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Range may refer to:
  1. 2Wheels4Ever

    The OSU Shooting Range Needs Help

    The shooting range at OSU is a sanctuary for pro gun individuals and has trained uncountable amounts of new shooters since the 1940s. I had the pleasure of being a range officer and competing on the pistol team there for 4 years. Next year it's planned to close down. The clubs are asking that...
  2. F

    Long Range Rifle - Elk Down

    Back in the 80's my family all shot 7&30 cal magnums for Elk in Colorado...some were Weatherbys. LR wasn't a thing then, we just wanted to put Elk down. So I started drinking the cool aid, working up screaming loads for the 300 Weatherby with long slippery bullets. Sighted in for 300yrds and...
  3. TC64

    My first-time indoor range experience

    I went across the river to a place called A Hole In The Wall. I took about 1,000 9mm rounds, 2 Taurus G2c's which I recently purchased, and a Smith and Wesson SW9VE that my older brother gifted me. I have never fired any of them. The last time I even fired a gun was a couple of years ago on an...
  4. pharmseller

    Got a new Tikka, break in and range report

    Recall my Christmas present to myself: Well, the scope and mounts showed up, so I put her together and hit the range today. I like to name the rifles I know I’m going to keep, but I made an exception in this case and named it...
  5. Weebs

    Long range areas in NE or SE oregon? 500+ yards?

    In mid to late May I'm looking to go camping and shooting on public land.I want to get out away from portland. Camping for a big 5th wheel would be awesome, but a small 19 foot camping trailer would be cool too. Sorry if I'm not doing this right... it's my first post. help is appreciated!
  6. I

    Leica range finder 2000b

    For sale leica range finder 2000b like new condition $400
  7. I

    Range finder

    Cheap but works range finder
  8. NWCustomFirearms

    Pedersoli Rolling block long range creedmore

    We have a Pedersoli rolling block long range creedmore in .45-70 for sale. Gun is used but in excellent condition, 30" octagon barrel and less then one of box of ammo through it. Has the flip up creedmore rear sight and the front sight has a crosshairs insert. Possible trades considered.
  9. osprey

    New range toy build with a review of a couple of the components

    I have had a CMMG 16” dedicated 22lr upper for quite some time and after some slight tweaking it has been very reliable and accurate. It goes to the range with me almost every trip and has thousands of rounds through it. Based on that experience I have been wanting to build a braced pistol...
  10. Reno

    The binary trigger I will buy!

    Ive never really had much interest in binary triggers. Mostly as they are for guns I’d never consider it as an option. Now in a 10/22, that’s a whole different story. Yep, I’ll be getting one.
  11. 41mag

    Classic Pachmayr Super Deluxe 4 gun range case

    New barely 40 years ago; 4 gun range box for bulls eye; has adjustable telescope arm; magnetic magazine strip, secure mount for transport 4 handguns; extra space in bottom & rear compartment. This was top of the line in its day, now a bit shop dingy but solid. Make decent offer & pick up at...
  12. Fishjager

    Quigley Ford Long Range Hunting Scope

    Randy Ford the CEO Of Quigley Ford used to work for Night Force. Randy brought some of that technology to this production scope. It is a 5-20 X 50 first focal place scope with bullet drop calibrated into the scope out to 800 yards. Long Range Scopes | Quigley-Ford | Long Range Hunting Scopes...
  13. S

    Bullet box/portable shooting range. .22/.17

    No longer have any .22s. Figured I'd post this for sale. No current pictures so used one from google. Not interested in trades. $40 picked up in Oregon City/Milwaukie area. I drive a lot for work so can possibly meet closer to you. Thanks and happy new years
  14. L

    Best folding blade options in the $100-125 price range ?

    I have a friend I'd like to grab a pocket knife for. It's planned for a milestone achievement gift so I wanted to look at something better than you'd find in a blister pack on the shelf. I haven't kept up with all the different steels being offered, or warranty/quality/field reports for any of...
  15. techiej

    Made my own Xmas Tree Decoration

    I was at SafeFire and decided to make an ornament :):
  16. D

    65 - 25- 40 Long Range Bionoculars w/tripod

    High power binoculars, great on the range to see if you messed up the ink on the 9 ring when trying for a 10. These have seen very little use. Looking at the stars a few times, otherwise they sat. Looking for $1900. Willing to do partial trade, $1500 cash and AR of some sort. Not real picky...