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Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc. is an American, Southport, Connecticut–based firearm manufacturing company, better known by the shortened name Ruger.

The company was founded in 1949 by Alexander McCormick Sturm and William B. Ruger and has been publicly traded since 1969. Ruger produces bolt-action, semi-automatic, and single-shot rifles, shotguns, semi-automatic pistols, and single- and double-action revolvers.

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  1. Hedrin

    Ruger Mini 14 Stainless *NEW IN BOX*

    Bought this a couple of years ago, about the time I started having health problems. Never even took it from the box. As much as I’ve always wanted to shoot one (A-Team fan back in the day) I have come to realize I’m not going to. Need money during this season. Preferred transfer dealer would be...
  2. S

    Ruger Precision Rifle RPR 6.5 Creedmoor

    Ruger Precision Rifle in 6.5 Creedmoor Keymod handguard Ergo grip Magpul bipod 2 Gen3 10 round Magpul PMags 150 rounds S&B 6.5CM ammo $1,000 Tualatin/Sherwood area The only trade I would consider at this point is a 1911 in 9mm.
  3. Angler

    Ruger Red Label 20ga forearm and box

    yep just the forearm and all hardware in great shape with very tiny rust spots. The box is in ok shape. Will trade for CCI 22lr subsonic and 223 lead free ammo to use in California.
  4. CountryGent

    Ruger 77/44

    There is no secret that I find pistol caliber carbines and submachine-guns ever so neat-o. We don't have single bolt-action in the battery, being the rifles and carbines are all semi-auto (or select-fire, once ATF approves our latest antics) or lever-action. The Ruger 77/44 looks neat. It...
  5. GMGen

    Ruger Security 9 Compact w/ holster

    For sale is a Ruger Security 9 Compact. The pistol has less than 100 rounds through it and was bought new in Hillsboro. Bought it for daily carry, but I just don't get along with this style of thumb safety so it never got a regular spot in my rotation. It has gone to the range once for a...
  6. T

    GP100 Match Champion Grips (Hogue Stippled Hardwood)

    I bought a gp100 match champion a few weeks ago and the grips are just a bit small for my XL hands, so I’d like to sell these ones and buy a new pair. Here’s a link to the ShopRuger site that sells them: Ruger® GP100® Match Champion® Grip-ShopRuger The ones I have are essentially brand new (no...
  7. Squirrelled

    Ruger GP100

    Ruger GP100: $600 Time to get a good duck gun so I'm parting with my revolver. It's a great gun, but I just don't shoot it enough and it deserves to be used. 357 Mag &/or 38 Special Ammo Blued Great condition Box and Manual. Original owner I bought a Hogue coco bolo grip for it + the grip...
  8. G

    Ruger P345 45ACP. Like new

    Like new Ruger P345 pistol. Single stack. Double action/single action with decocker. When safety is engaged the pistol decocks. Black frame with stainless slide. Equipped with original Ruger box, 2 magazines, mag loader and instruction manual. My father owned this and only shot 50 rds...
  9. T

    Ruger Scout 308 - $500

    Ruger Scout 308, original version with wood stock. $500 plus you pay FFL stuff. I have a bit of quality 308 I will sell cheap to the buyer as well. Washington County preferred. I'm between Forest Grove and Tigard regularly.
  10. Pfcnewgen

    Ruger SP101 2.25" barrel 357 mag.

    $550 Ruger sp101 5 shot revolver with tritium front sight Also comes with 2 holsters 1x iwb alien gear right hand (tan) 1× owb safariland right hand (black) 2x speed strips (6 round) 2x speed loaders 1x grip with pinky extension As well as box and paperwork Buyer pays transfer fee (More pictures...
  11. H

    Ruger LCR .38 Special +P

    Ruger LCR chambered in .38 Special. Will shoot +P. Comes with Laser Max Laser. Has had exactly one box of 25 rounds fired thru it. Asking $350 or trade for semi-automatic shotgun of equal value. Preferably 12 or 20 Gauge.
  12. T

    Ruger MK1 Target 678

    Ruger MK1 Target for sale. Barrel length is 6.78 inch barrel. This pistol is in excellent condition with box, walnut target grips as well as the original grips and spare magazine. Price is $350.