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A gunsmith is a person who repairs, modifies, designs, or builds guns. This occupation differs from an armorer. A gunsmith does factory level repairs, renovation (such as applying metal finishes), and makes modifications and alterations for special uses. Gunsmiths may also apply carvings, engravings and other decorative features to an otherwise finished gun. The environment in which all this takes place often varies depdending on the specific locality, with some gun stores featuring one or a handful of individuals while others resemble large scale specialty shops.

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  1. Poe0416

    Help Mossberg 930 Shell Stop

    I've got myself into trouble installing a new bolt release on a Mossberg 930 JM Pro ( After install, my shell stop is able to release two shells when the bolt release is depressed while the lifter/elevator is in the down (closed)...
  2. goatpower

    Snohomish County Gunsmith Recommendation

    Hello all, I am looking for a quality gunsmith in the Snohomish county area - I am up Firetrail in Marysville but am willing to make a trip if it's worth it. I received a Mosin PU sniper in a decent trade deal last year and it needs one of the scope mount macro elevation screws replaced...
  3. SDR

    Recommendation for local gunsmith to cut slides for MRO mounting

    I have a few candidates for MRO's I'd appreciate local suggestions/Recommendations... I'm also considering mounting a MRO on a revolver as well... I appreciate any assistance with this Thank you
  4. teflon6string

    Who's the Go-To CZ Smith in or West of Portland?

    I'm looking for a good gunsmith in the Portland area, hopefully west (like Beaverton, Tigard, Aloha, Hillsboro, FG, etc.) who can do some semi-routine upgrades on a recent model CZ semi-auto pistol. Thanks for any leads.
  5. coop44

    S&W revolver gunsmith?

    Anyone in my area? Looking to rebarrel to a clark, install a rib and underlug too. I just don't have access to the tools anymore or i would do it myself. Been wanting a ppc revolver for some time and finally got a good candidate for the conversion.
  6. C

    Gunsmith Recommendations in the Seattle-Tacoma area

    I have a CZ SP-01 that needs some trigger work. Any recommendations for a shop that specializes on CZ or a reputable gunsmith that can take good care of my firearm? Looking for someone in the Seattle-Tacoma area. Thanks!
  7. spankytankie69

    Ak gunsmith needed

    Hi I’m in need an AK platform gunsmith near my area or in Washington honestly. I believe the head spacing on the rifle off and would like to get it fixed. I’m in the Kennewick, Wa so the closer the better. Thank you in advance
  8. J

    Gunsmith recommendation for AR10 problem

    I have a hot round jammed in an AR10 homebuild. Anyone have a GS to recommend in the mid-Willamette valley? Thx, J
  9. KronDestroyer

    Sig 938 sights are insanely off! Anyone know a trustworthy gunsmith to go to?

    Hey guys, I bought a sig 938 a while back and just got to go shoot it the other day. I don't know what the original owner did to it but I cannot hit anything with it unless it's 10feet or less in front of me I'm aiming way up and the the right. I promise you I'm not that bad of a shot, so before...
  10. L

    Sportsmans Warehouse gunsmith services: Any good?

    Sportsmans Warehouse in Albany offers gunsmithing services. Has anyone had experience with their gunsmith?
  11. Warren Andrew

    New to Northwest Firearms and ready to serve all of your firearm maintenance and repair needs.

    Battle Ground Gunsmith/Firearms dealer ready to service all of your firearm needs. Preservations, Restorations, Repairs, Upgrades, Transfers, Sales, Trades, and more. Traditional bluing, Cerakote, wood refinishing, and much more. Call or text 360-690-5168 and check out my Facebook page @Warren...
  12. Andy

    Gunsmith or machinist needed, screw extraction

    Button head allen screw cracked so that allen bit won't grip. Need it drilled out. Anyone in the Aurora/Canby area that you'd recommend?
  13. S

    Gunsmith to repair Ruger black powder revolver

    Looking for a gunsmith in the Oregon City, Portland, Salem area that can repair a Ruger black powder revolver. Purchased new in the '90's, gave it to my son and he says it will not fire because of bad springs??? Have not seen it in decades but want it in firing order before I die. I need the...
  14. P

    Older Winchester gunsmith referral needed.

    I'm looking for a gunsmith to work on an older lever gun. Any recommendations? Preferably in western Wash but not limited to. Thanks in advance!
  15. MfnLeadFarmer

    Gunsmith Recommendation For Revolver Barrel Swap

    Looking for any recommendations to swap a barrel on my Charter Arms Pitbulll in .45acp. I’d prefer something here in the valley but would travel or ship if needed. Thanks
  16. O

    Do You Know Of A Good Restoration Gunsmith?

    I have a Winchester 73 that would require a competent gunsmith to work over. Either a complete or partial restoration. A complete restoration would require relining a barrel, fixing some gouges in the metal, and a complete re-bluing. Doug Turnbull back east is the guru, but I would prefer...
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