In woodworking and the decorative arts, refinishing refers to the act of repairing or reapplying the wood finishing on an object. In practice, this may apply to the paint or wood finish top coat, lacquer or varnish. The artisan or restorer is traditionally aiming for an improved or restored and renewed finish. Refinishing can apply to a variety of surfaces and materials such as wood, glass, metal, plastic and paint, although in Britain, when referring to wood or wooden furniture it is commonly known as repolishing - short for re-French Polishing.
There are a great variety of both traditional and modern finishes, including the use of faux finishes. One interesting modern development in refinishing is the art of distressing or antiquing, making the finishes of pieces look older.
While refinishing is often undertaken to salvage an old piece of furniture, in the case of antique furniture refinishing has been known to significantly reduce the overall value of the piece.

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  1. RobMa

    Ak barrel re-populate/sight straighten (new barrel if needed)

    I am working on two Yugo M70 rifles and both sights (rear/front) are pretty badly canted. I would like to have someone straighten them up so I can have them refinished. New barrel (start from scratch) ? Anyone know of a reputable/honest gunsmith in Wa that is up to the task? I really like these...
  2. Diamondback

    School a moron on refinishing?

    Just had a quick question for anyone out there who does refinishing, etc.: How would common house paint (say, Behr from Home Depot) hold up on AR furniture? I mean, it's probably a thicker coat than Cerakote, Gunkote or Duracoat for one, and I'm not sure of its temperature and wear tolerance...

    refinishing a S&W model 19

    A Smith & Wesson model 19 that the bastards at Century Arms sullied with graffiti Blog post links with more detail TINCANBANDIT's Gunsmithing: Another S&W model 19 Refinishing Project Part 1 TINCANBANDIT's Gunsmithing: Another S&W model 19 Refinishing Project Part 2
  4. ZA_Survivalist

    Local magazine refinishing?

    Anyone in the Hillsboro/Forest Grove area have a sand blaster and the ability to reblue or repark some Sten and possibly AK mags? When I had the space I used to reblue by hand not so much anymore. But sand blasting is another story, never had the space for even a small unit. Looking to return...

    refinishing a New Haven 250C

    Another one saved....this one a New Haven 250C (Mossberg economy brand) Blog posts TINCANBANDIT's Gunsmithing: The New Haven 250C Project part 1 TINCANBANDIT's Gunsmithing: The New Haven 250C Project part 2 TINCANBANDIT's Gunsmithing: The New Haven 250C Project part 3 TINCANBANDIT's...

    Refinishing a Remington 512 Sportmaster

    before and after pictures: and the blog posts TINCANBANDIT's Gunsmithing: Restoring a Remington 512 Sportmaster part 1 TINCANBANDIT's Gunsmithing: Restoring a Remington 512 Sportmaster part 2 TINCANBANDIT's Gunsmithing: Restoring a Remington 512 Sportmaster part 3
  7. tac

    Refinishing BSA Martini Intl MkII stock....

    After a couple of days with the sanding blocks.............. Then a few coats of good ol'fashioned gunstock oil - Nice, eh? BTW, the table top you see in the first three images is one of twelve I'm refinishing...I'm half way through the 13th now............ They start off like this -...
  8. Diamondback

    Cerakote vs. Gunkote color matching? (For our pro refinishers)

    The gun's not even built and already some of its parts are showing wear from fitting. I contacted Vltor about "factory spec" finish for my CASV handguard, and they told me the factory finish was Gunkote 2416F Foliage Green. Ok, resto spec in hand, now I want to finish the upper to match it...
  9. C

    Rifle Refinishing (Coating)

    I have a Ruger 10/22 All Weather that was about 10 years old or so. I decided to rebuild this rifle into something a little more interesting. So I replaced every single part on it and the only original item is the receiver. Right now my receiver is a light gray color and the barrel is matte...
  10. SnapShot

    Refinishing old rem Stock?

    I have an old Rem 788, shoots well, but the stock is ugly. so so ugly. My father bought this rifle back in the 70's I think. Ive been tossing around the idea of refinishing it myself. Well because I want to, and pulling it out of the closet brings back memories of the old man, I remember...
  11. Koda

    refinishing wood stock

    its way beyond time and I'd like to refinish the wood stock on my hunting rifle. I plan on using Jasco varnish and stain remover, then sand as needed, then stain and seal the wood. I've only read a little bit on the process and feel confident with the removal and sand part but have questions...
  12. S

    Refinishing Recommendations...

    Im looking into getting a 1911 re-parkerized. Id prefer locally (PDX/Vanc), but will ship to someone legit.
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