Side by side or side-by-side may refer to:

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  1. beaconrocker

    Side by side shotgun for deer?

    Interested in possibly purchasing a side by side for deer hunting and maybe some turkeys. Looking at models with swappable chokes and just wanted to know if it’s at all viable for taking deer. I know it’s not ideal but the challenge is part of what I’m looking for and side by sides just have...
  2. ScottInPDX

    Looking for gunsmith recommendations for an L.C. Smith Hammerless SxS

    Hi everyone - I've been looking for a classic American made SxS on a tight budget, and finally found one: an L.C. Smith Hammerless Field Grade in 12GA, with mismatched serial numbers and just enough wrong with it to make it affordable for me. It has a forend so loose it will drop fall off if...
  3. Tahner45

    In need of some help

    I have a Springfield arms company side by side 12 gauge that I'm trying to restore. It needs some new parts but I'm not sure what model it is. Some other forums are saying 5100 311 or 315. The serial # begins with a (T) if that helps. Please let me know if you have any idea that would be great...
  4. Mike97124

    Where To Test G42 and LCP 2 Side by Side

    Does anyone know if there is a gun store that has a internal range where my wife and I can test the Glock G42 and Ruger LCP 2 side by side? We have shot the Ruger LCP 2 and my wife likes it, but neither of us have shot a G42 and sometimes you can't tell the difference without firing them right...
  5. etrain16

    Another Slo-Mo Video - 4 Calibers, Side by Side

    No doubt you've all see the Slow-Mo guys on YT. They just posted a new video where they compare bullet speeds from 4 different guns, side by side. They use a 9mm, .45acp, 7.62x39 and .416 Barrett The side-by-side comparison of bullet speeds is very interesting to watch and starts about 3:30. I...
  6. IronMonster

    Who all has a Polaris RZR or similar side by side?

    I have been looking at buying one of these for years. At first my justification for not doing so was the fact I was driving a 14 year old truck and spending $15-$20K on a toy without having upgraded my wheels seemed silly. About 6 months ago I bought a new truck and have been more serious...
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