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  1. dondoo1315

    Ez-9 broke easily. But will it still fire?

    So 2019 Christmas I got a smith and Wesson ez 9 and was shooting some self defensive ammo threw it and this happened. (see pictures below). I Called the smith and Wesson number tried to get parts ordered for it on three separate occasions. all three times they sent me the wrong part finally...
  2. RobMa

    Ak barrel re-populate/sight straighten (new barrel if needed)

    I am working on two Yugo M70 rifles and both sights (rear/front) are pretty badly canted. I would like to have someone straighten them up so I can have them refinished. New barrel (start from scratch) ? Anyone know of a reputable/honest gunsmith in Wa that is up to the task? I really like these...
  3. Hueco

    2011 Frame Kits...worthwhile?

    I've found that I am really, really enjoying gunsmithing work, having just fit a bunch of parts for a Vaquero. For the next project, I'm thinking about a 2011. Looks like there are some options on the table from STI and Caspian. Are there others? What advice or feedback do you have about...
  4. ScottInPDX

    Looking for gunsmith recommendations for an L.C. Smith Hammerless SxS

    Hi everyone - I've been looking for a classic American made SxS on a tight budget, and finally found one: an L.C. Smith Hammerless Field Grade in 12GA, with mismatched serial numbers and just enough wrong with it to make it affordable for me. It has a forend so loose it will drop fall off if...
  5. M

    No.4 Lee Enfield barrel replacement.

    I have a new production barrel (original mil spec in pattern) to replace a torn up and worn out throated barrel. But the gunsmith I've been trying to get into contact with hasn't been responding. Does anyone know of any smiths that are good with .303 work in the general Seattle Tacoma area? I'm...
  6. Tahner45

    Tig welder needed

    I have a 14.5 ar barrel that need to have the break welded on. Not looking for a long lead time. If you know any places or anyone please let me know.
  7. Gunnerboy

    Anyone looking to get into gunsmithing?

    Anyone looking to get a start? Pm me
  8. thedudeabides

    Cut and Thread Sten MKII Barrel

    Im doing a Sten MK build and want to have the barrel cut and threaded. I'd like to have it cut an inch and a half and threaded in 1/2 28 for a three lug adapter. Im in the Camas area but someone in the portland area would be fine too. Any recommendations?
  9. CountryGent

    Gunsmithing as a retirement career?

    So recent events has gotten me back into "planning mode", which I've found is always fruitful. An idea that I have kicked around on and off was, after retirement from my occupation, training to be a gunsmith and working as such. Knowing myself, there is no way I am going to just sit around in...
  10. jon321

    Question on Silencershop kiosk at Brimstone Gunsmithing

    I just got my Form 1 all filled out and also purchased the tax stamp while I was at it but I was wondering has anybody ever used the kiosk at Brimstone in Camas and is there a charge to use the kiosk? I just purchased everything off of silencer shop. Thanks!
  11. CountryGent

    Gunsmithing Bibliography?

    An idea I am working on got me to thinking about this. I have a few books on gunsmith (general and specific to a type), but I would be interested in reading more on the subject. So what books would you recommend on the topic? It can be on any aspect of the trade and any firearm type, as long...
  12. asbtg

    Chamber/leade casting help?

    Does anyone near Seattle have a bit of CerroSafe and a little expertise to help me cast and measure my leade/chamber? There is beer in it for you; just would rather get a pro to help than fill my action full of metal. Full disclosure: Lever Action Henry, so a funnel of some sort would be...
  13. Aero Denezol

    Is scope ring lapping necessary? Opinions?

    Is scope ring lapping recommended for any/all scopes, or is this primarily reserved for high-end optics and 1000 yard rifles? Is it worth the trouble for a 100 yard plinker? Is it possible to lap anodized aluminum rings without ruining them? Your thoughts are greatly appreciated,
  14. CountryGent

    Fall shooting plans?

    Well, it is still warm, but we're starting to see the change to Fall here. I thought I'd toss this out for discussion: any Autumn plans? Hunting excursions? Competitions? Gunsmithing projects to while away those rainy days? Cheers. :)
  15. ThrowingChairs

    Gunsmithing as a trade

    The other day I was discussing the mechanism of my .22 Colt Peacemaker to my fiance, as she was feeling a bit pensive about using it. I guess resetting the hammer without setting anything off made her nervous. Well, I realized during that conversation that my interest in firearms didn't come...
  16. Bealzybub

    In need of gunsmithing services

    Hi there. Occasionally I need some little stuff done and I sure could use the service of a local gunsmith. Do we have any here?
  17. T

    Bobtail on 1911

    Can anyone recommend a gunsmith with 1911 experience in eugene/surrounding areas to put a bobtail on my ruger commander? not wanting to travel out of state nor go clear across state either and i don't feel comfortable mailing my 1911. I've tried to set something up with Sheperd Arms in...
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