1. R

    Wine storage in the Country

    friends are telling me of the situation in Portland and Vancouver - if it isn't bolted down, the homeless and vandals will steal it, including from back yards and in garages one friend told me they broke out the windows of his work van just to steal his lunch now out here, we go to Walmart for...
  2. Fez

    Moving to Missoula and could use some housing advice

    Hi folks, we're finally ready to pull the trigger and make the move. Yay! We haven't had much luck in finding an apartment or house though. Craigslist is pretty bare and a lot of the online listings advertise places which don't actually have vacancies. Any suggestions on where to look for...
  3. D

    Under staircase storage

    I know this is probably to vague a question, but I'll ask anyways. I have a utility room (water heater, furnace, sump pump) that opens under stairs providing storage. I'm interested in trying to use that space for food supply storage. Any particular reason I shouldn't use it (maybe related...
  4. brucekr

    Purchasing 2nd Residence-Gun Storage Question

    We're likely going to be purchasing some type of Condo or Townhouse on the Atlantic side of Florida. Trying to figure out the best way to store firearms, since we will also be renting it out. Have done some google searches, but can't seem to find anything. It's looking like I might have to...
  5. W

    Wet climate storage concern...should I be concerned?

    Hey everyone. Before I start I'd like to comment that this community is fantastically helpful and I appreciate all the thoughtful insight and help. I have recently moved to PDX from a much drier climate. In the moving process I sat staring at guns I've loved for years even decades as the were...
  6. Mark

    Oregon  Oregon Storage Requirements

    Hey all, does anyone know if a locked Pelican Air 1615 case would count as 'safe storage'? Thinking maybe 2 birds 1 stone purchase if so.
  7. S

    magazine storage- bullets in or out?

    opinions? store mags full or empty?
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