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  1. pietro beretta

    New to Revolvers: .357 casing sticking in cylinder.

    Hello y’all, I just purchased my first revolver. I picked up the Colt King Cobra target. I wanted the Python but the KC fit my hand better. I am having some trouble with the .357 shell casings sticking in the cylinder. So much so the ejector rod won’t budge without some major force. The ammo...
  2. Gonzales

    So… these stupid baffles won’t come apart

    I just picked up my new Rugged Obsidian 45. I’m in the process of taking it apart, but can’t for the life of me get most of the baffles apart. 🤣 I had thoughts of a hammer dance through my head, and decided to post here before I let my inner cave man have at it. I know that it’s new and all...
  3. Mk3Mstr6Mchne0

    Ar10 bolt jamming up on PMag/mag release

    this is kind of hard to explain, I am also pretty experienced with the AR platform, my M5e1 upper is assembled on an 80% lower. When I rack the bolt back on an empty magazine my bolt carrier jams up as soon as the carrier reaches the mag release and mag release area of the mag. It jams extremely...
  4. 9mm guy

    Bullet getting stuck in the barrel- why & how to prevent?

    OK, this has happened twice in about a thousand rounds. The bullet got stuck in my barrel. I've been able to get this out using a mallet and a punch and placing my barrel in a vice. But why does this happen & how can I prevent it? I'm hoping you reloading veterans can help. Is this an...

    150 Gr. Fiocchi 300 Blackout Issue

    Had an interesting experience with a Fiocchi round today. I loaded up a magazine with 30 rounds. After 25 rounds there was no issue. Pulled the trigger. Click. Dropped the magazine and tried ejecting the round and my bolt was stuck. Opened up the gun and was able to remove the bolt and to my...
  6. thereddog

    With a pinfeather stuck to his bloody nose

  7. Mike97124

    Range Report - .380 Stuck Bullet

    My wife and I went up to Wolf Creek to do some shooting this morning. I took 3 of my guns, my new Springfield XD 9mm 4.0, a Smith & Wesson M&P .380 EZ and my Colt Trooper .357. My wife started off with her S&W .380 EZ which shot fine for the first mag through it. She then loaded the 2nd mag...
  8. fatamos33

    T/C Compass safety stuck

    Well as the title states my compass safety is stuck. Literally picked this rifle up yesterday, had a scope mounted and bore sighted last night tonight I pulled the bolt out to clean the packing oil off, and re-lube it function checks just fine however my safety is stuck in the fire position. Any...
  9. draza

    AK47 bolt stuck in gun

    I am completely new with AK's and I tried to reinsert the BCG and it seems like the bolt is stuck. I can barely move the whole thing back and forth. How do I get this thing out so I can properly insert it again?
  10. 41mag

    another stuck tear-down bolt stop on Ruger Mk II problem

    Recently NIB, time for cleaning; the bolt-stop access lever in the pistol handle doesn't cooperate in the 'pull out & down' phase allowing removal of the bolt. Haven't made it to the "swing out & pull down" part. Per schematic I can pull out Part 33 but Part 32 won't swing out to allow the...
  11. F

    Primos Trigger Stick is stuck

    Anyone know how to repair a trigger stick? One leg is wont go back up. This is a tripod tall model. I looked at U tube and called Primos ...both not much help. Thanks
  12. L84Cabo

    Gun Stuck In A Vette C7

    Part of my never ending quest to keep you heathens entertained... :) Somebody got their gun stuck behind the Nav screen of their Corvette C7. The screen usually drops down to reveal a small storage compartment but the gun was too big and the screen got hung up on the weapon and couldn't open...
  13. E

    Stuck taper pin on front sight

    been going at it for an hour. Can't seem to punch out the pins on the a2 front sight. Anyone local who could possibly help me out? Or recommend a gunsmith in the Gresham area.
  14. Jcon268

    Very stuck barrel in upper receiver

    ...not the barrel nut but the barrel itself is IN THERE. Have tried an acetylene torch lightly to heat it up with the upper in a proper vice block. Tried a reaction rod to push it out. Used wooden handle of plunger down bore. Nothing is budging it. I understand this to be a good thing.....for...
  15. mobil890

    Stuck inside of Portland

    So I'm putting together a Go Bag to leave in my truck because I work in Beaverton and live in Camas, Wa. My concerns stems from the ice storm last year that took me four hours to get home, the latest weather and fire issues this year, and the threat of North Korea looming over us. I'm also...
  16. Mygrainman

    Junk drawer stuck case kit...

    Welcome to another episode of "Reloading Adventures with Mygrainman" I got the worst stuck case of my life yesterday, and no fancy case removal kit in my arsenal... So I did what I always do in these sort of situations, and opened my junk drawer, grabbed a hand full of crap, and improvised...
  17. T

    Stuck Grip screw Ruger 1911 10mm

    Damn nice Gun ! Hate the rubber grips. Bought a set of nicer ones. 2 of the screws came out fine , 1 had the bushing come out with the screw , 4th , the screw was so tight the Allen wrench rounded the hole. So i ordered new screws and bushings from Ruger when i got them , i took a screw...
  18. USMC-03

    Case stuck in die - help please

    Last week I was sizing some military .308 brass and the bottom of one case broke off leaving the remainder stuck in the die. I've tried several different methods to get it out and no luck. Any creative suggestions out there?
  19. AR SLOOT

    Well I Did It This Time

    So I'm cleaning my AR-15 5.56 and I'm using the Otis Tactical kit. I spaced it and tried running the large patch through instead of the smaller patch. It went through no problem with no oil and with oil got stuck right at the opening of the barrel nearest to the carier. My options are go buy a...
  20. fxdc

    Anybody get a boresnake stuck in their AR?

    I have them for all my pistol calibers, but after some u tube videos I'm leary of the very tight fit on the 223 caliber snake. I have the Vipers in pistol calibers, they have 3 brushes and work fine but if I got one for my AR it would be the standard single brush snake. What's your take on it...
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