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Range may refer to:
  1. blkoutshooter

    Wts G.P.S. Range Bag

    G.P.S. Large range bag 12 zippered storage spaces 2 ammo dump pouches Internal velcro parts holder cups Velcro ID patches to label storage Separate ammo carrying bag that sits nicely inside More pics Price negotiable Can split shipping if listed price is paid
  2. conynekite

    Spent the day at the range

    I picked up a Remington New Army from Mike (Brane Frees) last weekend and just got around to getting it out. I am new to C&B but after a little research and taking my time it turned out to be a fun day. After almost 60 rounds here are the last 2 targets! It was a great day!!! Will
  3. O

    New on Northwest Firearms; Looking for Shooting Range

    Hi folks, I'm new on the site, thanx to Tim @ TigardPawn! Currently live in Portland, love my Sig P226, kinda like my S&W M&P 9mm. I'm looking to find any indoor shooting ranges as my wife wants to learn how to shoot. I know of one in Hillsboro off of Brookwood. Are there any in Portland? Thanx...
  4. Jfran

    Sig Sauer Kilo 2200 LRH Laser Rangefinder

    Hello, I have a brand new, sealed in the box Sig Sauer Kilo 2200 LRH BDX Rangefinder for sale. It is in the Desert Tan color. $400 Link for more info: https://www.basspro.com/shop/en/sig-sauer-kilo2200lrh-bdx-rangefinder
  5. aljames

    Sako A7 Long Range fluted & threaded barrel B&C stock 7mm mag w/ AAC brake

    Final reduction before I send this one to auction.....$700. Sako A7 Roughtech in 7mm rem mag with heavy 26" fluted barrel. 1-9.5" twist. 9lbs 9 ozs on my postal scale As pictured. Factory trigger is adjustable from 2-4 lbs. These come factory with a rigid aluminum chassis reinforced Bell &...
  6. Mikej

    What kind of bags do you shoot off at the range?

    Gotta get me a shooting bag or two. I'm looking at this set. Amazon.com : Caldwell DeadShot Shooting Bag Combo : Hunting Duffle Bags : Gateway I don't need anything too fancy. I can fill it myself with walnut media. I'm not sure I'd even use the second, rear bag, but it wouldn't hurt to...
  7. Mica

    Izzak Walton Gun Range

    Just wanted to share with the folks in the south valley area. Our annual sighting in days is fast approaching. We open our range to the general public. For the two weeks prior to rifle season. We provide targets, spotting scopes, sand bags. Also any help that's needed sighting in for rifle...
  8. JPG

    Nosler M48 Long Range

    Nosler M48 Long Range in 28 Nosler. Warne steel rail. 20 round Hornady ELDX 162 grain. $2100. Not interested in trades. Thanks for looking.
  9. 2A2Dend

    Range Bag (2-pistol)

    If anyone has a pistol range bag they'd like to move, I'm in search of if the price is right. Must be willing to ship. My dime of course. Message me.
  10. Cogs

    Sauvie Island old Trap Range Revival Aug 17th!!!

    It's like raising an old barn! We're helping rebuild the old trap range!!! So come out, lend a hand and show some ownership in this range. It will be open and free to the public! Pretty cool! Event info here: Trap range build on Sauvie Island
  11. awshoot

    Range Profit

    I went to the range yesterday and when I was heading out, my wife asked me how long I'd be gone. When I said "it depends on whether there's much good brass lying around", she scoffed at me and rolled her eyes. I came back with 276 pieces of Norma .223 brass and she was still unimpressed until...
  12. M

    Recommend Electronic Range Muffs

    I've been using the Howard Leight Sport Ear muffs for years, but now the plastic ear cup area is cracking and chunks are falling out. They've always done a decent job, but have always been uncomfortable if I wear them for any length of time. So, are there any electronic muffs that aren't vise...
  13. phidelt208


    Used but in great shape. Below is a link with all the detail. These are $200 new, I'm asking $75 FTF I'm willing to ship it but shipping is $38 BAG SIZE: 12" H x 19" W x 10" D
  14. 9mm guy

    What do you do with live rounds you find at the range?

    I think I know the answer to this, but what do you shooting veterans do when you find live rounds on the ground? I'm talking about what looks like a factory bought live round without any damage or markings on it. Do you treat it like a landmine and just discard it carefully? Or do you take it...
  15. 2A2Dend

    Ammo for x51 Range and Break-In. Cheap stuff, but Reloadable Brass.

    I have premium stuff on-hand, though not burning it up for break-in. What's a cheap (decent/good for reloading a few times) range round? I've read Hirtenberger is a worthy.
  16. V

    Long Range Rifle recommendations.

    Looking to buy a good long range rifle. Thinking bolt action. 1000 yards. Want to buy once. Make Model Caliber. Also would appreciate scope recommendations. Any good long range spots anyone of you know around. Im out of vancouver wa but dont mind commuting for it. Many years back we had a nice...