Grip may refer to:
Battery grip, an accessory for camera
"Grip", a raven character in Charles Dickens' Barnaby Rudge
Grip (job), a job in the film industry
Key grip, the chief grip on a film set

Grip strength, a measure of hand strength
Grippers, exercise machines used to increase hand strength
Handle (grip), a part of, or attachment to, an object, allowing it to be moved or used by hand
Pistol grip, the handle of a firearm, or a similar handle on a tool
Precision grip, another way of gripping objects, which allows finer control

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    Magpul furniture

    K2 grip, M LOK covers and hand stop, AFG 40 for everything K2 - 10 M LOK - 15 AFG - 20
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    ATI Strikeforce AK-47 Stock/Grips Package

    Six-Position Adjustable Side-Folding Strikeforce Stock with Scorpion Recoil System, Ventilated Handguards, Pistol Grip and Adjustable Cheekrest. Located in Ridgefield, WA. Shipping available for $18.
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    Magpul Carbine handguard (trade my OD for your Black)

    Ive got a Magpul MOE carbine handguard in OD...... looking to trade for black (its definitely OD, despite how the picture turned out) Located in Vancouver, can meet in PDX some days. Not opposed to shipping either. vertical grip not available
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