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Receiver or receive may refer to:

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  1. Roymil666

    Aero Precision M4e1 Freedom Receiver Set

    I'm looking for a New Aero Precision M4e1 Freedom edition (engraved flag) receiver set. Maybe even a DTOM set. No one seems to have them in stock online and I haven't had any luck with LGS. I already have two of the DTOM edition sets for a few in-progress builds but I'd like to upgrade an...
  2. VinnieBoomBah

    Ruger 10/22 receiver only

    Cleaning things out I found a 10/22 trigger housing, so I guess I need a receiver :)
  3. K

    Ruger 10/22 Factory receiver parts

    In the market for the following: *Factory stripped receiver (will pay FFL transfer) *Bolt *Charging handle *Receiver pins *Barrel V Block and bolts. I'm open to aftermarket depending on which parts. Let me know what you got :)
  4. Tatanka

    Upper ar15 Receiver if you please!

    Looking for a AR15 complete upper receiver. Bring me your Gucci and operator Uppers! Pistol or mid length as well! Wanting mid tier or up please! AERO Precision LWRC KAC Daniel Defense BCM Thank you in advance!!!
  5. Aero Denezol

    1917 Gewehr 98 - rust/bronze discoloration on barrel and receiver what is it?

    I recently came upon a 1917 Mauser G98 w/ matching receiver & barrel. It has a blued receiver and Lange (“roller coaster”) rear sight. The bolt is not blued. There are no import marks and no export marks, the rifle looks 100% German, including the stock, which has 3 faintly visible Imperial...
  6. N

    Geissele rail, Anderson upper, DelTon 16" dissipator barrel, 224V XCaliber barrel, 6.8/224V BCG

    Cleaning out the safe so these must go! Used unless noted. Geissele Mk4 15" MLOK black rail with barrel nut- $270 Anderson upper receiver with FA and dust cover- $50 Del Ton 16" dissipator barrel with FSP not installed. Look up some pics of a dissipator if you don't know what this is...
  7. johnk

    Battle arms ar 15 receiver set

    Got it brand new from rainier arms for $549 New. I built and then sayt for weeks and decided to strip it for sale. Didn’t like it. Has a slight wobble from upper to lower. It comes with ss shims to rid of the wobble. Very light weight set . My loss is your gain. No trades at this time just cash...
  8. dgar715

    AK Milled Receiver M4 Stock Adapter Install Question

    NW Firearms AK aficionados! I'm sure that this path has been trodden before and, despite my diving in to multiple threads on this and other firearm forums, I still can't seem to come up with a clear solution. So here's my sitch: I've just purchased my first AK, an Arsenal SAM7R, and am still...