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  1. SrMachoSolo

    OR: self service fueling enforcement suspended I thought this was going to be about fire risk lol Whenever the attendants are holding up the lines at the pump, playing with their...
  2. Arne K

    Palmetto State Armory Customer Service (a little comical)

    So I bought a .224 Valkyrie BCG from PSA and it appears to be defective. It slides into a stripped upper about half way and then requires considerable pressure to move beyond that point. I have tried it in 2 Anderson and 2 Aero stripped uppers (nothing installed on them) with the same results. I...
  3. Hueco

    Tandemkross - excellent customer service

    I recently acquired a TX22 and, in my need to not leave anything alone, ordered some parts from both Tandemkross and Taurus. I got fiber optic sights straight from TK while I got +5 mag extensions through Taurus (made by TK). First trip out to the range was great! However, when I got home and...
  4. A

    Experiences With Forest Service Cabins or Lookouts?

    I am looking for info from those who have rented Forest Service Cabins or Lookouts. Were they clean when you arrived? Did you clean them before you checked out. What rules or instructions were given to you regarding checkout cleaning? What type of toilets did they have? Any shower options? Were...
  5. CountryGent

    WW2 Guns in Service Today

    Mark Felton's videos are generally on history topics, but his one covered firearms from the Second World War that are still in military service in some form. He excludes use by law enforcement or irregular forces.
  6. 2ndtimer

    RCBS Customer Service still rocks!

    Tried to deprime some range pickup 9mm brass last Monday. The first one had a small flash hole resulting in this: Snapped the decapping pin and bent the rod. Did the online customer service request at 3:30 p.m. offered to pay for new rod. Got an email at 3:46 p.m. same day replying that new...
  7. Ttuck

    Vista Outdoors starting a new ammo subscription service.

    Vista Outdoors owner of CCI, Federal and Remington ammo will be starting an ammo subscription service direct from the factory.
  8. SquidHC

    Broken firing pin help... Plus BuiltAF customer service experience...

    Hey All, I purchased a BuiltAF ( AF-9 9mm AR pistol and after like 4 times dry firing to test the pull on my Larue MBTrigger the firing pin broke. I'm really not terribly experienced with all of this, but I've never had a firing pin break before. I emailed them requesting a...
  9. Warren Andrew

    New to Northwest Firearms and ready to serve all of your firearm maintenance and repair needs.

    Battle Ground Gunsmith/Firearms dealer ready to service all of your firearm needs. Preservations, Restorations, Repairs, Upgrades, Transfers, Sales, Trades, and more. Traditional bluing, Cerakote, wood refinishing, and much more. Call or text 360-690-5168 and check out my Facebook page @Warren...
  10. Knebel

    Sig Sauer Customer Service

    I just wanted to give Sig Sauer in Wilsonville a quick shoutout. I had some issues with my Romeo 5 and they replaced it without hassle. It was a little odd what had happened, the optic sat on the front of my 10" AK and it came loose a few times I took the gun shooting. Ended up 3 of the 4...
  11. The Heretic

    Sources: Secret Service inserted itself into case of Hunter Biden’s gun
  12. B

    Time to dissolve the postal service

    In the last 18 months they have lost 4 of my packages! 2 were delivered to the wrong address, their tracking info confirmed this. The other 2 vanished while in transit between distribution hubs never to have been seen again. USPS claim system is a nightmare, it took 3 months to get reimbursed...
  13. B

    Cell phone service provider

    Does anyone have Patriot Mobil? I currently have AT&T and have had them for the past 20+ years. Lately I haven’t been so happy with the service. In order for my phone to work at my house I have to use one of there stupid Mcell towers hooked to my internet. Last week when we had a power outage...
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