A vise (American English) or vice (British English) is a mechanical apparatus used to secure an object to allow work to be performed on it. Vises have two parallel jaws, one fixed and the other movable, threaded in and out by a screw and lever.

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  1. 41mag

    Seeking decent bench vise

    ....that's more for pistols than long guns. Been looking at the 'Ultimate versatile' by Garrett Wade @ $100 + jaw inserts & shipping=over $150. Maybe I don't need a 2 axis capacity yet it seems so useful. Links/comments/warnings/bawdy humor solicited.
  2. WardogWoodcock

    Gun vise cleaning station

    What's your favorite gun vise/ cleaning station to hold a hunting rifle while cleaning the rifle
  3. Diamondback

    Vise question

    As mentioned in other threads, I'm in an awkward position where I can't bolt or clamp down a bench vise. I was perusing Home Depot looking for something else and stumbled across a couple drill-press vises that looked like they might have potential... Do y'all think either of these, without a...
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