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The Nevada Test and Training Range (NTTR) is one of two military training areas used by the United States Air Force Warfare Center at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada. The NTTR land area includes a "simulated Integrated Air Defense System", several individual ranges with 1200 targets, and 4 remote communication sites. The current NTTR area and the range's former areas have been used for aerial gunnery and bombing, for nuclear tests, as a proving ground and flight test area, for aircraft control and warning, and for Blue Flag, Green Flag, and Red Flag exercises.

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  1. UnionMillsNW

    Ruger Wrangler - My Review & Range Report

    Hey Folks. On Saturday I picked up the new Ruger Wrangler and wanted to share with you my initial impressions and range report. The Wrangler is the newest cowboy action pistol to come from Ruger. Chamber: 22LR Capacity: 6-shots Fixed Blade 4.6" barrel Finish: Silver Cerakote Made in the USA...
  2. Mike97124

    Range Report - .380 Stuck Bullet

    My wife and I went up to Wolf Creek to do some shooting this morning. I took 3 of my guns, my new Springfield XD 9mm 4.0, a Smith & Wesson M&P .380 EZ and my Colt Trooper .357. My wife started off with her S&W .380 EZ which shot fine for the first mag through it. She then loaded the 2nd mag...
  3. ZigZagZeke

    Range Report

    I went to the range today to sight in my deer rifles and play with some pistols. I had the IWLA range (where I'm a member) near Eugene all to myself this morning. It's about 10 minutes from my house. The final group from my S&W 1500 .30-06. Note that the target is rotated clockwise 90...

    PCC range report today

    Well what can I say? This thing is STUPIDLY ACCURATE! The two circled are the best five shot, 50 yard groups with 124 gr. plated RN bullets with five grains of Unique, benchrested of course! One of the best parts was the gun shot dead nuts on (with my style of aiming) right out of the box with...
  5. h4344

    Ruger MK4 22/45 Lite Range Report, Reliability Test

    Brands Used and Count CCI MINI MAG: 100 Rounds, 0 Malfunctions CCI STANDARD VELOCITY: 50 Rounds, 0 Malfunctions REMINGTON GOLDEN BULLET: 100 Rounds, 0 Malfunctions So I just wanted to let people know my results in case you were wondering about a potential 22LR handgun to buy. Given the results...
  6. Mygrainman

    Glock 19x impressions and range report

    So I just got back from swiss cheesing a coffee can with all the 9mm I had on me, (less than 200 rounds) probably a good thing I didn't take more or Ida wasted that too. This Gun is an absolute joy to shoot. I tried Glockazines with and without the extension, and a magpul pmag, and all cycled...
  7. G

    Savage 12fv .223 $219 special range report

    for this price you should swap your children for this rifle. Got it last week after a five day wait for Cabela's to ship it to the store. Pictures to come. Black Tupperware stock. Metal trigger guard. Plastic bottom metal. Two action screws, one trigger guard screw. Varmint barrel. 1/9...
  8. Greenbug

    Range report 223 Remington Model Seven

    Had a good day at the range today testing some loads for a Remington Model Seven Stainless in 223 Remington. Ten 3 shot groups fired at 100 yards from a rest, calm winds about 38 degrees this morning. Shooting all groups with 55 grain Nosler Ballistic Tips. Scope used was a Leupold VX-3I...
  9. mkwerx

    M&P 2.0 Compact Range Report

    Popped the cherry on my new baby today. Took the family and a friend upto Wolf Creek (place looks great compared to the last time I got up there!) Got 250+ rounds down it - a mix of fmj and jhp from 115 thru 147 grain. No malfunctions, no hiccups. Recoil impulse is a tad different than any of...
  10. Alexx1401

    Range Report Ruger 10/22 Take Down

    Wife had been shopping these for months. Must be 20 variations. I kept telling her it was her gun, get what you want. Only thing I suggested was get a threaded barrel now for a can later. Cheaper than threading later. She finally picked the "Tactical" stainless 16" tube one. Comes with 2...
  11. Alexx1401

    MKIV 22/45 LITE range report

    Treated myself to one of these. I LOVE or should say I loved, my MKIII 22/45 LITE. It has to go back to the maker. VERY FRUSTRATING. So anyway since it was my hands down favorite shooter I bought a new one. So the good. Damn little pistol seems to eat everything. Took many hundred rounds of 6...
  12. sigmadog

    Today I couldn't hit water if I fell out of a boat

    The Missus and I walked down to our range for some shooting today. I was so bad I'm actually questioning my fitness to own a gun. Had a couple good shots, but everything else was in the next county. Could barely hit the 8.5" x 11" paper I print my targets on. Even from 7 yards. Another outing...
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