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  1. S

    QD Reflex Sight

    Sightmark... (yeah, Sightmark, get over it, its not 2010 anymore, their new stuff is pretty good, on par with Primary Arms, etc in the same price range.... check out reviews...) Ah hem... anyhow, where was I? Right. Sightmark Ultra Shot A-Spec reflex sight (this is the new RAM series, not the...
  2. joken

    Reflex sight study

    Results of a 4 Year Handgun Red Dot Study by Sage Dynamics | Locked Back
  3. andrewkoski

    Purchase Any Upper and Get a Free Spring Assisted Low Profile Flip Up Sight Set

    Veriforce Tactical is running a sale where if you purchase any upper.. then you will get a free Spring Assisted Low Profile Flip Up Sight Set All you have to do is enter FREESIGHT at checkout after an upper is in your cart.
  4. L

    Ameriglo H3 Front Sight for Glock

    Never used, for Glock using standard front sight. $20 mailed UPS
  5. S

    Help Trijicon sight installation on Glock

    Bought a set of HD sights and didn't realize I needed a special tool for the rear sights. Anyone know a good gunsmith or have a work-around?
  6. Richardobra

    Colt m16A1 upper receiver/barrel and front sight post and gas tube

    Colt m16A1 upper receiver w/ tear drop forward assist. Colt m16A1 20"barrel 1/9 twist chrome lined Colt m16A1 front sight post w/gas tube Comes with barrel nut, us marine corps bayonet and sheath Asking $500 or trade for Glock23 w/ extra 9mm conversion and mags. Or Rock island/ kimber 1911 In...
  7. S

    S&W 422 target sight

    any idea where I can find a rear adjustable target sight for a 422/622? thanks