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A gunsmith is a person who repairs, modifies, designs, or builds guns. This occupation differs from an armorer. A gunsmith does factory level repairs, renovation (such as applying metal finishes), and makes modifications and alterations for special uses. Gunsmiths may also apply carvings, engravings and other decorative features to an otherwise finished gun. The environment in which all this takes place often varies depdending on the specific locality, with some gun stores featuring one or a handful of individuals while others resemble large scale specialty shops.

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  1. Andy

    Gunsmith or machinist needed, screw extraction

    Button head allen screw cracked so that allen bit won't grip. Need it drilled out. Anyone in the Aurora/Canby area that you'd recommend?
  2. S

    Gunsmith to repair Ruger black powder revolver

    Looking for a gunsmith in the Oregon City, Portland, Salem area that can repair a Ruger black powder revolver. Purchased new in the '90's, gave it to my son and he says it will not fire because of bad springs??? Have not seen it in decades but want it in firing order before I die. I need the...
  3. P

    Older Winchester gunsmith referral needed.

    I'm looking for a gunsmith to work on an older lever gun. Any recommendations? Preferably in western Wash but not limited to. Thanks in advance!
  4. MfnLeadFarmer

    Gunsmith Recommendation For Revolver Barrel Swap

    Looking for any recommendations to swap a barrel on my Charter Arms Pitbulll in .45acp. I’d prefer something here in the valley but would travel or ship if needed. Thanks
  5. O

    Do You Know Of A Good Restoration Gunsmith?

    I have a Winchester 73 that would require a competent gunsmith to work over. Either a complete or partial restoration. A complete restoration would require relining a barrel, fixing some gouges in the metal, and a complete re-bluing. Doug Turnbull back east is the guru, but I would prefer...
  6. O

    Colt revolver from grandpa is rusted on barrel

    Inherited this colt .38 from my grandpa after he passed, and I see he retired it due to a super rusty barrel. The wheel spins well and has little to no rust. Wondering if I can replace the barrel and clean this thing up since it had such sentimental value. looking for advice, input on what...
  7. KennVFRidr

    Looking for S&W gunsmith in Clallam County/Olympic Peninsula region...

    I want to have my K frame 648 drilled and taped for a scope mount...I know it’s a pretty straight forward job, but I'd hate to have an inexperienced well intentioned person drilling holes in a quality firearm. The only smith I knew in Port Angeles retired sometime back. Any recommendations?
  8. M

    Need Gunsmith Hillsboro, OR Area for Barrel swap Howa 1500

    Hello, Looking for a gunsmith in the Hillsboro area that can do barrel swap on a Howa 1500. Would driver an hour or so if needed. Thanks
  9. Seattle206

    WA: Gunsmith to Shorten, Crown, Installed Bead on SxS Shotgun (Seattle Area)

    I have an old Stevens 311H SxS 12GA that I want to turn into a coach gun. Any recommendations in the Seattle area who can shorten the barrel down to 18.5", crown, and install a bead sight? Thank you.
  10. M

    Gunsmith wanted to inlet stock

    got one!
  11. P

    HK Roller Lock Gunsmith for barrel change in Oregon or Washington area?

    Does anyone know any good HK roller lock gunsmith in Oregon or Washington? Best and thanks
  12. J

    Gunsmith recommendation for Winchester model 88

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum and am about to kick off a couple of projects. The one I'm really struggling with is finding a quality gunsmith who has experience with the Winchester model 88. Thank you in advance for any help you can provide! Jim
  13. Erick

    Browning Hi power gunsmith

    Hi guys, so I'm in the Hillsboro / Forest Grove area and I recently added a Hi Power to my collection. I am in need of a gunsmith who can handle barrel fitting, and trigger and hammer install. I have to send the slide out for milling so I can add new sights, but if they can do that also it'll...
  14. S

    Washington  Type 7 FFL, Insurance, Fees etc.

    Questions: 1: How much is liability insurance for a small Type 7 FFL selling a small number of parts (a few dozen at first) like adjustable gas blocks etc???? How much insurance should I carry? 2: Can I register the LLC after I get my FFL??? That way, if I don't get approved to have an...
  15. T

    Recommendations for a Portland area gunsmith to remove...

    very stubborn screws in rifle receiver? Thanks....
  16. FreedomPI

    Gunsmith tigard

    Anyone know a gun smith around the Tigard area?
  17. Dell_dude

    Any place in the PDX metro area that will work on a Molot VEPR 12?

    I'm looking to get 2 things done. 1. Change the gas block. https://www.legionusa.com/vepr-12-gas-block.html 2. Replace the buttstock with an adapter. VEPR 12 Folding Stock Adapter CSS VEPR 12 Buffer Tube M4 Already have the parts for both in hand. Thought I found a place for the...
  18. Swampr

    Gunsmith in Vancouver/Portland to thread for Muzzle Brake

    I have a Tikka T3X SL 300wm that I need threaded for muzzle brake and done by Oct 5th. Possibly have a directional break installed. Let me know if you can do this. Thanks.
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