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  1. A

    Short-term long gun storage facilities in NW Oregon?

    Hi. I'm looking for a short-term secure storage facility for 30 plus long guns, and several handguns. Does anyone know of a business that does this on a month to month basis? I don't want to use a traditional storage unit, for security and legal reasons. I could ask a friend, but don't want...
  2. D

    Help with longterm food storage. Possible opportunity

    Back in 2011 I did my first round of having a proper longterm food strategy for our young family. Now that the kids are out of the house and we are downsizing our home I am wondering what to do with our supply of #10 can LDS sourced food. Our local Parish food pantry only works with store...
  3. Silver Fox

    British .308/7.62 NATO ammo in unusual storage manner

    I have a .50 cal ammo can with 8 of these, 50 round ammo English ammo holders. Is there anyone around who can tell me what the ammo was that is in these and what was the purpose for transporting ammo this way? Thank you SF-
  4. B

    Truck gun storage

    I was hesitant to post on this topic but saw an interesting video from Ken Hackthorn on his truck Protector. Can someone get me started on setup/design? A picture would help. Sorry if that is inappropriate to ask. my primary carry in fullsize 1911 along time ago I was cautioned against a gun...
  5. L

    Guns & Ammo storage question

    I going to be in a position where I have to rent and its not practical for me to bring my guns and ammo with me. Is there a way to mitigate moisture damage to guns and ammo in a regular storage unit? Am I taking a lot of risk putting high dollar items into a rental storage unit? Thanks folks.
  6. D

    What’s firearms storage like for everyone?

    Just curious to see what’s common
  7. E

    How things work: ATF and NICs leaked memo edition. WASHINGTON, D.C. –-( According to an ATF document leaked to AmmoLand News, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) can legally...
  8. Ramjet57

    Powder Storage

    Hi, I have a question about powder storage. so due to the forest fire I lost everything, and started from scratch to reacquire reloading everything. I got my father and grandfathers reloading equipment and supply's. When I went to use some h4895 there was a red dust in it, i have been reloading...
  9. Cremator75

    Ammo Storage Cabinet

    I'm looking for an ammo cabinet to store my ammo. The safe is finally too full to keep it in there. What are people using for cabinets. I'm looking at something metal around 3 ft wide and maybe 40 in tall. Preferably on wheels. Any pictures or suggestions is greatly appreciated.
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