A train is a form of rail transport consisting of a series of vehicles that usually runs along a rail track to transport cargo or passengers. Motive power is provided by a separate locomotive or individual motors in self-propelled multiple units. Although historically steam propulsion dominated, the most common modern forms are diesel and electric locomotives, the latter supplied by overhead wires or additional rails. Other energy sources include horses, engine or water-driven rope or wire winch, gravity, pneumatics, batteries, and gas turbines. Train tracks usually consist of two running rails, sometimes supplemented by additional rails such as electric conducting rails and rack rails, with a limited number of monorails and maglev guideways in the mix. The word 'train' comes from the Old French trahiner, from the Latin trahere 'pull, draw'.
There are various types of trains that are designed for particular purposes. A train may consist of a combination of one or more locomotives and attached railroad cars, or a self-propelled multiple unit (or occasionally a single or articulated powered coach, called a railcar). The first trains were rope-hauled, gravity powered or pulled by horses. From the early 19th century almost all were powered by steam locomotives. From the 1910s onwards the steam locomotives began to be replaced by less labor-intensive and cleaner (but more complex and expensive) diesel locomotives and electric locomotives, while at about the same time self-propelled multiple unit vehicles of either power system became much more common in passenger service.
A passenger train is one which includes passenger-carrying vehicles which can often be very long and fast. One notable and growing long-distance train category is high-speed rail. In order to achieve much faster operation over 500 km/h (310 mph), innovative Maglev technology has been researched for years. In most countries, such as the United Kingdom, the distinction between a tramway and a railway is precise and defined in law. The term light rail is sometimes used for a modern tram system, but it may also mean an intermediate form between a tram and a train, similar to a heavy rail rapid transit system except that it may have level crossings.
A freight train (also known as a goods train) uses freight cars (also known as wagons or trucks) to transport goods or materials (cargo). Freight and passengers may be carried in the same train in a mixed consist.
Rail cars and machinery used for maintenance and repair of tracks, etc., are termed maintenance of way equipment; these may be assembled into maintenance of way trains. Similarly, dedicated trains may be used to provide support services to stations along a train line, such as garbage or revenue collection.

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  1. ATCclears

    Resilient design

  2. B

    Washington  Law Enforcement Pushing Back on New Gun Laws

    Some good news...let's hope there's a good bit more to follow... https://www.yahoo.com/news/sheriffs-resisting-washington-apos-gun-110004370.html Hearings today (1/29/19), super easy option to take action: NRA-ILA | Washington: House Committee to Hear Ammunition Ban & Other Anti-Gun Bills...
  3. rdb241

    Washington  The train is gaining momentum, add Spokane County to not enforce I-1639

    Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich: "1639 is unconstitutional at the State and Federal level"
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    Cerberus Training Group - Concealed Carry - Train with an Attorney

    Concealed Carry - with an Attorney attached. You have realized the responsibility of concealed carry. You understand the importance of training and practicing making sure you can use a firearm effectively, yet you may have only given thought to surviving the combat portion of the encounter. If...
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    National  US teachers quietly train to carry guns into school

    US teachers quietly train to carry guns into school
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    Other State  Train for defense

    I guess you get more than a fortune cookie if you try to rob these folks in NC:D It's good they group toget er to learn firearms in protecting their lives and businesses. I guess the cops are not doing the job there too. Chinese business owners, fearful of being robbed, are turning to guns for...
  7. PiratePast40

    Train wreck on I-5 another reminder of obstacles to transportation

    They'e talking about several days to remove the train cars and examine the roadway before opening the interstate. A major earthquake could also knock down quite a few overpasses and obstacles making travel almost impossible. Would be even worse if it was winter and everything was muddy. Just...
  8. ATCclears

    Amtrak derails between Tacoma and Olympia, falls onto I5

    Train derails onto I-5 near Lacey; all lanes blocked
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    Train Mountain - Chiloquin, OR

    Landing Page Train Mountain Railroad Cameras
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    Why good men need to train and be engaged.

    Jocko Willink discusses the Rwandan genocide through about 1:17:00. It’s a very heavy and dark topic, but also a valuable set of lessons. Neighbor turns on neighbor, friends turn on friends; good people set aside their humanity and become part of the mob.
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    Do our boys train like this?

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    National  Armed Robots Train with National Guard

    Instapundit » Blog Archive » WELL, THIS IS THE 21ST CENTURY, YOU KNOW: Armed Robots Fight Alongside Soldiers at National Guard Ex… Armed Robots Fight Alongside Soldiers at National Guard Exercise But while the robot is delivering the effects, "it is a human that is pushing the button that...
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    Carrying on a Train

    I'm going up to Seattle on Amtrak and really want to bring my EDC with me. I know what the rules say - it has to be declared and checked in baggage - but I hate the idea of not having it on me during the trip and am not checking any bags. Just anecdotally - does anyone know if you have to go...
  14. ATCclears

    Oakland, CA - BART takeover robbery: 40 to 60 teens swarm train, rob weekend riders

    BART takeover robbery: 40 to 60 teens swarm train, rob weekend riders
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