Cut may refer to:
The act of cutting, the separation of an object into two through acutely-directed force
Cut, a type of wound

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  1. H

    Swenson RMR cut slide.

    Anyone have a Swenson RMR cut slide? I cannot find the correct size screws for the threaded mounting holes, 6-32 screws come the closest. MidwayUSA sells Swenson slides but they have no info on what size thread. Anyway I took the slide to a couple hardware stores and couldn't find any screws...
  2. RetiredLEO

    Coos/Roseburg/Florence Quality Stockwork (Comb cut, etc)?

    Does anyone know of a gunsmith who does reasonably priced, quality adjustable (for offset and height) combs and LOP? Thank You
  3. thedudeabides

    Cut and Thread Sten MKII Barrel

    Im doing a Sten MK build and want to have the barrel cut and threaded. I'd like to have it cut an inch and a half and threaded in 1/2 28 for a three lug adapter. Im in the Camas area but someone in the portland area would be fine too. Any recommendations?
  4. Steinyota

    AR barrel cut, crowned and rethread services near or in PDX?

    I have a 12.5” AR barrel I need cut down to 10.3, crowned, then rethreaded. Anyone use a place? Cost? Contact info? This will be for a build thats shot supressed 90% of the time. Looking for a quality thread job on it.
  5. Joe Link

    Other State  These guys cut a hole in a Texas gun dealer’s building and stole weapons, charges say

    These guys cut a hole in a Texas gun dealer’s building and stole weapons, charges say
  6. T

    Recommendations for 45/9mm that is factory cut for red dott...

    Any ideas? Looking for less than $1500. Two types: Range gun and or woods gun. Any recommendations for red dot that will co-witness? Thanks.
  7. The Heretic

    Recommend a Battery powered grinder with cut off wheel?

    It seems a relative has failed to pay their storage bill and is either homeless or in jail again or something. Anyway, we have been notified by the storage co. that they are going to sell her stuff if someone doesn't come pay the bill. That leaves the rest of us with the task of cleaning out...
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