana?

    Why does it take 5 days to ship something via the USPS from Montana? No flooding, no snow, no fires........Maybe I just want it too bad!
  3. DB is Here

    Other State  New Mexico Attorney General Tells Sheriffs to Enforce New Gun Laws

  4. Joe Link

    Oregon  Oregon Attorney General testifies in support of stronger gun laws

    Oregon Attorney General testifies in support of stronger gun laws
  5. JustSomeGuy

    Washington  Some Say Attorney General Broke Law in Endorsing I-1639

    Some say attorney general broke law in endorsing I-1639
  6. titsonritz

    6.5 Creedmore as general purpose hunting caliber

    I looking to get an idea of the masses opinion on using 6.5 Creedmore as general purpose hunting caliber for non-dangerous game in the lower 48 states up to and including elk. The 6.5x55 is basically the Euro 30-06 and has slain a lot of beasts on that continent. I plan on getting a precision...
  7. Medic!

    Brigadier General Mayhew ''Bo'' Foster

    This is the man that flew Hermann Goering to Army headquarters in Germany to stand trial. He received the silver star. And the Legion of Honor Chevalier, Frances highest military honor. Interesting man. And I just got a SRS hit this morning that my recently purchased ''US Property'' marked...
  8. P7M13

    Elk General Firearm Tag Recommendation

    I have typically hunted Coastal Elk, 2nd Season, because it's the only time I can guarantee I'll be home. (My 5 weeks of vacation every year get taken with other stuff). I did elect 1st Season in 2015 and wound up being in Kansas at the time. I wanted to go out with my daughter again this year...
  9. trikerdon

    Oregon Attorney General Issues Ballot Title for Assault Weapons Ban

    <broken link removed>
  10. Kristina

    Any IBEW Guys or Gals? (Or Electricians in General)

    I had an interview earlier this week for the inside electrical apprenticeship and I'll learn my rank next week. What should I expect during boot camp? Any tool/gear recommendations? What do you wish your apprentices would or wouldn't do?
  11. Northwest Firearms

    Sportsman's Warehouse #210 - Federal Way

    This thread is for the general discussion of the Item Sportsman's Warehouse #210 - Federal Way. Please add to the discussion here.
  12. R

    Question on WTS/WTT and selling in general

    Hello, So I mostly use this board to purchase firearms...but I am running out of room in the safe (and I doubt I could add another safe without the wife finding out). So, I need some input on selling etiquette: Here is the situation I placed an ad to WTS/WTT, and stated I was open to both...
  13. T

    Oregon Attorney General sends another anti-gun letter

    This time, about national reciprocity. What really stood out to me was this one statement; “will lead to the death of police officers and civilians, the proliferation of gun traffickers, and acts of terrorism and other mass violence.” So where is the information to support the insinuation...
  14. B

    What are some good general forums out there?

    If you've ever posted on City-Data or looked at their reviews on sitejabber, or have ever posted on Reddit for that matter, you know the quality of the people there leaves a bit to be desired. Most people have the (correct) opinion that the people there are morons. The vast majority of the...
  15. CountryGent

    Upgrading from Tech to General ....

    At the present, I have a Technician Class License for amateur radio. I've got too much on my plate in the summer months, but I am thinking of this coming fall studying for and taking the test to upgrade to a General License. Having access to HF is the primary motivation to upgrade. Anywho, I...
  16. D

    Hi-Points In General

    Not wanting to hi-jack anyone else's thread thought Id start this one: Im interested in the board's thoughts on Hi-Points in general and in the carbines they sell. Considering a 9mmP for The Old Woman, she's a bit weight, noise and recoil sensitive. The short AR's- too much noise/blast, the...
  17. M

    Christmas money = lever gun, long range, or carry gun upgrades?

    Okay, so I have about 750$ of Christmas money burning a hole in my pocket, and i'm looking to ya'll for help deciding how best to use it... I could get a Marlin lever action .30-30 in stainless steel, or the blued version for a little less... or I could get a long range gun, something in 7mm or...
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