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Receiver or receive may refer to:

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  1. S

    Manson Receiver ring facing tool

    Brownells # 513-000-053 for remington actions
  2. old11bravo

    WTB AR15 11"-12" Handguard Rail to fit Mega Billet Upper Receiver

    After waiting a week and a half for it to arrive, I was very disappointed to find out that the 12" Aero Precision ATLAS S-ONE rail I bought for my current AR pistol build would not mate correctly with the Mega Arms upper receiver I had intended it for. I would like to find a decent 11" to 12"...
  3. L

    Why can't my Lyman Receiver Sights-57 GPR move my groups?

    Everyone, I've been to the range twice trying to adjust the sights on my rifled musket and the groups are consistently 3-4 inches low & 3-4 inches left. I click the sights over, following the instructions, but the groups don't move. After I cleaned it tonight I even put some penetrating oil...
  4. G

    Yugo M72 RPK Matching Kit with Matching SN NDS-9 Receiver and Compliance Parts - Price Drop

    Please PM with any questions in order to keep this thread clean. Please examine the photos carefully for item condition. Item is cross posted in other locations. Acceptable forms of payment are USPS money order - contact me for other payment options. Asking price is $675 $640 shipped to the...

    WTS WA  BNIB Aero Precision M4E1 Upper and Lower Receiver Set

    ***Both sold*** I have a brand new in box Aero M4E1 Stripped Lower and a brand new in box M4E1 Stripped Threaded Upper Receiver. Asking $150 for the set **Lower is SOLD, Upper still available for $75** I can meet at an FFL (if you purchase the lower) in the Vancouver/Portland Metro area...

    WTS WA  Stripped Spikes Tactical AR Lower Receiver

    ***SOLD*** I have an excellent condition Spikes Tactical stripped Lower receiver. Very low round count as you can tell from the pics. Will come with the trigger guard installed. This Lower has the color fill on the Spider Logo and bullet selector markings. Asking $65, buyer pays fees...
  7. iLLMich

    WTS WA  Daniel Defence DDM4V7 Upper Receiver 5.56

    For sale is a Daniel Defense Upper Receiver model is M4v7 Pro. 18in S2W precision barrel. Barrel has about 50 rounds through it. This upper is 1300-1400 dollars new. Asking $600 I can meet you anywhere in the greater seattle area. PLEASE NOTE: DOES NOT COME WITH BCG OR CHARGING HANDLE!
  8. hker71

    WTS OR  Colt A2 Upper Receiver

    Yet another spare I don't need. This is an older Colt A2 upper receiver (No M4 feed ramps) I have left from an abandoned M16A2 build. It has the standard small front pivot pin. What you see is what you get. It has been Cerakoted Graphite Black to match the newer rifles. I'm asking $80 (Final...
  9. T

    WTS/WTT OR  Zev Tech AR10 receiver set NIB

    Bought this with the intention of building a precision 308/6.5 CM rifle, but find my interests have changed. Receiver set is in new condition and ready for someone else to help it realize it’s full potential Cash price is $575. Also open to trades and can add cash as needed My trade list...
  10. JustSomeGuy

    AR Upper Suggestions

    Last week I came across a complete lower in one of my safes that I completely forgot I had. It's nothing fancy, just a Spike' s lower, Geissele Hi-Speed National Match trigger with mil-spec collapsible stock, tube, buffer and spring. I've been kicking around what I should do for an upper, but...
  11. FA9

    WTS OR  AR9 stripped upper receiver

    BNIB New frontier armory lrbho stripped upper receiver(non side charging). -$120 f2f sportsman in hillsboro off 185th
  12. A

    WTS OR  RUGER Mk III Upper Receiver, bull barrel type, threaded

    $85.00 This is a Ruger MkIII steel upper receiver that started life on a .22/45 frame. After some minor machining, it was fitted to a Ruger MkIII Standard steel frame. This was done at the time because Ruger did not have a threaded barrel option for the MkIII. Ultimately, the lower frame was...
  13. Liberty19

    WTS OR  CMMG Banshee 9mm receiver set w/MI 4.5" Combat Rail Mlok PRICED TO SELL

    Less than 800 rounds on receiver set 0 rounds on Rail Priced to sell $285+ FFL in Tigard
  14. Portland1986

    WTS OR  10/22 Collector's Series w/Brownell's Forged Receiver

    10/22 Collector's Series with Brownell's Forged Receiver w/integrated 1913 Rail. This is a 10/22 Collector's Series rifle that now wears a Brownell's Forged Receiver with integrated 1913 Picatinny rail. I picked this up pre-owned so I don't know the round count but it appears to have had little...
  15. U

    WTS OR  Colt 6920 M4 Complete Upper Receiver Group

    This is a factory takeoff of my Colt 6920. 16" threaded barrel. Excellent condition, no damage, blemishes, or scratches. Only approximately 200 rds through it. Only selling because I purchased a different upper. Factory handguard, charging handle, and sling loop included with the following...
  16. deathfromabove

    Issues Separating a 10/22 Target Receiver from the Laminate Stock

    I did not see another post like this on the Forum so I apologize if I am repeating. I recently purchased a used Ruger 10/22 Target model (Serial 252-XXXXX) that looks like it was manufactured in 2002. It has a laminate stock and the older silver aluminum trigger group. I attempted to field...
  17. A

    Is AR receiver , a receiver based on this definition?

    If a person defines a receiver or frame as the following: ‘Frame or receiver’ means the part of a firearm that provides housing for the hammer, bolt or breechlock and firing mechanism and that is usually threaded at its forward portion to receive the barrel. Not counting the last part which...
  18. etrain16

    WTS OR  Mosin M91/30 Hex Receiver 1924 Izhevsk Armory

    **** SOLD **** Up for sale is my last Mosin. Looking to make a little extra $$ and clear out some space in the safe for the new acquisitions coming :) This M91/30 rifle has a hex receiver, 1924 Izhevsk Armory markings (Russian). The pre-1928 Izhvesk bow and arrow are clearly marked on the...