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Jammed is the sixteenth album by the Australian psychedelic rock band The Church, released in August 2004. It was their second album of entirely improvised material, following the Bastard Universe bonus disc from Hologram of Baal (September 1998) and consists of only two extremely long tracks. It was only available from the band's website or at their gigs and is now out of print.

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  1. v0lcom13sn0w

    M&P Shield Broke today

    was shooting some winchester self defense rounds(standard pressure) out of my shield 9mm today when it locked open...when i was finally able to get it back into battery this is what i found. ive been carrying this weapon as my EDC. it has less than 500 rounds through it.better to have it fail on...
  2. RicInOR

    Electronics - Radios specifically - taken down / blocked / jammed

    Car Keys Mysteriously Stopped Working in This Small Ohio Town, And We Now Know Why
  3. Mk3Mstr6Mchne0

    Ar10 bolt jamming up on PMag/mag release

    this is kind of hard to explain, I am also pretty experienced with the AR platform, my M5e1 upper is assembled on an 80% lower. When I rack the bolt back on an empty magazine my bolt carrier jams up as soon as the carrier reaches the mag release and mag release area of the mag. It jams extremely...
  4. solv3nt

    Revolver jammed with a live round

    I find myself in an interesting situation. I was shooting my Model 29 with hand loads today, and the firing pin hit the primer, but no ignition. The primer is mushroomed and won't allow the cylinder to rotate or eject. I was lightly using a plastic mallet to hit the cylinder, but that thing is...
  5. Squash_edc

    Jammed bolt AR15

    Hey guys I need some advice. Took a buddy out shooting today and when he dropped the bolt it didn’t fully engage and now it refuses to pull rearward. Can’t verify that there isn’t a round in the chamber, doesn’t feel like there is when I shove a rod in there. Also looks like the lugs are...

    Well I Did It This Time

    So I'm cleaning my AR-15 5.56 and I'm using the Otis Tactical kit. I spaced it and tried running the large patch through instead of the smaller patch. It went through no problem with no oil and with oil got stuck right at the opening of the barrel nearest to the carier. My options are go buy a...
  7. yglide115

    Live round jammed in AR barrel/chamber

    I have a live round stuck in the chamber/barrel of an 9mm AR build I was building and hoping to complete. I basically wanted to cycle a few rounds manually without pulling the trigger. First round I chambered got jammed in the brand new barrel. So jammed that it broke the extractor on the bcg...
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